DESPICABLE ME 3 is a comedy movie based on 3D computer animation in 2017. It is not only the third episode for DESPICABLE ME movie series, but also it is the sequel for the second episode DESPICABLE ME 2. The movie lovers would be crazy when they know DESPICABLE ME 3 come out on DVD. When does DESPICABLE ME 3 come out on DVD? This film premiered on the Annecy international animation festival on June 14, 2017, and had released in the USA on June 30, 2017 by 3Dglobal film, Dolby theatre, IMAX and the IMAX 3D. The DVD and Blu-ray of this film were released on December, 5th, 2017.

Part 1: When does DESPICABLE ME 3 come out on DVD

Basic Introduction
Cru and his twin brother who is long-lost teamed up to beat a new enemy called Balthazar, who was a child start previously and became a villain after puberty. DESPICABLE ME 3 was released in the Annecy International animation film festival on June 14, 2017. The mixed reviews were received on this movie and the gross of this movie reach more than $1 billion globally, DESPICABLE ME 3 became the first animation movie with the gross exceeding $1 billion.
Main Plot
Gru faces against the former child star Balthazar Bratt, who has grown up and is obsessed with what he played in the 80s’. When Gru meets his twin brother who hasn’t seen for ages, they are trapped into the sibling rivalry.

Part 2: How to rip DESPICABLE ME 3 movie from DVD using DVD Ripper

Once DESPICABLE ME 3 comes out on DVD, it is a good time to rip it from DVD and watch it on your portable device with convenience. In this case, a professional and powerful DVD ripper is exactly a great help for you. Leawo DVD Ripper is able to rip the DVD video and convert it to the proper audio from various kinds of DVD sources. The audio can be saved in the output format of AAC, FLAC, WAV, MP3 and so on. Also, you are allowed to set your device model as the output profile in a direct way. Generally speaking, Leawo DVD Ripper has combined the functions of video converter and audio converter. Concerning DVD input, DVD disc, multi-dimension DVD disc, DVD IOS image file and the DVD folder can be accepted by this DVD ripper.

Based on the development of advanced acceleration technique and the world-leading decryption technology for disc along with supporting for NVIDIA CUDA, AMD APP and Intel Quick Sync GPU acceleration, Leawo DVD Ripper is able to rip and convert DVD in a rapid way. Compared to other DVD rippers in the market, Leawo DVD Ripper can work 6X faster in the function of ripping and converting. Moreover, the specific parameters for video and audio can be adjusted via the resolution setting, the frame rate and the aspect ratio, the quality of DVD content can be 100% preserved. Additionally, to offer a greater user experience, many additional features like the intuitive and easy-to-use interface, the multiple language support, the converting in batch and the selection for caption and audio track and more are designed by Leawo DVD Ripper. Here we will show you how to rip DESPICABLE ME 3 movie from DVD via DVD Ripper.

1. Run Leawo Prof. Media on your computer and click on the option “DVD Ripper” on the home page. To import DVD to the software, you have to click on the button “Add Blu-ray/DVD”. The video files and the DVD folders can also be handled individually. Normally, once the DVD content has been selected, there are 3 ways of importing DVD, which includes FULL Movie, Main movie and the custom mode. All titles can be imported by using “Full movie”. For “Main Movie”, only the longest title can be imported. For the “Custom mode”, titles can be chosen freely to import.



2. Click on the option “Format” and select “MP4 Video” in the drop-down box. The click on “Change” and go to the “Profile” pane. Here you can choose the output format like AVI, MKV or other specific formats for your device. Also, the parameters of video and audio can be set in this pane, such as Video Codec, Bit Rate, Audio Codec, Sample Rate and more.


3. Once the parameters have been finished setting, click on the green button “Convert” in the “Convert” page and then choose the output directory to save the ripped files you need. Then press on the button “Convert” on the bottom of right sidebar to begin the ripping work on DVD. After that, you just need to double-click on the target file; your favorite movie DESPICABLE ME 3 can be enjoyed on your device freely.


