DLL (dynamic link library) files are small programs, which exist outside of the software application itself. And DLL files are mostly used by Windows computers for many useful and important applications. Although DLL files can offer a lot of benefits for software developers, this separation also cause troubles. When an app finds a file to be missing, it will quickly show an error with the name of the file which has missed and that the app cannot function without it. As we all know, iTunesMobileDevice.dll is a type of DLL file that is associated with iTunesMobileDevice, which is specifically designed for the Windows Operating System. The issue of iTunesMobileDevice.dll missing occurs mostly during computer or program startup. When iTunesMobileDevice.dll is missing, it can be attributed to the following reasons.

Causes of iTunesMobileDevice dll errors

  • 1. When you turn off your computer suddenly or in an improper way, iTunesMobileDevice.dll error may happen.
  • 2. Virus infection can lead to iTunesMobileDevice dll errer.
  • 3. iTunesMobileDevice.dll file errors could also be related to issues in the Windows registry. In other words, you install the software unsuccessfully.
  • 4. Most iTunesMobileDevice.dll errors are associated with missing or corrupt iTunesMobileDevice.dll files, for iTunesMobileDevice dll is an external or separated file.


In this article, as we have discuss the possible case of iTunesMobileDevice.dll missing, we will tell you what to do later when iTunesMobileDevice.dll is missing.

What to do when iTunesMobileDevice.dll is missing

Delete and re-install the iTunes on computer

As iTunesMobileDevice.dll missing is related with the iTunes app, user can just uninstall the iTunes app first from the computer and then download the latest version of iTunes from Apple website, which will automatically create the file. After downloading iTunes on your computer, double-click to install it. Launch iTunes, you will notice that it no longer throws an error saying a DLL file is missing on your computer. I am sure, the file has been created successfully by the app during iTunes installation on your computer.

Update Windows in your computer

Microsoft always update and improve Windows system files from time to time. In some case, it could be related with iTunesMobileDevice dll missing. We can try to update Windows with the latest service pack that Microsoft releases on an ongoing basis to check whether it works. To do this, we need to do the following steps:

  • 1.Check for Windows Updates.
  • 2.Click the Start button at the left bottom of the computer.
  • 3.Type “update” to the search box and hit ENTER.
  • 4.In general, the Windows Update dialog box will pop up.
  • 5.Click the Install Updates button when there is any update.

Copy the iTunes DLL File

To resolve the issue of iTunesMobileDevice.dll missing, user is supposed to copy the iTunes DLL file from the iTunes folder over to the app folder. Enter the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\ path on your computer and copy the file named SQLite3.dll from there over to the folder for the app that needs access to that file.

Execute a full malware scan for your computer

In some case,iTunesMobileDevice.dll missing could be owning to a malware infection to your computer. As we all know, these malicious virus can do harm to the DLL-related files, they can even delete DLL-related files. Furthermore, execute a full malware scan for your computer is really essential.

Currently, we have introduced several useful ways to resolve the iTunesMobileDevice.dll file is missing on your Windows computer. There is one thing that we need to be cautious. Though there are some websites that allow user to download iTunesMobileDevice.dll from “DLL download” sites free, they are unapproved by the official iTunesMobileDevice.dll file developer, and which can even make virus infection to your own computer. Get it directly from Aimersoft Software if you really iTunesMobileDevice.dll.