How to Rip and Convert DVD to ASF?

“Is there any way to stream my DVD movies on my Windows 10? I have some DVD movie collections and would like to stream these movies. My friends suggested me rip and convert these DVD movies to ASF files for streaming. What is ASF file format? How can I rip and convert DVD to ASF […]

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Marvel and DC Based Ringtone Download

Marvel and DC are quite famous in comics, and the superhero movies of the two companies also become hot nowadays. The Marvel studios ringtone and DC hero-themed ringtone are attractive to many music lovers and they would like to use these cool songs as ringtone to show their love to great movies of the two […]

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How to Get iPhone Ringtone for Android

It is reported that Android has maintained its position as the leading mobile operating system worldwide in June 2021. According to an article published on Statista, Android is now controlling the mobile OS market with a close to 73 percent share. There is no denial that Android has become more and more popular. And some […]

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How to Use MP3 Ringtone Maker to Make Ringtone

Sometimes, you feel your cell phone lacks vitality or is boring. Try to change your cell phone ringtone. You can make any sound as your cell phone ringtone. In this article I tell you how to use MP3 ringtone maker to make a piece of MP3 music as your ringtone. Part 1: MP3 Ringtone Maker […]

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5 Ringtone Maker Software for PC

Today I would like to introduce 5 ringtone maker software for PC. Some of them can make ringtones for iPhone, while some are used to make ringtones for Android devices. They are basically audio trimmer to cut audio tracks or sound recorder to make ringtones. Now, below is the detailed introduction to these 5 ringtone […]

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Top 5 Ringtone Makers for Android Phone

You want to make ringtones for Android phones but don't know any ideal ringtone maker for Android phone? Before that, you have to know supported format and length of Android ringtones. Android ringtones support many formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC and so on. Usually, the length of Android ringtone is up to 40 seconds. […]

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