Video Demo of How to Use Leawo DVD Ripper

Part 3: How to rip DESPICABLE ME 3 movie from DVD through Handbrake

Whenever we get to know DESPICABLE ME 3 out on DVD, it is a good time to rip it from DVD via Handbrake. Handbrake is a useful tool which is applicable to get video converted from different kinds of formats to a series of codecs with modern feature and wide support. This DVD ripper can be used freely with open source. Lots of presets are greatly optional for you and the ripping session has to be manually tailored to meet your requirement. To bypass copy protection is not supported by Handbrake in default. Here we will guide how to rip DESPICABLE ME 3 movie from DVD through Handbrake and convert it into the format you prefer; then you can enjoy your movie anytime and anywhere you like.

1. The proper version in Handbrake must be downloaded and installed on your computer. Whatever the single video file or the files in the folder or DVD, they all can be selected directly from the interface.

2. When the files importing has been finished, click on “Browse” button from the right bottom corner, then select the output directory and give a name to the video file. Choose the output format for the ripped video to suit your needs, the various kinds of formats are available for web, mobile device, set-top boxes and more.


3. You also can click on “Preset” tab and choose the resolution and parameters according to the requirements on your device.

4. Press on the green button “Start Encode” to rip DVD s via HandBrake. After the ripping process has completed, play the video file by double click. When is DESPICABLE ME 3 coming out on DVD attracts our attention, but above all, to know the tricks for ripping DESPICABLE ME 3 will help you to watch it on your device without any limit.

Part 4: How to rip DESPICABLE ME 3 movie from DVD with DVD Shrink

Once DESPICABLE ME 3 DVD is known to us, we can re-author and re-encode it with DVD Shrink, where the intuitive interface will direct you how to rip in a simple way. DVD Shrink is particularly available to get any kinds of DVDs backed up on your computer or set up any iOS image file with the purpose of burning in the future. Moreover, either subtitle or menu, they both can be kept and deleted according to your needs. Meanwhile, this is a good way to save your time.

1. Get DVD Shrink downloaded and installed on your computer, then insert DESPICABLE ME 3 DVD that you want to get it viewed on computer.

2. Click on “Open Disc” on the left top of the interface, then choose the targeted folder to save the ripped files and click on “OK” option. Once the ripping process is finished, the files can be seen to play on the screen.

3. The compression ration can be chosen for your preference from the right pane of the interface. If the extras are not what you need, you just need to click on the button “Re-author” or the menu “Edit”, where “Re-author” must be selected.

4. Once the settings have been completed, click on the button “Back Up” to notice the backup. If the DVD movie is needed to back up to your computer, the ISO image can be chosen and copied to the backup on your computer. Afterwards, the output directory can be selected to rip, click on the button “OK” to begin to get your DVD movie backed up.

Part 5: How to rip DESPICABLE ME 3 movie from DVD via VLC

When does DESPICABLE ME 3 come out on DVD? When know the time of DESPICABLE ME 3 out on DVD, using VLC to rip this movie from DVD is also a good idea. VLC Media Player can be operated simply and all video formats can be supported by VLC. Moreover, the damaged video and the audio files can be even played via VLC. Additionally, the skin of VLC player can be changed to meet your customized needs. Below we will introduce you how to rip DESPICABLE ME 3 movie from DVD via VLC.

1. DESPICABLE ME 3 must be loaded up in your computer and then launch VLC media player. After that, click the button “Open Disc…” under the option Media.
2. View DVD drive by click on the option “Browse” from the “Dis” menu, and then choose the output directory. Press on the arrow button “Play” on the right corner. Then choose the button “Convert”.
3. You also can choose the option “Profile” to set the converting option for the ripped file in this pane. When the option has been chosen, click on the button “Browse” to get a target folder for the ripped files with the created names.


4. Finally, press on the button “Start” on the right bottom corner to begin to rip the DVD file. The ripping task will be complete after a while.