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How to Grab Audio from Metacafe

There are many competing video social networks on the market, which include YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, and Metacafe. In this article, we aim to introduce Metacafe, which is relatively a smaller video-hosting service in comparison to others, although it launched back in 2003. We will also discuss the similarities and differences between Metacafe and YouTube, the video-hosting service giant. Finally, we will show you how to extract audio from Metcafe easily, by using a professional tool.

Part 1: What is Metacafe

You would be surprised to learn that Metacafe launched two years earlier (it launched in July 2003) than YouTube, given that it is not even as popular as YouTube. Metacafe is more concerned about quality, rather than quantity. However, that is still debatable because of several factors. Some people argue that Metacafe does have a much more elegant look, but its content filter is sometimes useless and its common to come in contact with adult content, even if the user disabled it. The site also has endless commercials that can drive the average person insane.


Metacafe also has no privacy option, for users who do not want other users to see their activity on this site. Therefore, if you are an adult this website could offer you some entertainment (most of the videos are actually very funny), but we believe that it cannot compete with YouTube given these factors. For parents, they also need to know that this video site is not a great choice for kids, as we have mentioned that raunchy content cannot be filtered and the site is filled with too many commercials.

Kids also cannot upload an unlimited number of videos to this site. Today, this site attracts about 40 million viewers monthly from all over the world. It specializes in short-form video entertainment in the categories of movies, video games, sports, music and TV. It has a mobile app available for Android, but none for the iOS mobile operating system.

Part 2: Metacafe vs. YouTube

YouTube is the undisputed leader among video portals and can confidently be described as top dog in the industry, while Metacafe is relatively smaller in comparison. Both YouTube and Metacafe are video-hosting and websites, and what that means is they have similarities and differences. Both of them reach to people all over the world, and they are available in multiple languages which means users can enjoy both sites in their language. Therefore, we will start explaining the similarities of both websites first, then we will discuss the differences.

  • Similarities of Metacafe and Youtube
  • Both of them are social media, and that aspect can be observed by the fact that both sites allow users to create their own channels where they can upload personal videos. Those created channels can be customized, and they allow other users to subscribe to them, so that they can see new content as soon as it is uploaded. Users can also comment on those videos, and share them directly to others through other personal social media streams like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., which would give the chances of increasing the views, which increases its impact.

    Both YouTube and Metacafe are are supported by advertising, and what that means is anyone can view content without an account or subscription, albeit an account is needed to upload and share videos. From both websites, users are offered a “trending” section. It basically picks viral and top videos, which may also be organized in categories. These are the similarities we have noticed on both sites.

  • Differences of Metacafe and YouTube
  • One of the most obvious differences that both sites have is the size and audience. It is not a secret that YouTube is the world’s biggest video-hosting service, and it is also in the top 5 of the biggest websites on the planet. It has a handsome 2 billion registered users, and a staggering 5 billion videos are watched per day! Also, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, which is just insane. In comparison, Metacafe only has 40 million monthly viewers, and it is not so clear how many people are registered on this video-hosting service. That is a world of differences.

    YouTube has a stronger web presence with media content from TV stations and other organization offering content via them. In comparison, Metacafe has partnered with major movie and music studios, video game companies, TV networks, and sports leagues to help stay competitive, and that is a smart move to help them stay alive.

    If we are to compare the social media aspects of both websites, one difference would have to be the lack of the “like/ dislike” button on Metacafe, albeit some things are similar as we discussed above. In comparison, YouTube has this button and there are some interesting statistics on that button. As of June 2020, the most liked video on YouTube is "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee, with over 37.8 million likes. The like button makes it easier for users to judge the video content before watching the video or reading through the comments.


    The other difference is earning revenue through both sites. YouTube is ad-based, and it will place ads inside or near users’ videos, and the way users earn money is through a pay-per-click payout through Google ad-sense. So, the more people click the ads, the more the uploader of the video makes money. In comparison, Metacafe rewards users with $5 for every 1000 video views, and a first payout is processed when they reach $100.

    Part 3: How to extract audio from video on Metacafe

    Metacafe is one of the world’s largest video sites which specializes in serving short videos, movies and clips. But suppose you want to extract audio from Metacafe videos, which at first glance seems impossible given that you basically cannot even download the videos, how would you do it? The good news is we have a solution for you, in the form of Music Recorder an advanced recorder that can capture audio from both video and audio sources (with support for over 500 online sources).

    Leawo Music Recorder’s methods of recording are completely legal and secure, and you can also preserve 100% of the original audio quality. For people who like to record music, this software has an amazing ability, and that is its ability to predict and save music tags from an online music database. You can also edit the music tags manually by using the built-in music tag editor. For now, we will show you how to grab and download audio from Metacafe videos. Please follow the easy steps below.

    Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

    Step 1: Set the audio source first

    Launch the software on your computer, and then go ahead and click the microphone icon on the main interface. When a panel pops-up, you should click the“Audio Source” menu, then choose the “Record Computer Audio” option. Ensure that you take this step, so that the app can extract audio from Metacafe.


    Step 2: Proceed to set the output format

    To do that, click the “Format” menu in the panel to choose “Output Format: MP3 Audio (*.mp3)” or WAV Audio (*.wav). WAV audio will preserve the original quality of the music, while MP3 audio generally compresses it. To adjust the bit rate and sample rate of your recordings is also possible, and you can do it in this panel.


    Step 3: Set the output folder

    Click “General” and then click the folder icon to choose a folder to save your audio recordings from Metacafe.

    Step 4: Start recording audio from Metacafe

    Navigate to the main interface of the software and then click on the red recording button to begin recording. Click on the recording button again if you want to finish this task. Under “Media> Library> Newly Recordings” you can enter the “Music Tags Edit” panel to adjust the info of the recordings.



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