When walking on the street or sitting on the long stool of the subway, it is common to witness people with the earphone on and whittling the delightful rhythms. Music, in the forms of various kinds, can be instrumental or vocal. It enriches people’s lives both mentally and physically, caters the aged people or the youngsters. Since music is so powerful, can it help with people’s study? Think about spending hours upon hours in silence when studying by yourself, how can you get rid of the high tension brought by that. I think music is the second-to-none choice.

Does Music Help You Study?

Music can help you study. The theory has been proved to be true by the experts. Studies have proved that both the body and brain benefit from the music. Music activates the left and right brain at the same time and the activation of both hemispheres can maximize learning and improve memory. How many benefits of music effects on your study can you list? They can be sorted out as the following items.

Proven to Ease Student Stress

Research finds that listening to soothing music can decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety levels in heart patients” (UMD Medical Center). If the study has got you overwhelmed, it is a good idea to put some music on. Not only will it help you concentrate on your studies, it will also help keep stress at bay and put you in the learning mood.

Reduce Test Anxiety

Imagine that you are in high stress of study and cannot get rid of the tension coming from the continuous study, a free and soothing massage can relief you from the overwhelming stress and help you out of the anxiety for a short while. But this is not easy to attain for a student. Believe it or not, music can do as much as the massage on study and it is the thing can be reached by every student.

Improve Your Performance

Music is found to be effective on study performance. If someone is drooping in spirits and cannot concentrate himself on study, it is the best way to get away from the study for a while and listen to some soothing music. Music is better than any other ways in curing one’s distraction on study and it doesn’t cost you anything. As long as your spirit and body has been released from the high pressure, your performance will be guaranteed.

Can even cure pain

Studies show that music can meaningfully reduce the perceived intensity of pain, especially in geriatric care, intensive care, or palliative medicine. This seems to be incredible but it is somewhat reasonable. When we are focusing on something too much, we will get indulged with it and cannot get out of it. Music can help us forget about the pains that is on our mentality or body when we are enjoying it.

Music, Memory, Emotions

Music is a fully-dimensional element that has to do with memory and emotions. How can we prove it? Petr Janata has conducted studies to prove it. He has the students to listen to the music from their childhood and teenage years and found that the students recalled their memory about how familiar they are with the music and the occasions which are associated with the particular episode. Music can help reveal the spots once happened in their memory and the same emotions brought out by the music. For example, we recalled the segments in the movie once we listen to episode in the movie.

10 Best YouTube Study Music Playlists

Music is not something very mysterious to people. It exits everywhere in daily life. As a beloved element of people’s daily life, music is performed in various kinds of patterns. In different countries, music is shown in different types. YouTube is a video playing platform which provides various kinds of study music. Then what are the 10 best YouTube study music?

Classical: The best music for concentration

For studying, nothing is more important than being quiet so that one can have good concentration on study. As far as concentration goes, classical music is the best type of music.

Calming Piano Music

Piano is the most common music instrument and almost beloved by everyone. Music to be played by piano is given a feeling of pure and peaceful and at the same time remains its original taste.

Smooth Jazz

This playlist might not be considered before to aid concentration, though it is perfect for your study with the features of no interruptions or ad breaks.

Indie/Folk Music

This playlist covers 10 hours of guitar-led folk and indie music that is calming and at times, beautiful. For the fans of indie or folk style music, this is the best choice.

Instrumental Rock

If you love the songs of older rock and roll, it is the ideal playlist. If you favor the sound of guitars and drums, you will enjoy this soft rock compilation.

Hip Hop Fans: Low Fi Hip Hop

If you’re a fan of relaxing hip-hop, you’ll enjoy this channel from Chilled Cow, which broadcasts beats (minus lyrics) all day long.

Electronic Fans: House Music Study Playlist

For someone who likes the music and club, this playlist will be the choice of him. With listening to the playlist consisted of chilled out house music, you will feel like tapping your foot to it.

Retro Electronic

Do you favor a more ‘Bade Runner ‘style selection of study music? Consider the playlist to be recommended here. It is the ideal soundtrack for a late-night study.


It can be interpreted as a composition of Jazz and hip-hop. This sort of playlist is designed for you to feel as though you are sitting at a desk all cosy and ready to study.

Something Different: Space Ambience

The final selection collects the style of futuristic music which is especially designed for evoking a feeling of wonder. It’s ideal for pondering big questions, and as a result, studying.

How to Download YouTube Study Music with Leawo Video Downloader?

YouTube study music is presented in the form of video. Among thousands of video players or converters, what is on top of the list if we are going to download a video. Leawo Video Downloader is a powerful online video downloader that can download videos from not only Hulu, but also many other kinds of online website like YouTube, Dailymotion, iFilm, Vimeo, Facebook and Myspace, etc.

  • Leawo Video Downloader
  • Leawo Video Downloader

    1. Download Video & Music from 1000+ Sites
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Apart from downloading, it has a built-in website browser that can be used to browse the video downloading website before downloading. The videos that have been downloaded can be played with the built-in player.

Step 1: Run Video downloader

Go to Leawo Video Downloader’s official website and click Free Trial for downloading and installing the software. Among the several modules in the homepage you will see the Video Downloader. Just click and run it.

After it is activated, it will automatically take you to the website of YouTube which can be changed in the setting. Or you can alternatively change the website by clicking the location bar and enter another website.

Step 2: Set Output Directory

Just click the gear icon  to find detailed settings panel. Under “Downloader” tab, you could set a directory for downloading video/audio files in the "Save videos to" box.

Step 3: Download YouTube video

The downloadable sources of the video link you opened in the searching tab will show up in different formats and resolutions. Click the Download button  to download the video.

Step 4: Check out downloading process

Click  ”Downloading ”tab next to the location bar to check out the video you are currently downloading.

And if you right click the downloading process, you will see several options on the popping up box. You can either pause the video in download progress or start it. If you click the “Select All” option, you can select all the video in progress. Click "Browse Website" to open the video link with your default web browser. 

Step 5: Download finished

When you finish downloading the video, click on “Downloaded” button to go to the list of the downloaded video, you can sort them by Name, Newest, Size and Length.

If you right click the downloaded video, you will see several options on the pop-up menu. Just click the “Select All” button to select all files and click the “Delete” button to delete the chosen files. Click “Add to Convert” button to add the file to the Video Converter module assuming that you have this module registered. Click “Add to Burn” button to add the file to the Blu-ray Creator module provided that you’ve activated this module. Click "File Location" button to open the file with Windows Explorer.
For further need of converting the live stream video from YouTube after downloading it, you can check out the website of live stream video converting.

Music is something that we cannot live without. Having the cutting-edge software for YouTube study music downloading and converting is the best thing for us to enjoy the music and enrich our life.