Recently, some users left us the message that they have the difficulty to play the Blu-ray disc since they have no proper Blu-ray drive on their computer. But they have heard that PS3 has the capability to load Blu-ray disc and they are not sure about this news. Can PS3 support Blu-ray or can PS3 rip Blu-ray or PS3 copy Blu-ray to the hard drive? If you are not sure about the problems either, then this is the right place you can stop for further references.

Part 1: Can I Use PS3 to Copy and Backup Blu-ray

PS3 is not only a gaming console for game lovers, but also it can be served as a multimedia player that supports both Blu-ray and DVD discs. PS3 has a built-in Blu-ray drive as well as a hard drive that can be able to store many media contents in the limited sizes. But now if you don’t want to load the Blu-ray disc each time you would like to view the Blu-ray content, instead, you prefer to copy the Blu-ray disc to the hard drive of PS3. Is this possible for PS3 to complete the whole copy process?

Actually, without any conversion tools, PS3 doesn’t have the capability to copy and backup any Blu-ray content. What’s more, not all the Blu-ray contents can be copied since most of them have been protected with the disc encryption which is to prevent them from being copied illegally. On the other hand, PS3 is not a video conversion tool; instead, it can only be used to a player to play the Blu-ray discs. Therefore, it is not possible for PS3 to copy and backup Blu-ray without any video conversion tools.

Part 2: Best Copy Program to Copy Blu-ray to PS3 -- Leawo Blu-ray Copy

Just as mentioned above, in order to copy Blu-ray to PS3, we have to adopt a third-part video conversion tool which should be used in your computer first, and then copy the ripped digital videos to PS3. Now, in order to copy Blu-ray to PS3, you can seek help from a powerful third-party multimedia conversion tool -- Leawo Blu-ray Copy.
Leawo Blu-ray Copy can be able to copy Blu-ray movie and copy DVD movie without quality loss, including BD25 and BD50, copy Blu-ray folder and ISO image file, copy DVD disc of DVD-9/DVD-5, DVD folder and DVD ISO image file as well. It can copy Blu-ray disc with AACS, BD+ or the latest MKB protection in region A, B, or C, or CSS-DVD disc ranging from region 0 to 6, this Blu-ray copier could easily copy Blu-ray and DVD disc for backup. With advanced Blu-ray copy technology planted in, this Blu-ray copy software enables you to decide which to copy, how to copy, and how fast to copy Blu-ray/DVD movies.

Also, you can enjoy various copy modes with this tool in order to satisfy various needs. With the support of multiple graphics card accelerating technologies including NVIDIA CUDA, Intel Quick Sync and AMD APP, this tool can work at 6X faster speed than others. Also, with the simple and easy interface, users can handle tasks with it easily.

Blu-ray Copy

Leawo Blu-ray Copy 

☉ 1:1 Copy Blu-ray & DVD Movies in forms of Disc, Folder, and ISO Image file
☉ Copy with 6X higher speed without quality loss.
☉ Remove disc protection such as AACS, BD+, MKB, CSS and region restriction.
☉ Support Backup of BD50, BD25, DVD-9 and DVD-5
☉ Keeping all elements including 3D effect, video dot frame, subtitle, audio channel, etc.

Part 3: How to Copy Blu-ray to PS3 with Leawo Blu-ray Copy

After knowing the main features and functions of Leawo Blu-ray Copy, then you can carry out the detailed copy process with this powerful copy program referring to the followings steps.

Step 1. Download Leawo Prof. Media and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Load the Blu-ray disc to your computer’s Blu-ray disc drive. Make sure that your computer has the internal Blu-ray disc drive, if not you can buy an external Blu-ray drive as the alternative. Then import the Blu-ray disc to the drive and the content would be detected easily by the program. Then click “Add Blu-ray/DVD” button to load the Blu-ray content.

