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How to Make a YouTube Poop

As a YouTube lover, I am fond of watching good videos on the big platform, especially some great YouTube poop videos. I also tried to make use of the YouTube poop maker online to create my own YouTube poop to have fun. As a popular trend to reduce pressure by enjoying some funny or comedy videos, YouTube poops attract lots of people to view in spare time.

Part 1: What is YouTube Poop?

Not everyone knows clearly on what is YouTube poop. As for this issue, here I would like to introduce this popular video type to all of you briefly.

In fact, YouTube Poop can also be shortened to YTP, which is a kind of video mashup made by editing some media sources purposely in the aim of amusing, annoying, shocking or humorous effects. Users can upload their own compositions to YouTube to allow users to watch them freely. It is also called a type of video that has been created with proper footage and collage editing skills for the goal of annoying or entertaining viewers.

What is YouTube Poop

Part 2: Some Interesting Best YouTube Poop Videos Recommendations

Now that you have know the answer to the question of “what is YouTube poop”, here I would like to recommend you some interesting great YouTube poop videos to amuse you when you are unhappy or you have blue mood.

No.1: Revenge of the Mad Madman

Revenge of the Mad Madman

The editing of this YTP is really amazing. You can see Spiderman in this video to deliver boxes and the plot is really attractive. Parter Petker, in this poop, is delivering pizza to people who would like to pay for it. However, he is fired for being a failman. The Spiderman contributes a lot in stopping the evil Dr. Madman and his metal arms from attacking New Jersey.

No.2: Michael Rosen and the Battle of Britain

Michael Rosen and the Battle of Britain

This is also one of the great YouTube poop videos, which is quite funny and makes me laugh for many times. Michael Rosen is put in the middle of a World War II dogfight. The plot editing is dramatic and it is really one thrilling tribute.

No.3: The Eds Open a Citibank

The Eds Open a Citibank

This YTP is a bit confusing for the editing is not so continuous. However, its funny details also make me laugh. It tells you a story of the main character want to make money in big city.

No.4: Finding Memeo

Finding Memeo

This can be seen as one of the great YouTube poop videos as well. It has no bad language in this video and the cartoon is quite funny to watch, especially for kids. It tells a story of finding Memeo, and some dangers happen in this process.

Many users would like to view poops on YouTube, because YouTube is where the poop is gathered to make you laugh for a whole day. You can check out the YTP listed above to add fun to your boring working day. Also, it's a good way to help foreigners to learn authentic English by extracting audio off YouTube videos.

Part 3: How to Make a YouTube Poop Video

YouTube poop maker online is popular among YTP lovers. Users can apply the online tool to create great YouTube poop videos. As for how to make one YouTube poop video, here I would like to take Windows Movie Maker for instance. Let’s check out the detailed steps in the following contents.

1. Browse the Internet to download some videos that you want to change to YTP by editing to a computer folder.

Browse the Internet

2. When you have prepared the videos that you desire to edit, you need to run Windows Movie Maker on computer. After that, you need to import the video on computer folder that you want to edit in this software by clicking on “Add videos and photos”.

click on Add videos and photos

3. Hit “Split” button to split the video into several parts that you would like to edit. You can manage the part easily after that operation. You’d better not split it into too small parts.

Hit Split button

4. Afterwards, you need to edit the split video. You can add flashes of pictures or text or make the characters to say new words that they did not say in the original video. You can also use this software to increase the video volume or insert new clips from other videos to make your YTP more interesting and funny.

edit the split video

5. After the editing process is over, you can watch the new video from the very beginning to the end. You need to make sure the video you edited is coherent and can be played smoothly without mistakes. In the procedure, you can also add or alter new funny parts or elements to the video. Check out the video you created carefully to ensure no error is included. When the checking process comes to and end, you can click on “File> Save project” to computer in the format of WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4 and etc. and name it as you like. You can name it as "YouTube Poop: XXX" to cater for the common naming scheme.

Save project

6. Click on “File> Publish movie> YouTube” successively to upload the new YTP to YouTube for fans to watch. YouTube will add a thumbnail to your YTP automatically and you can also click on “Custom thumbnail” to choose a better picture as the thumbnail to attract fans online.

click on Custom thumbnail

As you can see, it is not easy to fix how to make one YouTube poop video, for it calls for some plans and new ideas to make the video more interesting and attractive. Some techniques on editing videos are also necessary to make good YTP. Some great YouTube poop videos are even created with several days, and the effort will win many fans to view them. You can also learn the way to use YouTube poop maker online to create your own video with the help of other online tutorials. Here I hope you now know the solution to deal with how to make a YouTube poop video with Windows Movie Maker after reading through this part.

Part 4: How to Record YouTube Poop to Computer with Music Recorder

It is a bit complicated to cope with how to make a YouTube poop video, and now you know some best YouTube poop videos are created with great efforts. Sometimes, it is also a bit hard to download a YouTube poop to computer. In fact, you can record the YTP to computer if you only want to listen to the sounds without video pictures. Leawo Music Recorder will be your best choice if this is your demand. You can not only record the YTP, but also set its parameters as you prefer. The detailed introductions on how to make it are shown below for your reference.


Leawo Music Recorder 

☉ Record any sound from computer stream audio and built-in input audio.

☉ Record music from 1000+ music sites like YouTube, Facebook, Veoh, VEVO, etc.

☉ Schedule music recording via the internal recording task scheduler.

☉ Automatically/manually add and complete music tags like artist, album, cover, genre, etc.

☉ Save recorded musicfiles into either WAV or MP3 format for wide uses.

Step 1: Set Audio Source

Run Leawo Music Recorder and then choose “Record Computer Audio”.

Set Audio Source

Step 2:Set Output Format and Output Folder

Click on “Format” button and select “Output Format: mp3 Audio (*.mp3)”. You can also set the specific parameters like the audio code, bit rate and sample rate as you prefer using the “Audio Setting” function area.

Set Output Format and Output Folder

Afterwards, click on “General” panel to browse computer to find a folder to save the output audio track. You can also select your desired language.

click on General panel

Step 3: Record YTP and Download MP3

Go back to the main interface and then hit the red button to begin the recording process. You need to playback the YTP on computer at the same time to allow the program to record it successfully. When the YTP is over, you need to hit the red button again to stop the procedure.

Record YTP and Download MP3

This software can play an essential role in recording sounds from computer. You can also use it to record input sounds to make your own podcast for fun.

Cynthia Ma

Cynthia Ma

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