With more and more people enjoying the immersive experience of 3D movie brought to them, 2D movie is gradually outdated. With a suitable 2D DVD to 3D videos converter in hand, you can easily convert 2D to anaglyph 3D. After creating anaglyph 3D, you can wear 3D glasses to enjoy the anaglyph 2D on 3D players.

2D-to-3D conversion adds the binocular disparity depth cue to digital images perceived by the brain, just like turning a "flat" video into a stereo one, thus, if done properly, greatly improving the immersive effect while viewing stereo video in comparison to 2D video. However, in order to be successful, the conversion should be done with sufficient accuracy and correctness: the quality of the original 2D images should not deteriorate, and the introduced disparity cue should not contradict to other cues used by the brain for depth perception.

There is one simple approach to convert 2D video to 3D video – add 3D effect during the 2D DVD to video conversion. To convert DVD to digital video, you can use a DVD Ripper to convert DVD to digital video. In this guide, we would like to show you several best 2D to 3D converters and the best 2D DVD to 3D video converter software to help you convert 2D DVD movies to 3D video files.

Part 1: 5 Best 2D to 3D Video Converters 

There are quite a lot of 2D to 3D video converters that could help you convert 2D video files to 3D movies for playback on various 3D players or TV. Here, we have collected 5 best 2D to 3D video converters for your reference for creating 3D movies out of 2D videos.

Leawo Video Converter

Leawo Video Converter is a professional media converter tool that could help you convert video and audio files between 200+ file formats, like MKV to MP4, FLV to MOV, AVI to WMV, MKV to MOV, MP4 to MP3, MP3 to AAC, etc. It could also help you turn photos into photo slideshow video files for various media players and devices. As a professional video converter, Leawo Video Converter comes with a built-in 2D to 3D video converter that could help you convert regular video files to 3D movies in 6 different 3D movie effects, including Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved, and Side by Side. What's more, it enables you to adjust the 3D Depth for vivid 3D movie effects. You get instant 3D movie preview via the internal 3D video player.

EaseFab 3D Video Converter

EaseFab 3D Video Converter is a highly professional conversion software that allows easy 2D into 3D conversion, switch modes among the 3D videos and the software can also convert the 3D videos into 2D versions. The program is equipped to convert the 2D videos into 5 3D modes. It supports both Apple and Windows users.


The great part about the software is that it not only converts 2D video into 3D formats but can also convert them into HD formats. It's an anaglyph 3D video converter which is designed to convert the 3D videos in several setting modes. The software is available for free trial.


If you are looking for a good free Windows 2D to 3D converter, Axara would anyday be a great pick for you. the software is equipped to convert 2D videos into anaglyph 3D video automatically and supports all popular video formats. It is also compatible with major video services such as YouTube.

Xilisoft 3D Video Converter

Xilisoft 3D Video Converter can convert 2D video to 3D video among different types. You can get various types of 3D video, namely 3D AVI, 3D WMV, 3D MP4, 3D MKV and many more. It is capable of converting 2D video up to five 3D formats: Anaglyph 3D, Side by Side, Side by Side (half-width), Top and Bottom, Top and Bottom (half-height) where you can find the one format you like.

Part 2: Best DVD Ripper to Convert 2D DVD to 3D Video - Leawo DVD Ripper

As for converting DVD movies to 3D video files, Leawo DVD Ripper is the best DVD ripper software to convert 2D DVD to 3D video files for you to play and watch 2D DVD movies on 3D players or TV. As a professional DVD to video converter, Leawo DVD Ripper could help you you to rip, backup, edit and convert 2D DVD to 3D video in various 3D movie effects, including: Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved, and Side by Side. Similar to Leawo Video Converter, Leawo DVD Ripper also enables you to adjust 3D depth for converting 2D DVD movies to 3D video files.

What's more, as a professional DVD ripper software, Leawo DVD Ripper enables you to rip and convert DVD movies to video files in variety of formats like MP4, WMV, MKV, FLV, MP3, AAC, M4A, RMVB, F4V, etc. With it, you could easily play and watch your DVD movies on various media players and devices such as iOS devices, Android devices, Microsoft devices, BlackBerry devices, etc. You could even adjust the output video and audio parameters so as to get exactly what you want.

The below guideline would show you how to rip and convert 2D DVD movie to 3D videos in various 3D effects with the help of Leawo DVD Ripper. Download and install Leawo DVD Ripper on your computer first. Get source DVD movie files ready.

