In the digital era, you may have the frequent need to get access to various digital formats resources. In some special cases, you would like to make a new video by mixing the M2V (video) and WAV (audio) within your reach for some purposes. But what you only grasp are the two single digital files, then how to produce a new video with these separate files, or in other words, how to burn M2V and WAV to another digital form, such as DVD? If you have encountered such a problem, now it is your time to figure out the solution from this article.

Part 1: Introduce M2V and WAV

Before solve the problem on how to burn M2V and WAV to DVD, let's firstly try to figure out the definition of M2V and WAV. What do M2V and WAV stand for? Generally speaking, M2V is the file extension for an MPEG-2 Video Stream file which usually has no sound or subtitles. This file type is primarily associated with MPEG-2 Video Only File. M2V are hardly seen to be used alone, instead, it is always used with a DVD burning tool which could combine it with an audio file so as to burn then onto a complete DVD disc. How to open M2V files? Easily, you can only double click the file and to choose Windows Media Player, VLC, Winamp, or RealPlayer as the media player. But you can only get access to the video files, not including creating it into a DVD disc directly.

Then, in order to burn the M2V file onto a DVD disc, you have to seek help from a professional DVD burning program and combine it with audio files like WAV. As an audio format developed by Microsoft, WAV is used to store file's audio tracks, sample rate, bit depth and raw audio data which can fully produce a complete sound. The WAV files can be commonly seen on the Windows computer and uncompressed in most time. Compared to other common audio formats, like MP3, WAV is larger. But here, the biggest point of utilizing WAV files is to combine it with the M2V files so as to burn a DVD disc that can be played on your computer. Next, we are going to share the detailed information on how to combine M2V and WAV files and how to burn M2V and WAV to DVD.


Part 2: Best Programs to Combine M2V and WAV Together

In order to burn M2V and WAV to DVD, you have to combine the audio and video files into a single digital file first of all. How to combine M2V and WAV? Here, a professional program to combine M2V and WAV is needed. But not all the video editors are compatible with M2V and WAV formats. In order to combine M2V and WAV together by guaranteeing their original quality, you have to select an excellent program that could be able to merge these two files with accuracy. Based on some reviews, I have selected the top 3 programs to combine M2V and WAV together. For your future references, you can take a look at the following recommendations.

No. 1 Filmora Video Editor

On the top of the recommendation list, Filmora Video Editor can be selected as your firm choice. This video editor can seamlessly combine the M2V and WAV with high quality supported. It is able to import files from different routes, including mobile phones, camcorder, computer and other digital devices. Also, if you would like to combine files from the Internet, such as Facebook and other social platforms, this program can also take you there. With strong ability in merging audios to videos, Filmora can offer you the best output quality with fast speed. It is not difficult for you to obtain the various special effects or video and audio editing functions from Filmore, because there are lots of customized editing features for your options. You can smoothly get a new merged digital file within a short period.

Filmora Video Editor

No. 2 Cute Video Audio Merger

If you prefer a quite simple program to combine M2V and WAV, Cute Video Audio Merger is very proper for you. You can easily merge your M2V and WAV files with several steps. Cute Video Audio Merger is quite popular for the online users because it is compatible with various video and audio formats. In other words, this program can help you to combine files regardless of the file formats. Just as its name implies, Cute Video Audio Merger is really cute in its handling steps and performance. With clear and simple UI, it will be also quite easy to handle with even if you are a first time user. If you don't have too many requirements on the editing functions or other additional features, this tool is a very good choice for you.

Cute Video Audio Merger

No. 3 Movavi

Last of all, I will list another popular merging tool here. That is Movavi. This program is not designed to merge files only. Without any doubts, it is still powerful in the merging function. As a popular video editor, Movavi can allow you to add the WAV file to the M2V file with ease and accuracy. Especially, its installing process is quite simple which can save you a lot of time and energy. Furthermore, if you want to make some adjustment to the M2V or WAV files, Movavi is also supportive of this function. As a quite simple video editor, it can be used for a lot of times whenever you have the needs to merge files.


Part 3 How to Combine M2V and WAV Together

After obtaining a program to combine M2V and WAV files, now it is time for you to merge M2V and WAV together. However, in order to combine these two digital files together, you have to first make sure the video editor or other programs that can help you to merge files are compatible with M2V and WAV. Now please refer to the following tutorial which has taken Filmora Video Editor as the example.

Step 1. Download Filmora Video Editor and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Add M2V and WAV files to the program.

Add M2V and WAV

Step 3. Arrange the WAV to the correct timeline. Make sure the WAV is consistent with the M2V video.

Arrange WAV to correct timeline

Step 4. Start combining and choose the output format of the files you want. Once you have set the related parameters, then you can begin to merge the two files. Click "Export" button to combine M2V and WAV within seconds.

choose the output format

Part 4: How to Burn M2V and WAV to DVD

Since the M2V and WAV has been combined into a new digital video format, for example MP4. Now it will be an easy step to burn the merged M2V and WAV to DVD. In order to burn M2V and WAV to DVD, aside from combining them into one digital file, you have to take use of a powerful professional DVD burning program. Here I will introduce one of the best burning programs for you Leawo DVD Creator as your first choice. For the details, you can refer to the following steps.

Step 1. Download Leawo DVD Creator and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Insert a blank DVD disc with enough capacity to your computer's drive.

Step 3. Add the new video file that has combined M2V and WAV to the program. You can just click "Add Video" to import the video file. Or, you can just simply drag the file to the main interface.

Leawo DVD Creator Add Video

Step 4. Set the related disc parameter. Leawo DVD Creator allows you to select the BD type, ratio aspect and the disc menu templates. For the disc menu templates, you can select from the types in the right-hand column or you can DIY according to your own preferences.

 Set the related disc parameter

Step 5. Start burning M2V and WAV to DVD. Once all the settings have been done, you can click the green icon "Burn" on the top-right corner. Before burning, you will be required to confirm the "Burn to", "Disc Label" and "Save to" options. Finally, just wait in patience and the burning process will last for seconds or minutes.

Start burning

Part 5: Conclusion

As two totally separately digital files, M2V and WAV are not very commonly used in the daily life. But in order to make full use of these two files, you can combine them and then burn to DVD discs for better viewing or backup. If you have ever been confused by such a problem, now you can easily know the solution by referring to the above information of combining M2V and WAV together and burning them to DVD. Just take it easy and select an appropriate video editor and a powerful DVD burning program, and it will not be a hassle at all to get a DVD from M2V and WAV.