Apple is expected to announce the next iPhone model and probably a new version of Apple Watch at its September 7 event in San Francisco. As the hottest topic in 2016 autumn in smartphone market, the release of new iPhone model, most likely named iPhone 7, certainly will attract a lot of Apple fans or Android fans. Just as the current line of iPhone 6 does, with a 4.7-inch standard model and a 5.5-inch “Plus” model. But what new features, redesigns and updates will be added to iPhone 7 are still unknown for us. Here’s what we’re currently expecting in the next iPhone.

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What to Expect from the iPhone 7

1. No Headphone Jack

According to this Bloomberg report, Apple is expected to remove the headphone jack, a standby of consumer electronics since the invention of consumer electronics, from the next iPhone, which means all headphones will have to be wireless or connect through the Lightning port. There are certainly upsides to Lightning headphones, but there are a whole lot of downsides, too. And before you freak out about having to part with your beloved wired headphones, know that companies are already gearing up to sell you Lightning-compatible headphones.

2. New Dual Camera

Many people expect a dual-camera design for the new iPhone 7. In the last few months, dual-sensor cameras (aka, dual cameras) are just beginning to come into vogue on high-end phones. The larger iPhone 7 model could use a dual-camera system similar to Huawei’s P9 smartphone, which uses a second black-and-white camera for added sharpness and detail, while LG’s G5 uses a second camera to offer a zoomed-out perspective. The dual-cameras produce photos with more detail and perform better in low-light conditions. The camera sensors combine the two images to yield a single, merged photograph.

3. Ditch 16GB Storage

According to Kevin Wang, an analyst at IHS Technology in China who posted on Chinese social media site Weibo this week that the iPhone 7 would feature 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage as a minimum. In fact, Apple has been faced with users’ criticisms and complaints in the past because its relatively inexpensive and more popular entry-level 16GB iPhone simply did not have adequate storage capacity to satisfy iPhone users’ daily needs. And iPhone users have to take some measures to free up storage space on their iPhone if they want to continue to use the 16GB iPhone. Apple is finally expected to stop putting 16GB of storage in its entry-level iPhones and instead bump them up to 32GB.

4. Likely Water Resistant

The elimination of the headphone jack is also expected to allow improved water resistance and is a key reason for its removal. Competitors like Samsung and Sony have released their waterproof Android phones years ago, so we also want to see a completely waterproof iPhone 7. If iPhone 7 comes waterproof, it may also come with totally new design. The current design of iPhone is obviously not waterproof, so the next model may adjust its speakers, and the lighting port.

5. Reinvented Home Button

Apple is expected to make a very subtle but very big change to the home button — it won’t click in. According to 9to5Mac, the new button will be pressure-sensitive and use haptic feedback to make it feel like you’re pushing it in, even though it won’t physically move. It’s a trick Apple has already pulled off on some of its MacBooks.

6. Better Battery Life

Although Apple claims a better battery life after every update, people still don’t see obvious improvement. So we would like to see the improvements on battery life in iPhone 7, at least we would like to see an obvious improvement when comparing with the older models. The battery life of iPhone has been a complaint ever since iPhone 5, and we don’t want to charge our devices once a day. Low Battery Mode is good, but the extra one hour is just not enough.

6. Five Colors Available

Except for the usual silver, gold, and rose gold, it’s said that a “dark black” will replace the usual Space Gray. A new fifth color Kuo describes as glossy “piano black” will also be offered. A photo of SIM trays in those five colors surfaced earlier this week.

In a word, the new iPhone 7 will be faster and more powerful than ever before. Less clear is whether the new model will finally get official water resistance, a rumoured blue colour option and wireless charging. These would all be welcome.