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11 Solutions on How to Fix No Sound on YouTube Videos

Most of YouTube videos are very interesting for you to watch. YouTube is one of the largest streaming video platforms to enjoy videos & listen to myriads of music tracks all over the world. However, when you can not hear any sound from the YouTube video, you may become confused. It is strange to just watch the video without any sound. What are reasons for YouTube no audio? How can you cope with YouTube audio not working? Don’t worry. Read on this post and you will view some solutions to bring back the sound of your YouTube videos. You can also learn an excellent method to listen to YouTube audio offline on the go.


Part 1: How to Fix YouTube No Sound in Chrome/Firefox?

It is a great way to kill time by watching YouTube videos when you are free, but it is a torture if YouTube no sound. It is lucky for you to get here if you find YouTube no sound in Chrome/Firefox when you play videos on YouTube, because you will find several ways to solve this problem in this part. The reasons for YouTube not playing sound are various, and you can try all the following solutions to address this problem.

1. Check if the YouTube video is muted

Maybe the YouTube sound is mute. You can go to check out the speaker icon at the bottom left corner of the YouTube video to see whether there is a “\”. If this is the case, you can hit it to enable the sound. This is quite an obvious way to settle the issue.


2. Unmute the Chrome/Firefox browser and the plugins

If it is Chrome/Firefox browser sound not working, you can try the following steps to fix it.

  • how-to-fix-youtube-no-sound-in-chrome-firefox-open-volumn-mixer-2

    Step 1: Right hit on the speaker button at the bottom right corner of the desktop and then choose “Open Volume Mixer”.

  • how-to-fix-youtube-no-sound-in-chrome-firefox-web-browser-3

    Step 2: Make sure the browser and the speaker sliders are unmuted. Drag the volume slider of Chrome/Firefox browser all the way to the top. It increases your volume level.

3. Switch playback device

You can right-click on the speaker icon in the right corner of your taskbar and hit on the “Playback devices” option to switch “Speakers” to “Headphones” as the default playback device to eliminate the issue of playback device. If your headphone can play the audio normally, it means your speaker goes wrong and you can continue to find other methods to fix your speaker. If your headphone still can not play the audio, you can read the guidance to find other ways to bring your YouTube audio back to normal.


4. Open Private window to play YouTube video

  • how-to-fix-youtube-no-sound-in-chrome-firefox-new-window-5

    Chrome: If you are using Google Chrome, you can hit on the three-dot button at the top right corner to choose the menu of “New incognito window” to open. Then you can get your YouTube sound back.

  • how-to-fix-youtube-no-sound-in-chrome-firefox-private-window-6

    Firefox: If you use Firefox browser, you can hit on the icon with three horizontal lines at the top-right corner of the interface to choose the option of “New Private Window” to enable it. Then you can go to YouTube website to play your favorite video.

5. Remove browser cache and cookies


When Chrome/Firefox sound not working, you can try to clear the cache files, cookies and the temporary internet files stored on your device to solve some problems of this web browser, for the cache and cookies may interfere with your YouTube in some cases.

6. View YouTube video with other browsers

For instance, if you are using Chrome to watch YouTube videos and Chrome not playing sound, you can change a different browser like Firefox to watch the video to have a try, or vice versa. If you can hear sound in other browsers, it indicates there is something wrong with the web browser you are using. Of course, you can switch to Safari or other web browsers according to your need.


7. Uninstall and update the Adobe Flash Player

If there is no sound on YouTube videos, maybe the Adobe Flash Player has some problems and needs to be updated. You can uninstall and then reinstall it on computer to fix this issue. Follow the step-by-step on-screen instructions in the installation interface, you can make it easily.


8. Uninstall and update the Audio Drivers

You can check if your audio drivers work for your sound card.

Step 1: If not, you can go to the “Device Manager> Sound, video and game controllers” to find your sound card in the list to right-click on it.

Step 2: Choose “Update driver” and then select a proper option to continue. Restart your computer after the drivers are updated to see your YouTube video sound is normal or not.