Step 3. Set other related parameters. Once the Blu-ray has been loaded to the program, you can set various parameters, including disc type which contains BD50, BD25, DVD-9 and DVD-5. Copy mode: Full Mode is for copying contents of the whole disc; Main Movie is for Movie-only backup; Choose Custom Mode to choose whatever chapters of video content in the disc to copy. You can also set the subtitle and audio track at the same time.

Step 4. Start copying Blu-ray. Before it starts, you need to confirm set the "Copy to", "Disc Label", "Save to" options. Check "Folder" or "ISO File" to choose to save the Blu-ray/DVD content either in a folder or as an ISO file. And then click the box from below "Save to" to set the directory for the backup. Finally, click the “Copy” button below to start copying the Blu-ray. Here I strongly recommend you to save the Blu-ray disc in ISO format which can be stored and burned easily for future conveniences.

Once the Blu-ray disc has been copied into ISO file, now what you need to do is to copy the ISO file to PS3. How to backup Blu-ray on PS3? This is quite easy. First, prepare a well functional portable USB device. Then plug it into the computer and copy the ISO file to it. Secondly, connect the USB to PS3 and copy the ISO file of the original Blu-ray disc to the hard drive of PS3. Now, the Blu-ray has been copied and backed up in PS3 successfully.

Part 4: How to Remove Cinavia Protection from Blu-ray Disc

Additionally, another point should be mentioned here is that Leawo Blu-ray Copy doesn’t only have the ability to copy the Blu-ray disc to any other media formats, but also it can decrypt various video protections within the discs, such as AACS. But it doesn’t work when it encounters another video protection technology for Blu-ray, which is Cinavia protection. You can check on this “What is Cinavia and How to Remove It” for more introductions on Cinavia and the issues of Cinavia. This is another popular video protection technology embeded in Blu-ray disc in recent years which would not allow users to copy the original content for any further illegal use.

Then, if you have obtained such a Blu-ray disc with Cinavia protection, what would you do to remove it from the Blu-ray? As one of the most common movie protection, Cinavia is quite difficult to be removed, just like AACS, BD and MKB. But Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal is a powerful program that can be able to eliminate the Cinavia watermark protection with ease. The following steps would elaborate removal process clearly.


Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal  

☉ Permanently remove Cinavia protection.

☉ Get 1:1 Copy Cinavia-free Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray folder or ISO Image file.

☉ High Cinavia removing speed and copying speed

☉ Easy to use with user-friendly UI.

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Step 1. Download Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Load the Blu-ray disc to the program. You can simply click the “Add Blu-ray” option to add the Blu-ray content to the main interface of the tool. You are allowed to select from the following three types “Add from CD-ROM”, “Add from folder” and “Add ISO file”.

Step 3. Set the related parameters of the removal tool. When the original Blu-ray disc has been imported, then you can set the “Disc type”, “Copy mode (Full Movie and Main Movie)”, “Subtitle and Audio track” parameters accordingly. Based on your own needs, you can select the relevant parameters respectively. Once they have been set, click save.

Step 4. Start the removing process. When all the settings have been done, simply click the big green “Cinavia” button. Then you can see the related output settings. Before it starts the process of removing, you need to confirm the “Copy to”, “Disc Label” and “Save to” options. Then click the “Start” icon to start removing Cinavia protection from the Blu-ray movies.

Part 5: Conclusion

Can PS3 copy Blu-ray to hard drive? Of course, PS3 can be able to copy Blu-ray to the hard drive of it, but the premise is that a third-party video conversion tool must be obtained so that the converted file can be copied directly to PS3.

Here, in order to complete the whole Blu-ray conversion process, Leawo Blu-ray Copy is the one you should not miss which can be quite powerful in copying Blu-ray to ISO file as well as other 180 types of digital formats which can be perfectly compatible with PS3.

Furthermore, Leawo Blu-ray Copy can be capable of removing AACS protection technology from the Blu-ray discs. By the way, if you are puzzled by the Cinavia protection within the Blu-ray discs, then you can turn to Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal as the helpful assistant to achieve your goal.