As we all know, TED Talks has attracted the attention of countless audiences with its rich content, novel topics and wonderful on-site performances, and has been welcomed by audiences all over the world. Of course, every performance of TED Talks is highly educational and scientific in nature. This article will also be divided into four parts to introduce you to TED Talks, where to watch TED Talks, 7 best funny TED Talks on YouTube, and a professional software that can help you download TED Talks videos.


Part 1: Brief Introduction to TED Talks

TED (short for Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a private non-profit organization in the United States. The organization is known for its TED conference, and the purpose of this conference is "creations worth spreading". The TED international conference was held for the first time in 1984 and is held once a year. The early focus of TED was on technology and design. Since then, it has broadened its horizons, including talks on many scientific, cultural, political, humanitarian, and academic topics. The past speakers at the conference included well-known scientists, famous Nobel Prize winners, and some outstanding personalities, etc. They expressed their opinions on the conference theme in the most innovative and expressive way in just ten minutes. Nowadays, audiences around the world can watch TED Talks online for free, and TED Talks has been played globally more than 1 billion times.

Part 2: Where to Get Funny TED Talks?

After a brief understanding of TED Talks, you may ask: where can I get TED Talks? Below, I will specifically introduce 5 ways to get TED Talks directly for you:


1. Mobile and tablet apps

At present, TED's official APP has been launched in major application stores. You only need to use your mobile device or tablet to download this app from the app store, and you can watch all TED Talks videos online. More importantly, every TED Talks video in TED's official app is available in more than 20 languages. Therefore, no matter which country you are from, TED's official APP can help you watch these videos without barriers.

2. Smart TV apps

Nowadays, most families have a smart TV. Connect your smart TV to the Internet and install the TED app. You can watch more than 3000 TED Talks videos for free. What is surprising is that this can not only synchronize with the user's mobile account, but also provide high-definition picture quality for each playback.


3. Smart speaker apps

Many smart playback apps also support playing TED Talks audio. If you have a smart playback device, you can use simple voice commands to command the device to play TED Talks audio. In this way, you can also listen to TED Talks for free.

4. Podcast

In addition, TED also provides users with a series of original podcast. According to your device's system (iOS or Android), use the TED app to subscribe to the corresponding Apple Podcast or TED Android Podcast for free. You can get the latest news from TED anytime, anywhere.


5. YouTube

TED also created its own official account on YouTube and shared TED Talks videos on the YouTube platform. Therefore, you only need to log in to YouTube and search for TED Talks to find numerous TED Talks videos and watch them for free.


Part 3: 7 Best Funny TED Talks on YouTube

As a fan of TED Talks, in this part, I want to share with you the 7 best funny TED Talks on YouTube that I think so far:

1. Why we laugh

As a cognitive neuroscientist, Sophie Scott shared a surprising fact in this TED Talks: If a person is with others, he is 30 times more likely to laugh than when he is alone. The speech was very exciting. I almost spent the unforgettable 17 minutes in laughter and laughter with Sophie Scott.


2. You have no idea where camels really come from

We may always think that camels are only suitable for survival in the desert, but this is a misunderstanding. Latif Nasser told the audience a surprising story: the camel's big hump, feet and eyes evolved for different climates and different times. Therefore, camels may not only be suitable for survival in the desert.


3. My road trip through the whitest towns in America

In the process of American culture becoming more and more diverse, Rich Benjamin noticed a phenomenon: some communities have also become more and more diverse. So, he found the whitest town in the United States through the map and lived there. In this speech, he shared a lot of knowledge he learned in this town.


4. One woman, five characters, and a sex lesson from the future

It is undeniable that this speech involved an intriguing taboo subject. In this speech, Sarah Jones, as a teacher, led the audience to understand the different views of sex work in several roles (such as a housewife, a bachelor, etc.). Through detailed explanations, she delved into sexual cultural norms.


5. Why I keep speaking up, even when people mock my accent

Artist Safwat Saleem suffered from stuttering since he was a child, and his Pakistani accent once made him give up his job. This speech talked about how he recovered his confidence from work and reclaimed his voice.


6. Math is forever

Many people may still have such a question: what is the use of mathematics? Mathematician Eduardo Saenz de Cabezon demonstrated the beauty of mathematics in this lecture, and answered this question with humor and charm. Therefore, this should be on the list of funny TED talks.


7. A science award that makes you laugh, then think

After exploring the world's most unlikely research, Marc Abrahams told the audience weird scientific stories and expressed to us the importance of stupidity in increasing public interest in science.


Part 4: How to Download Best Funny TED Talks Video on YouTube?

Download funny TED Talks YouTube videos to your device and then play them back repeatedly. I think this is the best way to understand the spirit the speaker wants to convey. So, in order to download funny TED Talks YouTube videos to the computer, we need a professional video download software. CleverGet Video Downloader is a software designed to download video from the Internet. It can accurately identify downloadable videos from YouTube and quickly download them to your computer. Therefore, it can not only download TED Talks videos in YouTube, but also download Facebook live video, download Korean dramas from other video sites, and so on. Click the button to download and install this software on your computer first, then the following sections describe how to use CleverGet Video Downloader to download funny TED Talks videos from YouTube in detail.

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Step 1: Set the video save location

After downloading CleverGet Video Downloader on your computer, launch the software. Before using it, you can set the output directory for better management. Click the three-dot icon at the top right and choose the "Settings" option. On the pop-up window, click the "Save Video To" box to browse and choose a directory for output videos.


Step 2: Open target YouTube video

On the main interface, you can click the YouTube logo to enter its official website, and then you can freely search for what you want to download with the built-in browser. Or, you can directly copy and paste the link of target YouTube video into the address bar to visit the source page.


Step 3: Download funny TED talks from YouTube

Once the source video is played, the program will automatically detect downloadable sources. Then, a list of available videos in different formats, sizes, and resolutions will pop up. Simply select the desired video and click the "Download" button to start downloading funny TED talks videos from YouTube.


Step 4: Check downloading and downloaded files

When the YouTube video is downloading, in the "Library" sidebar, you can click the download icon to check the downloading process, and click the video icon to check all downloaded videos.


Through the above, I believe you have a concrete understanding of TED Talks. Whether you are a fan of TED Talks or just interested in TED Talks and want to learn about it, the way to thoroughly understand the meaning of every TED Talks is to watch it repeatedly. Because by watching each TED Talks repeatedly, you will have different gains. At this time, CleverGet Video Downloader, which can download TED Talks videos from the Internet to your computer, is very helpful to you. Because it can help you realize your desire to watch TED Talks repeatedly on your device.