Christmas is coming. Have you prepared what to eat on Christmas Eve? If you haven’t, maybe this article will give you some suggestion.

1. Main Dish

roasted goose
Roasted turkey is always welcome no matter on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Many families would also choose roasted chicken or duck instead. Besides, other kind of meat like hemming is often served on Christmas table. Glazed ham with pot sauce also sounds quite tasty. Select one or two of them as your main dish would be good.
2. Side Dish

Roasted potato is always my favorite. Yet mince pie is regarded as the traditional Christmas dish. It is originally filled with meat such as lamb rather than a sweet pastry pie sprinkle with icing and sugar today.
3. Salad

How about some light healthy salad? Caesar salad, Waldorf salad or vegetable salad will all be good choices. Or you can create your own style of salad by mixing whatever you like. It would be great for Christmas.
4. Dessert

Excellent Panna Cotta (click for a movie)
Christmas pudding, chocolate yule log, and ginger house are three representative desserts for Christmas. Of course, it would be fine if you would like to serve a Christmas cake as the dessert.
5. Drink

Adults would certainly like to have a glass of wine after dinner. But there are kids and teenagers who are not supposed to drink alcohol. Cider or Coke would be fine. But for those overweight kids, fruit or vegetable juice is the suitable drink for your Christmas.