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How to Get Audio Tracks for Movies

All of us like to watch movies in our leisure time, but we always busy our work or our life, if we are not staying beside the computer and keep away from the Internet, what should we do to relax in our free time? Instead of watching movies, listening to the audio or the podcast would also be a better way of relaxing for us. While you are driving or exercising, listening to audio will not disturb you at the same time, things could be done together to enjoy yourself. Here we will guide you how to download movie audio track English for listening when not online.

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Part 1: 5 classic movie recommendations

There will be a long list for classic movies. Here we pick top 5 classic movies to you.

1. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Well this is absolutely a classic movie for all. Featuring a strong action movie style, it captures audiences with central conceit. John and Jane Smith are a normal married couple, living a normal life in a normal suburb, working normal jobs... well, if you can call secretly being assassins "normal". But neither Jane nor John knows about their spouse's secret, until they are surprised to find each other as targets! But on their quest to kill each other, they learn a lot more about each other than they ever did in five (or six) years of marriage.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

2. Roman Holiday

This is a classic movie ever in the world! If you love Audrey Hepburn and her enormously energized performance, you are not going to miss this. This film features a bored and sheltered princess who escapes her guardians and falls in love with an American newsman in Rome. It is full of love and sweetness.


3. Gone with the Wind

As another top-ranked classic movie, Gone with the Wind gains international popularity thanks to the great performance of both actors and the novel writer. Scarlett O'Hara, a feisty Southern belle, has everything she's ever wanted, except handsome Ashley Wilkes. On the eve of the Civil War, Scarlett learns he plans to marry another. As the war rages on, Scarlett finds herself widowed and continues to long for Ashley. After pushing away the dashing Rhett Butler she realizes too late the identity of her true love.


4. Midnight in Paris

I was deeply touched when first watching this classic movie. While on a trip to Paris with his fiancée's family, a nostalgic screenwriter finds himself mysteriously going back to the 1920s every day at midnight. It is definitely worth your time.


5. Forrest Gump

This great movie has inspired millions of people in the world and has become an iconic masterpiece since its debut. Forrest Gump is a simple man with a low I.Q. but good intentions. He is running through childhood with his best and only friend Jenny. His 'mama' teaches him the ways of life and leaves him to choose his destiny. You will love it, trust me!

Forrest Gump

Part 2: How to download audio tracks for movies

If you would like english audio file for movies download from YouTue, you can use the third-party tool to help english audio track for movies free download, many apps can complete the audio tracks download as you want, however, is a great choice for it, this will help you to download audio from the movies on YouTue.


In the interface of, you will find it easy to operate, you just need to type into the URL of the movie on YouTue which you want to download, then the video with embedded view can be seen, also there is some simple control to help you perfect the tracks movie download.

  • 1. If you don’t want to download the whole audio of the movies, a slider will help you to drag.
  • 2. Input a file name for what you have downloaded on the title box and artist box.
  • 3. The silence at the beginning or at the end of the movie can be got rid of in the option of removing silence.
  • 4. Make sure the volume of the movies to keep consistent.

In general, you just need to click the button of “Record MP3”, then you will download the audio track for movies and save it to your target folder.

If you want to record the audio tracks for movies from other sources besides YouTube. You should save the movie firstly by installing FLV ripper extension to the browser or using Video Downloader, after you have saved the movie on your computer, you can use audio track download program to save the audio for movies, such as VLC player is one of the popular programs for your reference, you will find the audio file saved as MP3 format in your target folder.


Part 3: How to record movie audio via Music Recorder

In addition to the above mention, is there any other way to help to download the audio tracks for movies? Yes, of course. Here will introduce another way to record the audio for movies, that is to use Leawo Music Recorder. This is a fantastic recording program with simple operation feature. Leawo Music Recorder will help you record the audio from multiple sources like the built-in input audio, the computer audio and any online sources. MP3 or WAV is the final output format for what has been recorded from Leawo Music Recorder.

This Recording software was developed with innovative technology, a variety of basic setting will contribute to making the recordings more perfect and of high quality. The basic setting includes Audio Source, Task Schedule, Output format and more, which help you to make your recordings in customization.

  • Leawo Music Recorder
  • Leawo Music Recorder

    Record any sound from computer stream audio and built-in input audio.
    Record music from 1000+ music sites like YouTube, Facebook, Veoh, VEVO, etc.
    Schedule music recording via the internal recording task scheduler.
    Automatically/manually add and complete music tags like artist, album, cover, genre, etc.

Below we will let know how to record movie audio via Music Recorder.

1. There are two main interfaces for Leawo Music Recorder, that is Recording and Media.


2. Make sure to run this recording software on your computer, then you will enter the main interface of recording. Click the upper arrow to call out the drop-down list, then click “Settings” in the list, a pane of basic setting will show up, you are required to make some settings on the “Audio Source” before you begin to record, click the button of “Audio Source”, you will see two options on it, as we need to record the movie audio online, we must select the option of “Record Computer Audio”.


3. Press the icon button “General” to set the output location into your target folder, also you can set the language of what you have recorded here.


4. Click “Format” button, you can set the output format here, two options of the formats are for your selection, MP3 or WAV. The parameter of the recording files such as the audio code, bit rate and the sample rate can also be set according to your requirement.


5. Press the red button “Start” to enable Leawo Music Recorder to work, then you can play the movies to begin to record, one key point should be emphasized here, that is before you play the movies for recording, make sure the music recorder should work first. If you want to control the recordings start time and duration, you can go through Task Schedule, which especially helps you to make what you want to record as per your requirement.


Bonus: How to download movie from websites directly

CleverGet Video Downloader, a comprehensive online movie downloader that could not only download online videos, but also free movies, paid movies and even live streams, could help you easily complete online free movie download tasks in simple clicks. With it, you could easily download free movies from various free movie or video websites like YouTube, Twitter, Tubi, Facebook live, Vimeo and various other free movie sites.

  • CleverGet
  • CleverGet Video Downloader

    Download Movie Video With 320 Kbps audio.
    Easily Download Live Streams Without Quality Loss.
    Video Info Extractor.
    Supports Playlist Downloading.
    Support Multi-tasking & Video Info Extractor Inside.
    Ease-of-use UI.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download video straightly from websites:

Step 1: Adjust the general settings for downloading videos/movies

From the list presented, select the ideal video with parameters that suite your needs (such as quality and format).


Step 2: Visit the target site

Search for the videos/movies you would like to download. Copy and paste the address from your address bar.


Step 3: Launch this video downloader

Paste the link into the address bar of CleverGet, which should automatically detects downloadable videos and present all of them. After that, click to download the video.

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