Contacts and calendars are most commonly-used data on smartphones and tablets. The iPad users, of course, will often come up with various kinds of problems of transferring or syncing contacts and calendars. Although iTunes and iCloud provide helpful solutions for syncing contacts and calendars to iPad, they aren’t the only solutions for this issue. The following post will introduce several methods to help users know how to transfer contacts to iPad.

Part 1. Sync Contacts to iPad with iCloud

When iPad users want to know how to sync contacts to iPad, they can take advantage of iCloud to finish the task. Users only need to turn on Contacts in iCloud on their iPad, then iCloud will sync the contacts to iPad, of course, it will also upload the contacts from iPad to the cloud. If users don’t have contacts in the cloud, they can import contacts from computer, then the contacts will be synced to iPad.

Note that if users have turned on contacts on their device, they won’t be able to save the data to the backup if they want to create a backup with iTunes.

Part 2. Sync Contacts to iPad with iPad Transfer Software

iPad users are able to use a piece of iPad transfer software to transfer contacts to iPad. The contacts, if they are saved in vCards, they can be imported with the software. Leawo iTransfer is helpful on this issue, and it also helps to export contacts from iOS device to computer. So users can export contacts from their iPhone and then import the contacts to iPad. The following guidance will introduce in detail.

Download Windows Version
Download Mac Version
1. Run Leawo iTransfer and connect iPhone.
2. Export contacts to computer in VCF files for backup.
3. Users are able to import the VCF files to iPad.

Part 3. Backup and Restore Contacts to iPad with iTunes

If iPad users don’t enable Contacts in iCloud on their tablet, they are able to back up their iPad data and then restore the backup to iPad to get the contacts. Of course, this methods won’t be often used, only when the users lose the files in their iPad, and want to get the files backup with iTunes. Generally speaking, an iTunes backup includes almost all the iPad data except media files, so users are able to get the contacts and calendars back easily with iTunes. The following guidance will show in detail.

Part 4. Transfer Contacts to iPad with Google and Yahoo

Email services like Google, Outlook and Yahoo, are helpful for syncing contacts between iOS devices and the emails. Therefore, it helps users know how to transfer contacts to iPad. The following guidance will introduce in detail.

Solution 1. Sync Contacts to iPad with Google

Solution 2. Transfer Contacts to iPad with Yahoo

Yahoo also allows users to sync contacts and calendars with their iOS devices. The method to sync Yahoo contacts and calendars is just the same as syncing contacts with Google.

When iPad users go to the Add Account option on their iPad, they will find many Email servers allow users to add account. Note that only several email servers allow users to sync contacts with their iOS devices.

Part 5. Sync iPad Contacts with Outlook

The outlook, whether on Windows or Mac, is helpful for syncing contacts to iPad. Outlook is a productive and easy-to-use email service which has client for PC and Mac. The email service enables users to sync contacts, calendars and notes between computer and iOS devices. When users are wondering about how to sync contacts to iPad, the email service on computer will be helpful. The following guidance will show in detail.

1. Install and launch Outlook on your computer.
2. Get your calendars in outlook.
3. Plug iPad into computer via USB and iTunes will start automatically.
4. Click Info and choose Sync with Outlook.
5. Click Apply at the right bottom.
When people want to sync contacts from Outlook to iPad, they can also finish the task easily with iTunes.

Part 6. Use Apps to Save Contacts

Like Address Book and iCal on Mac computer, there are many ccontact manager apps for iPad in the App Store. The contacts and calendars can be saved in the apps, which will help to keep the data safe, and users will also have authority to export the contacts to computer.

Name Logo Price Category Key Features
Sunrise Calendar Sunrise Calendar Free Calendar Compatible with Google Calendar, Exchange and iCloud. It provides real-time synchronization and background updates, which helps users to get their calendars on iPad effortlessly.
Pocket Informant Pocket Informant Free Calendar Note: In-App Purchase included. The app allows users to type or speak calendar events, and provides smart completing function even if users only enter simple phrases into the calendar. Task-managing, note-taking and contacts features are also included in this app.
Hub Family Organizer Free Calendar Note: In-App Purchase included. This app allows users to share calendars with the whole family. The app also provides todo lists and task-managing features.
WAVE Calendar WAVE Calendar Free Calendar Beautiful and friendly user interface. The app gives users full authority to add, delete and edit the calendar events. Moreover, it enables users to add travel time, local weather and so on into the calendar events.
TODAY Calendar Today Calendar $1.99 Calendar The app allows users to manage their appointments and schedules easily with daily, weekly and monthly view modes. the app can identify uncompleted schedules through daily review with no efforts.
Timeful Timeful Free Calendar This app syncs with all calendars, including Google Calendar, Yahoo and so on.
Cloze Cloze Free Contact On one hand, this app keeps contacts for users; on the other hand, the app provides user-friendly feature based on the contacts it saves. The app will recognize the most important contacts and move them to the top of the list, and it will refresh the fading relationship.
FullContact FullContact Free Contact The app combines iPad contacts, Google contacts and social media accounts together, which is helpful for the users to find the contacts they need. The app also helps to organize the contacts and automatically merge duplicate contacts.
Sync.ME Sync.ME Free Contact The app helps to keep the contacts up to date. It also enables users to see full-screen picture when they call in and call out. The contacts of this app are synced from Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.
Simpler Contacts Pro Simpler Contacts Pro $2.99 Contact This app allows users to move duplicate contacts, create their own contact groups, and back up contacts with one tap.