  • Leawo DVD Ripper
  • Leawo DVD Ripper

    ☉ Convert DVD to video/audio files like MKV, MP4, AVI, FLV, RMVB, etc

    ☉ Convert DVD to iPad, iPhone, Android devices

    ☉ Edit DVD video files with built-in video editor

    ☉ Add 3D effect with built-in 3D movie creator

    ☉ Selectable subtitles and audio tracks from source DVD movies for output videos

Note: Leawo DVD Ripper is built into Leawo Prof. Media.

Step 1: Load DVD content


Kick off Leawo Prof. Media and then open the "Convert" module. You have 2 options to load DVD content: click "Add Blu-ray/DVD> Add from CD-ROM" button to load source DVD content, or directly drag and drop source DVD folder or ISO image file for loading.

Note: Leawo DVD Ripper offers 3 different content loading modes. The Full Movie mode loads all source DVD content, Main Movie mode by default loads the longest title (generally the main movie) but allows you to switch another title for loading, while Custom Mode enables you to select desired DVD title(s) for loading. Choose one according to your needs.

Step 2: Set output profile


Click the drop-down box next to the "Add Photo" button, and then click "Change" to select output format. There are many video and audio formats for your selection ranging from Common Video, Common Audio and HD Video. You could even select output format according to your device under "Device" tab. By making use of the Profile Search bar on the left side, you could quickly search out desired format.


If you need, you could adjust the video and audio parameters of output profiles. Click the "Edit" icon on the drop-down menu next to the "Add Photo" button to enter the Profile Settings panel, where you could adjust video codec, bit rate, aspect ratio, frame rate, audio codec, audio bit rate, etc.

Step 3: Apply 3D movie effect

Click the little film icon at the right of the video bar to enter the editing interface where you can trim, crop, remove noise, add watermark, effect or 3D effect. To convert 2D DVD to 3D movie files, open the "3D" tab and then slide the "3D Mode" to green. There are 6 types of 3D effects for your choice: Red/Cyan; Red/Green; Red/Blue; Blue/Yellow; Interleaved and Side by Side. Remember to turn on the little switch before you can choose 3D mode.

Step 4: Set output directory


After setting 3D movie effect, you need to return to the main interface of Convert module. Click the big green "Convert" button, and then set output directory in the "Save to" box.

Step 5: Start to convert 2D DVD to 3D video


Finally, click the bottom "Convert" button to start converting 2D DVD movies to 3D movies. The conversion will complete quickly. After the 2D to 3D conversion, you could freely transfer the converted 2D movies (now in 3D effect) onto your 3D movie player for vivid 3D movie enjoying.

Part 3: Other Editing Features of Leawo DVD Ripper

Besides the 2D to 3D conversion feature, Leawo DVD Ripper also provides other editing features to help you get better DVD to video conversion experience. There are several different editing features available in Leawo DVD Ripper.

  1. Merge DVD titles into one: Leawo DVD Ripper could help you merge all loaded DVD movie titles into one big file for continuous movie enjoyment.
  2. Trim DVD movie length: the internal trimmer enables you to trim DVD movie length so as to remove unwanted DVD content for converting.
  3. Add image or text watermark: you could add either image or text watermark to output video files within Leawo DVD Ripper. It even allows you to adjust the watermark transparency, and others.
  4. Crop video size: set a zoom mode to remove video size and unwanted blank margin easily.
  5. Rotate DVD video for special angle of view.
  6. Adjust "Brightness", "Contrast", "Saturation", and "VolumeZoom(%)" effects.

All these editing features could help you get improved DVD to video conversion experience.

Part 4: FAQs about Convert 2D DVD to 3D Video

The below are some FAQs about converting 2D DVD movie to 3D video files. You could learn more about them.
Q1: Is my laptop able to play 3D videos?
A: Maybe not - only if your laptop has the 3D screen which is specifically designed to support the 3D technology. Moreover, you need a pair of 3D glasses to trigger the 3D visual effect.

Q2: What are "Active 3D" and "Passive 3D"? Which one is better?
A: They are two different technology used in a 3D system. In an active 3D technology, the video frames displayed to each eye are off-set against each other and fancy technology is used in active 3D glasses, while in passive 3D no technology is applied in glasses except that each lens of the passive 3D glasses are polarized by two different filters. It is hard to say who wins all credits, but passive 3D glasses obviously are cheaper on price and smaller in size than active 3D glasses while the later one can offer you a high quality.

Q2: How many 3D movies can viewers choose from a theatrical movie?
A: There are 4 types of 3D theatrical movies that you can choose: Dolby, IMAX, RealD and XPAND.

Q4: Can VideoProc play 3D videos?
A: Yes, VideoProc can play 3D videos and support the 3D to 2D conversion.

What VideoProc can do is much more than what's mentioned above. All in all, it is the most capable video processing software that integrates speed, efficiency, easy operation and powerful functions. And it pushes the boundary of video converting and editing in every possible way!