How to Remove Watermark from Video on Windows and Mac

We're about to introduce several ways in this post and you will find the best solution to remove the watermark from your video, check them out if needed!

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How to Convert Video_TS Folder to Edit in iMovie

“Using iMovie to edit a Video_TS file: I am running iMovie 10.1.9 on an iMac running OS High Sierra 10.13.5. I haven't used iMovie since I abandoned my PowerPC a few years ago, and am not familiar with this version. Here's my question(s): Can I import a Video-TS file directly…

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How to Burn iMovie Project to DVD

Q1: "I have just bought an iMac and have done a short video in iMovie. How do I burn it onto a DVD?" Q2: "I've just upgraded to iMovie 10 and cannot figure out how to burn my movie to a DVD. What should I do?" There are so many…

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How to Convert and Import WMV to iMovie on Mac?

As a video editing program for Mac users, iMovie provides an easy way for users to import and arrange recorded videos, edit home videos, and turn them into a movie. Moreover, users can even make use of iMovie to fine-tune the cuts and transitions. However, the excellent video editor or…

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