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10+ Best Travel Podcasts to Broaden Your Horizons

In this article, we will recommend you top 10 travel podcasts and show you a great method to download the online podcasts for offline listening as you like.

Part 1: 10+ best travel podcasts to listen to

  • 1. No Shitting In The Toilet
  • Don’t misunderstand this travel podcast, it is not all related to the toilets. If you would like to go ahead of trends, come to listen to these new travel podcasts which are hosted by Peter Moore. He is a popular travel author as well as the editor of Wanderlust Associate Web. Peter and the expert guest bring irreverent humor and the true story from the independent travel to attract lots of audiences.

  • 2. The Travel Diaries
  • This is the travel Podcast ranked in No.1 from UK, a lot of celebrity guests like Poppy Delevingne, Dev Patel and Sir Ranulph Fiennes and more are invited to this travel podcast. The host Holly Rubenstein says The Travel Diaries is the travel version of the disc Desert Island. In this travel podcast, celebrity guests tell the audiences about their travel experience other than songs.

  • 3. Armchair Explorer
  • In each episode from the Podcast Armchair Explorer, we can see that many wonderful travel stories on the road are told by great adventures throughout the world. This podcast is hosted by Aaron Millar who is an award-winning travel writer. Each story from this host is inspiring, exciting and thrilling.

  • 4. Zero To Travel
  • Jason Moore has more than 15-year traveling experience all over the world, by listening to his travel podcast Zero To Travel, you will see how much passion he shares his travel with the audiences in one-hour podcasts each week.

  • 5. You Should Have Been There
  • This may be the most famous travel podcast from the travel podcast history. The most respected host Simon Calder who is also the former BBC producer of Mick Webb will share to you traveler’s stories and opinions, which is equal to that a couple of fellow travelers are sitting together in a bar to chat.

  • 6. JUMP With Traveling Jackie
  • This podcast is called as The Budget-Minded Traveler formerly, now this podcast has been revamped by Jackie as JUMP With Traveling Jackie, which was inspired by some pictures of her leaping in the mid-air from the world’s most symbolic landmarks.

    What focuses on Jackie’s podcast is the unconventional travel, it highlights some inside information and the hidden essence from traveling across some continents.

  • 7. Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet
  • Alex and Christine Schiefer are the presenters who search the travel reviews in one start from the Internet and then read them out dramatically. That’s very hilarious.

  • 8. The Skift Podcast
  • The editors from Skift which is the USA travel media company exchange with creatives or executives or entrepreneurs to know about the changes in behaviour of traveling and how to develop travel industry. The latest travel trends are focused on the session with 30 to 40 minutes, like the changes of low-cost airlines, the solutions of over-tourism and the new year trends.

  • 9. Escape
  • This is the second podcast from Simon Calder which integrates the latest travel news and chats from the biggest names of travel, which includes Wanderlust’s own Lyn Hughes. Each episode includes a travel masterclass, photographing wildlife, and solo travel are covered in it.

  • 10. Taste Trekkers' Find Dining Podcast
  • Foodies get together in this podcast, the host Seth Resler talk with cooking expert and gourmet bloggers from different areas throughout the world at the local catering site.

    If you are searching for the most delicious dim sum from Asia or looking for the traditional diet along the Silk Road, the podcast Find Dining offers the inside information of every country’s dishes and the best place for dining.


    Part 2: How to listen to these podcasts without internet connection

    To download travel podcasts for offline listening is our basic need while we are out of internet connection, especially for those drivers who like listening to podcasts on the road. And here we will recommend you an outstanding third-party tool Leawo Music Recorder to help you download travel podcasts simply.

    Music Recorder is a handy and powerful music recording tool which helps you to get any audio recorded from different sources like recording the internal input audio, computer audio and online audio. The recorded audio can be saved as an output format of MP3 or WAV with original quality. Due to the smart feature of Leawo Music Recorder, music tags can be added in an automatic way while the audio is being recorded or the music tags can be edited in a manual way with music tag editor.

    Based on the advanced and innovative recording technology of music recorder, multiple basic settings which include Task Scheduler, Audio Source and Output format and more are provided by this music recording tool to make your audio customized. So, any audio files can be captured with high-quality sound according to your requirement.

    Hereby we will show you a full tutorial of how to download travel podcasts with Leawo Music Recorder in the specific steps.

    Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

    Step 1. Run Leawo Music Recorder on computer and you will be guided to the main interface of music recorder. Press on the icon button “Audio Source” from the main interface to make audio source set initially. Since we need to record travel podcasts from online sources, we have to choose the option “Record Computer Audio”.


    Step 2. Jump to the tab “Format” and then press on the drop-down box next to the option “Output Format”. Here you can choose MP3 or WAV as the output format for your recorded audio. Furthermore, the audio parameters can be adjusted in the option “Audio Setting”, which include the bit rate and sample rate.


    Step 3. Jump to the tab “General” next to the tab “Audio Source”, then hit on the yellow folder icon button beside the option “Output” to view and select an output location for saving the recorded audio. Here, if you would like to set interface language for program, it can be done in this tab.


    Step 4. Press on the red button “Start” to make Leawo Music Recorder work, then play travel podcast from online site. Please kindly note that Leawo Music Recorder must work first and then get the travel podcasts played.


    If you like, the feature “Task Scheduler” can be used for your recording. Press on the icon button “Recording task scheduler” from the left corner bottom to bring out the feature “Task Scheduler”, in which the recording start time and duration time can be set with customization .

    As you can see, Leawo Music Recorder helps a lot in downloading audio files. If you plan to have long hours’ drive in one day, downloading your favourite travel podcasts is a great idea to make travel podcasts become available offline. Since there are so many good features coming from Leawo Music Recorder, downloading travel podcasts can be done with ease. Now take an action immediately to get the trial version of Leawo music recorder to begin your enjoyable experience in downloading travel podcasts for offline listening with good quality sound.



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