How to Transfer Video from iPod to Computer

"How do you export video from ipod to computer? - I need to transfer video from ipod to computer, but it seems that i couldn't make it with ease. Is there any way to export ipod video to computer? How to do it? Thanks." - from Apple Support Communities. iPod…

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How to shut down an iPad

Shutting down your iPad maybe the first step in troubleshooting for most problems. If you are experiencing unresponsive, randomly crashing apps or running slow iPad, shut down your iPad may be a good solution. Yet, here comes the question: how to shut down an iPad? There are various methods shutting…

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How to Recover Lost Data After Updating to iOS 10

"I upgraded to iOS 10 on my iPhone 6 Plus. I had custom ringtones, but they have disappeared and my ringtone was set to the default.  Does anyone know how to get them back?" iOS 10 is now available to download for iPhone/iPad users, which comes with some important features…

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3 Ways to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes Library

"I want to transfer my music form my iPod to my itunes. I don't get why apple make it so complicated!!!! My sister has all our songs on her itunes and has forgotten the password and can't get into email so I can't authorise my comuter! Anybody know a simple…

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How to Backup iPod with Three Ways

Data loss can be everywhere. Everyone stands the chance to lose important data on their iPhone, iPad or iPod. Therefore, you should back up data before accidents take place. iTunes is always the first choice for backuping iPod touch when people want to backup iPad. And there are other ways…

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