Netflix app allows you to download videos from Netflix directly, but thee are quite a few limitations in Netflix video downloads such as playback limit, download limit, etc. In this page, we would like to introduce 5 different Netflix video downloader tools and detailed Netflix video downloading guide to help you learn how to download Netflix videos. You could choose the best Netflix video downloader tool by comparing these Netflix video downloading methods.

If you are a movie lover or a TV show lover, you must be very familiar with Netflix. For many years, Netflix has been providing classic movies, trending TV shows, original productions, and more interesting content through its website and mobile app. While enjoying the great content online, have you ever wondered whether it’s possible to download the Netflix movies to local so that you can have access to them anywhere you want at any time? Well, if you have thought about that and don’t know how to download Netflix movies, then you are in the right place. Because in today’s article, we are going to show you some of the greatest ways to download Netflix movies online to your local device so that you can enjoy your favorite movies without the limitation of the internet connection.

Part 1. Download Netflix Movies with Nexflix App

In fact, Netflix provides the downloading option within the app. If you are subscribed to Netflix and the subscription is not expired, you should be able to download some of the available titles within the Netflix app. Be noted that not all of the titles are available for downloading, so don’t be shocked if you find some of the movies or TV shows cannot be downloaded within the Netflix app.

Before you start trying to download movies from Netflix, there is something you need to check out first. In order to download Netflix movies on Netflix, you need to have: An internet connection and an active Netflix streaming account. For the device, you need to be using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 9.0 or later A phone or tablet running Android 4.4.2 or later An Amazon Fire tablet running Fire OS 4.0 or later, or A tablet or computer running Windows 10 Version 1607 (Anniversary Update) or later. Finally, for the app, you need to have the latest version of the Netflix Apple iOS, Netflix Android, Amazon Fire, or Netflix Windows 10 app.

The following is how you can download a Netflix movie using the Netflix iOS app. The process is similar on other platforms.

Step 1: Launch the Netflix app, open the menu and look for the “Available for Download” option.


Step 2: At the “Available for Download” page, find the title you want to download, tap to enter the title, and then look for the “Download” button.


Step 3: Once the titles are successfully downloaded, you can go to “My Downloads” and find the downloaded files. From there, you can view, delete or manage the downloaded movies easily.


Part 2: Download Netflix Movies with CleverGet Netflix Downloader

As you can see, downloading Netflix movies using the Netflix app is possible, but also has a lot of restrictions. If you don’t have the app installed on your device, or if you are using a device that does not support the download function, then the downloading will not be completed. So are there any other options for the Netflix movies downloading task that do not have so many restrictions?

Well, of course, there is. If you download Netflix movies with CleverGet Netflix Downloader, you don’t have to worry about all of the problems in the above, and you can directly download the Netflix movies from the webpage instead of the app. CleverGet Netflix Downloader is an exclusive tool to download content from Netflix. This program can download normal videos as well as live streams, TV shows and movies, and music videos on Netflix, remaining the original quality.

  • Step 1: Launch CleverGet Netflix Downloader
  • Visit Netflix and search for the movie you would like to download. Copy and paste the address from your address bar.

    download netflix videos
  • Step 2: Choose desired video to download
  • From the list presented, select the ideal video with parameters that suite your needs (such as quality and format).

    download netflix videos
  • Step 3: Start to downloading Netflix movies
  • Once you have confirmed everything, click the download button to initiate your download.

    download netflix videos

    Part 3: Download Netflix Movies with Video Download Helper

    Video Download Helper is an extension for the Firefox web browser and Chrome web browser developed by Michel Gutierrez. With the web browser extension, you can download online streaming videos from websites like YouTube and Netflix without installing extra programs on your computer. The Video Download Helper allows the user to download videos from sites that stream videos through HTTP, so the downloading speed and quality are not the best but could still be promising. If you want to download your Netflix movies with the Video Download Helper web browser extension, here is a guide showing you how to do that in the Google Chrome browser. If you are using a Firefox browser, the process might be slightly different, but the general process is identical.

    Step 1: Search for the Video Download Helper web extension in the Google Chrome web store and click the “Add to Chrome” button to add the browser extension to your browser.
    Step 2: Once the extension is added, go to your video page, play the video and you should be able to see the Video Download Helper icon in your extension bar showing you there is one video available for download.
    Step 3: Click on the button and click the download icon on the video to directly download the video using your web browser.


    Part 4: Download Netflix Movies with 4k Video Downloader

    As another online video downloader program, 4K Video Downloader allows users to download videos, playlists, channels and subtitles from Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other video sites in high quality. The program is simply designed and can get your video downloaded with only a few steps. Although it doesn’t provide advanced downloading options as Leawo Video Downloader does, it is still sufficient for daily video downloading tasks. If you want to use a 4K Video Downloader to download your Netflix movies, here is how you can do that.

    Step 1: Download, install and launch 4K Video Downloader.
    Step 2: Copy the link of your video, and go to the program, click on the “Paste link” button at the upper left corner then paste the link into the link box.
    Step 3: Once the link is submitted, you should be able to see your video available for download. Click the “Download” button on the video and the downloading process should start immediately.


    Part 5: Download Netflix Movies with Freemake Video Downloader

    Freemake Video Downloader is a download manager developed by Ellora Assets Corporation. The program is available for Microsoft Windows and is proprietary software that can download online video and audio with the support of both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. With Freemake Video Downloader, you can easily download online videos from multiple sources and save them as high-quality video files on your own computer. The program supports video download in high resolutions, so that you can enjoy 1080P or 2K videos after the downloading with the original quality reserved. To download a Netflix movie with Freemake Video Downloader, just follow the guide below.

    Step 1: Download Freemake Video Downloader and install it on your computer. At the same time, go to your video page and copy the video’s URL in your clipboard.
    Step 2: Launch the program and click the “Paste URL” button. After clicking the button, paste the URL you have just copied in the URL box.
    Step 3: After the video is successfully fetched by the program, you can then set a target folder to save the video and click the “Download” button to start the downloading.