In your childhood, the Disney cartoons may be your best companions to a great extent. Watching Disney movies is one of the most exciting things at your early ages. On the other hand around, Disney movies are not only belonging to the young children. For adults and even the aged, all kinds of interesting Disney movies have also left deep impression on them. Nowadays, you can access to the Disney movies via many ways, including free digital resources released on the Internet, go to cinema and buy the original DVD or Blu-ray discs in the media store etc. For those people who have the high demands for the audio and video quality, buying Blu-ray discs would sound better. Asides from enjoying the great story in those Blu-ray discs, have you ever found something else about the Disney movies? Is it worth buying the Blu-ray discs at such a high price then? Today, I will take you to a more secret area about Disney movies. That is Disney movie rewards point. It doesn’t matter you have no idea about it. But if you want more discounts or gifts from Disney, then you should stop to get more information about it.

Part 1: What are Disney Movie Rewards Codes?

What are Disney Movie Rewards Codes actually? First of all, you have to figure out what is Disney Movie Rewards. In fact, Disney Movie Rewards is a promotional program that is used to reward those buyers who have purchased Disney products, including DVDs and music albums and so on. Those people who bought Disney DVDs can be rewarded with some Disney Movie Rewards points which can be redeemed for prizes on the Disney Movie Rewards website. This promotional program was started on October 3, 2006 which has been open in 50 states in America, Puerto Rico, Canada and Columbia.

However, Disney movie rewards points will be only earned by those who are over 18 years old. All the children under 13 years will not use this program unless they have been permitted by a legal guardian’s email and a legal confirmation email to create an account. Just as mentioned, for the legal users, Disney Movie Rewards is quite to handle. What you need to do is to create an account on the website, and then enter the codes you have obtained to gain points, then you can use these points to earn rewards, freebies, coupons and special offers. Now here comes a question. How to earn Disney Movie Rewards codes? There are many ways to get the codes. For example, you can buy the Disney movie DVDs with special codes inside the package. Now if you are interested in the ways to earn Disney Movie Rewards codes, just keep going and the following will introduce more methods.

Part 2: How to earn Disney Movie Rewards codes?

Before earning Disney Movie Rewards codes, you need to sign in the website and create an account in the first place. Then you can use these codes to redeem the rewards.

Purchase items with Disney Movie Rewards codes inside

First of all, just keep the Disney DVDs and the movie tickets you’ve purchased which may include some codes inside. How to use these Disney Movie Rewards codes? For DVD discs, you can find the codes inside the package and what you need to do is to enter the codes on the Disney Movie Rewards website. For Disney movie ticket, you can take a photo on it and then upload it onto the website. Only four movie stubs per movie title are eligible to receive points.

Take Surveys

After logging in the Disney Movie Rewards website, you can earn Disney Movie Rewards codes by taking the related surveys. You had better complete these surveys as soon as possible which will expire after 210 days from the moment of account activity. Usually, you can earn 10 points by completing one survey.


Participants can sign in to the Disney Movie Rewards website via Facebook. You need to play the Disney Challenges based on the questions about Disney movies and characters. Or you can choose to be informed by the Facebook notification in the future. Once Facebook has pushed some activities, you can log in to earn more points.

Additionally, how to use Disney Movie Rewards codes by attempting the above ways? Well, it is quite easy. By signing in to the Disney Movie Rewards website, you can browse all the available rewards. Then you can choose the proper rewards which are matched with your current codes. These rewards usually include freebies, tickets, accessories, toys, gift cards and so on.

Part 3: The best player to play Disney movies

Now, if you have purchased a Disney DVD and you would like to share the movie friends, what should you do? How to obtain the best audio and video quality of the movies? Well, things can still go smoothly if you convert the DVD disc to the digital format and then apply a powerful movie player to play the movie on your computer. One of the best players to play the Disney movies will fall to Leawo Blu-ray Player.


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Disney has a lot of systems that many of us don’t quite understand. We have introduced the disney vault system in the past, and today we explained the disney movie rewards system, hope it could help. Also, to enjoy disney for the best experience, You’d better try Leawo Blu-ray Player, the free, powerful multimedia player program.