Q: “I have got some MP4 videos. I’d like to play MP4 on PS4 and find that some of my MP4 files can be played while some of them cannot be played at all. How wired! Does PS4 play MP4 then? What on earth is the reason why I can’t play MP4 on PS4?”

Does PS4 play MP4? Definitely. Here we’d like to know more about PS4 and how to play MP4 on PS4. Get clear why you make PS4 play MP4 by following the solutions available in the coming article.

Part 1: Introduction of PS4

PS4, full named the PlayStation 4, is the eighth-generation home video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. As the powerful successor of PS3, it was claimed that the calculation ability of PS4 was 10 times fast than PS3 and the resolution was improved to 1080P. It was launched on November 15 in North America first and then swept around the world. Nowadays, it is actually one of the most popular video game console. PS4 generally supports the video formats including MKV, MP4, AVI, MPEG2-TS and RMVB so that you can freely enjoy most of the videos.

Introduction of PS4

Part 2: Why can’t we play MP4 on PS4

Can PS4 play MP4? As we mentioned, it can certainly play MP4 . Since we know that MP4 is supported by PS4, then why can’t we play MP4 on PS4? It is because MP4 is just a container format which can be encoded with dozens of different video and audio codecs. And PS4 supports MP4 with video codec including H.264 and MPEG-4 as well as audio codec AAC LC, AC-3 (Dolby Digital). Thus, when your MP4 in the right codec compatible with PS4, so will PS4 play MP4 video smoothly. Instead, you won’t get PS4 play MP4 if the MP4 video in an incompatible codec.

Why can't we play MP4 on PS4

Then how to play MP4 files on PS4 if your MP4 cannot be played? Never worry about it. You are able to transcode MP4 video to a supported one like the mentioned formats, such as MKV, MP4, AVI, MPEG2-TS and RMVB in right codec.

Part 3: Leawo video converter to convert to PS4 compatible format

Leawo Video Converter is regarded as one of the best video and audio converters. It allows users to convert video and audio files contained in more than 180 formats from one to another, such as MP4 to AVI, MOV to MKV, MTS to FLV, WMV to 3GP and so on. Besides, this Video Converter can also empowers users to convert videos to iPhone, iPad and all portable devices. With 100% quality reserved and in 6X faster speed, this professional video converter software is capable of keeping source quality in faster speed than common software. When you cannot play MP4 on PS4, you can use this video converter to convert MP4 to PS supported formats in simple steps.

Step1: Import the MP4 video files into the converter

Click on "Add Video" to import the MP4 video file you want to get it played on PS4. Or you can directly drag and drop the video file into the program.

add file

Besides, you are able to make several videos into a big one by clicking the button “Merge all files into one” next to the big green Convert button.

Step 2: Choose the output format

Click on the drop-down box right before the big green button and then select “Change” to enter the profile panel where you can find your preferred video format. Here we enter PS4 in the search box and select “PS4″ as the output format under Device group.

Choose the output format

Step 3: Edit the video parameters

Go back to the drop-down box, then click “Edit” this time to enter the panel where you can set the parameters for the output video, including video codec, resolution, aspect ratio, etc.

Change output profile parameters

Step 4: Save the converted video

Return to the main interface, and click on the big green “Convert” button to pop up a sidebar where you are able to set a directory in the “Save to” box for saving the output video files.

Set output directory

Step 5: Convert MP4 video to PS4

Click on the “Convert” icon at the bottom of the sidebar to start converting MP4 to PS4. And you will get the video in PS4 supported video in seconds.

Set output directory

Now your PS4 can play MP4 converted video directly. Anyway, Leawo Video Converter is obviously powerful and easy-to-use for the incompatible MP4 video to be converted and played on PS4 as you like. Will PS4 play MP4? This question will never make you confused once you get the video converter. Just feel free to follow the guide here.