“Hi, I found some videos on the Vevo’s YouTube channel that I want to download to my Galaxy S7 Edge, But I didn’t find any options for downloads. How am I supposed to do that?”

YouTube only provides viewers in specific regions the option to download videos from it. In most regions the download option isn’t available. So if you want to download videos from YouTube, you are probably going to need some help from third-party apps. In this post I would recommend to you several ways to download Vevo video from YouTube with a YouTube downloader.

Part 1: How to Download Vevo Videos on Android with Vevo Downloader for Android

If you can’t download Vevo video on YouTube, there are always other means available. To download Vevo videos Android users can look to some third-party apps. There are apps developed for video downloading from YouTube on Android. It’s easy to find this kind of Vevo downloader Android. They can serve both as a YouTube video player and a YouTube video downloader. With those Vevo video downloader for Android you can easily download Vevo videos on Android. In the following content I would recommend to you several Vevo Downloader for Android for you to download vevo videos.

Top 5 YouTube Vevo Downloader for Android

No.1: Videoder

Videoder is a video downloading tool for you to search for any video you want using a personalized search engine that combines different streaming video services like YouTube, Hulu, and others, so that you can then download them directly to your Android device.



No.2: SnapTube

SnapTube YouTube Downloader for Android is a simple and compact Android YouTube downloader app to download any video from YouTube in a simple, fast, and convenient way so you can play it anytime anywhere you want without Internet connection.


No.3: OGYouTube

OGYouTube is a very special YouTube client that can work as a YouTube downloader for Android. It allows you to download any video from YouTube directly to the internal memory of your Android device. What makes it better is that this Android YouTube downloader allows you to download videos in any of the available resolutions, and even directly in MP3 format.


No.4: VidMate

VidMate is one of the most famous applications currently for downloading videos and songs from online services like Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion and hundreds of other multimedia portals. You can use this app as a YouTube video downloader for Android to easily download video on YouTube.


No.5: TubeMate

TubeMate YouTube Downloader for Android is a YouTube downloader app for Android to download YouTube videos to Android device directly. This Android YouTube Downloader allows you to have your favorite videos downloaded to your device’s internal memory or SD card to watch them whenever you want.


With the Vevo downloader for Android above you can easily download Vevo videos from YouTube. But some people might prefer to download those videos on their computer than download Vevo app for Android. So in the following content there would be guide to show you how to download Vevo videos from YouTube to Android using your computer.

Part 2: How to Download Vevo Videos to Android on PC

If you don’t know how to download vevo videos from YouTube on Android, here’s another way for you. Other than directly downloading Vevo videos with a Vevo downloader Android, you can also choose to download the Vevo video to your computer first with an online video downloader and then transfer the video to your Android smartphone. It’s actually not that complicated to use your computer and download Vevo videos off YouTube. With the right program, you can get it done quickly and transfer to your Android smartphone with ease.

I would recommend to you a few programs that could help you download Vevo videos from YouTube on your computer so that you can transfer them to your Android smartphone.

In the following content I will take Leawo Video Downloader as an example to show you how to download Vevo videos from YouTube to computer. You can click the button below to download Leawo Video Downloader to your computer.


Open Leawo Video Downloader

Step 1: Download Leawo Video Downloader on its official site and install it on your computer. And then open it and you should instantly notice that it’s included in a software package named Prof. Media. Run Prof. Media and click on Video Downloader tab to launch Leawo Video Downloader.

Video Downloader

Step 2: After clicking Video Downloader tab, the built-in web browser in this video downloader would open YouTube.com automatically(Can be changed to any website you want in Settings). To go to other websites just click the address bar at the top and input a new link.

Download video

Step 3: Open the link with the Vevo video you want to download and the video downloader would detect the downloadable video source on the page automatically. When it finishes detecting, all the downloadable video sources would be shown on the sidebar on the right. If you can find the sidebar on the right side of the browser , just click the green button in the middle of the scroll bar with a leftwards triangle on it to call it out. On the sidebar you could see all the downloadable video sources with detailed information like the format, resolution and size of the video. Click the Download button on the video you want to download to start downloading the video.


Step 4: The downloading Vevo video would be listed in the Downloading tab next to the address bar, when the video finishes downloading, check it out under Downloaded tab. You can play back the Vevo music video directly using the built-in video player.

Below is Leawo Video Downloader’s video guide for you to learn how to download video from YouTube.