9. Check security program

If you still can not fix YouTube no sound in Firefox/Chrome, you can continue to check your security software to see if it interfere with your YouTube sound. Go into the settings of your security software to allow third-party flash content.

You can also try to disable your antivirus software temporarily to check if your YouTube video sound comes up. If it does, you can inquire the software vendor about this issue. They will tell you how to fix it. It is sensible for you to consider to install another security app if the one on your computer interferes with your YouTube videos.


10. Run audio troubleshooter

To handle YouTube no sound in Chrome/Firefox, you can also resort to the built-in troubleshooter of Windows. This is a perfect way, which has worked for lots of users. Follow the steps shown below and it may do the trick for you.

  • how-to-fix-youtube-no-sound-in-chrome-firefox-run-12

    Step 1: Go to the Run dialog box of Windows computer and then enter “control.exe /name Microsoft.Troubleshooting”.

  • how-to-fix-youtube-no-sound-in-chrome-firefox-hardware-and-sound-13

    Step 2: Hit on “Hardware and Sound> Sound> Playing Audio> Next” button to wait for Windows to detect possible problems and resolve the issues automatically. Follow the on-screen instructions to make it.

11. Close running programs and reboot computer

Sometimes, other multimedia programs can interfere with your YouTube video to cause Windows 10 YouTube no sound. To get the work done, you can try to close all open programs to see it can solve the issue properly. If not, you can continue to reboot your computer to only open YouTube video to check if the sound comes back to normal.


There are also some other common reasons for Windows 10 YouTube no sound like bad network connection, copyright restrictions and so forth. It is hard to name them all and you can begin to fix YouTube no sound Chrome/ Firefox right now to enable you to watch YouTube video with sound at ease. You also need to know that there are many videos that are uploaded to YouTube platform without any audio, and you can check the video in some other video streaming websites before you try to fix no sound in YouTube video.

Part 2: How to Download YouTube Audio for Offline Listening?

When you watch a YouTube video on computer, you may want to record the sound of it for offline listening. However, this is not so easy to be done perfectly. In the aim of making it come true, you can choose Leawo Music Recorder to help you. It can record input computer audios in high quality with the exported formats of WAV, MP3 or W4A(for Mac only). Here you can check out the detailed steps listed below to realize your goal.

Step 1: Download Leawo Music Recorder and Install

On your computer, you need to go to the official website of Leawo Music Recorder to download its trial version or paid version and install it properly.

Music Recorder

  • music-recorder
  • Leawo Music Recorder

    - Record any sound from computer stream audio and built-in input audio.
    - Record music from 1000+ music sites like YouTube, Facebook, Veoh, VEVO, etc.
    - Schedule music recording via the internal recording task scheduler.
    - Automatically/manually add and complete music tags like artist, album, cover, genre, etc.
    - Save recorded musicfiles into either WAV or MP3 format for wide uses.

Step 2: Check Audio Source

Open Leawo Music Recorder on your computer and then check “Record Computer Audio” to deal with how to download YouTube audio for offline listening freely.


Step 3: Output Format and Folder Setting

Hit “Format” tab and you are recommended to choose “Output Format: mp3 Audio (*.mp3)”. You can also set the audio code, bit rate and sample rate of the exported files as you like via the “Audio Setting” function area.


Hit “General” tab to browse computer to set the output directory. You can choose program UI language via this panel as well.


Step 4: Record YouTube Video Sound and Download MP3

Navigate to the main interface of the software and then hit the red button to start recording the sound. At the same time, you need to play back YouTube video. Thus, the software can record the video sound smoothly. When the YouTube video is over, click on the red button again to terminate the recording procedure.


Step 5: Edit Recorded MP3

Right-click on the recorded file to call out the “Music Tags Edit” panel. Afterwards, you can change or add tags manually. Click on the “OK” button to confirm your editing.


If you find other favorite computer audios online, you can also try this solution to keep the sound on computer folder. This great tool is really useful for recording audios. You will be satisfied with its great functions after the first experience on recording files for free.

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Cynthia Ma

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