It has been years that smartphones are looking exactly the same. Now, even Apple also decided to release an iPhone with bigger screen, making all the smartphones Samsung style. It could be really difficult if you want to find something unique in design. All the smartphone producers are producing really similar products. What you can choose is between big or bigger screen; thin or thinner body; black or white in color; smooth or straight in angle; but nothing really different from other.   However, there are always exceptions. Several (though not much) smartphone producers do have different voices. They are trying to challenge Apple/Samsung style by their unique designs. Let’s see what could make your smartphones extraordinary.

  • Swivel Camera

Representative: OPPO N3, Mito Fantasy, Elife E7 mini


Most smartphones choose to add two cameras for their products: one at the back for photos, another at the front for selfies. Usually, the front one is not as good as the back one in terms of photo quality. For many girls, selfie is even more important than photo. This swivel camera could really be a great idea for girls to take selfies, and even videos. Also, for smartphone producers, it could save them a camera, which also reduces the cost. Many people are attracted by this idea. Maybe swivel camera will be the main stream in the future. Tip: To edit and convert the videos you take, Leawo Video Converter will be a really helpful tool for you.

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  • Bamboo Back Cover

Representative: MOTO X

Many people can be really picky when it comes to the material for the back cover. Just see why people all prefer iPhone 5S to iPhone 5C, you will figure out the importance of material. Indeed, plastic brings the feeling of cheap and bad-quality (which is not exactly the truth). Now, with the arrival of MOTO X, we may have more choice of material besides metal and plastic.

  • Curved Screen

Representative: Samsung Galaxy Round, LG G Flex


Though curved screen may not be that useful in real life, it does stand for the progress in screen technology. At least, holding a curved screen smartphone could be really eye-catching. The future of curved screen is still blurring. Maybe one day, it will develop into foldable screen, which would be more practical than simply curved ones.

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