Blu-ray is of the best quality you can have for enjoying a movie at home. Even some streaming service started to provide 4k streaming of videos and movies, there’s no way it could be as good as the same movie on Blu-ray. For users who prefer to watch a movie on their computer, most of them would go with streaming service other than a Blu-ray disc because the former is more convenient. But if you want the best quality, Blu-ray is still your best bet. One way to enjoy a movie on Blu-ray more conveniently is to transfer Blu-ray to hard drive. That way you can enjoy a movie with high quality video image and sound and avoid looking for the disc every time you want to watch the movie. Here in this post I will introduce to you several different ways to transfer a movie on Blu-ray to your computer hard drive for convenient playback on your computer.

No.1 Copy Blu-ray Disc to Hard Drive with Leawo Blu-ray Copy

The best way to transfer the movie from Blu-ray disc to hard drive without compromising the quality of the movie is to directly copy the Blu-ray folder to your hard drive. With the folder copied to your hard drive, you can use a Blu-ray player program on your computer to play the disc.
The program I chose for the job is Leawo Blu-ray Copy. It’s a well-developed Blu-ray copying tool that can perform 1:1 lossless Blu-ray disc copy. It’s the ideal tool for transferring Blu-ray movie to hard drive. How the program works is detailed in the content below.


Notice that when you download and install the program on your computer, it’s not called Leawo Blu-ray Copy, instead, it’s called Prof.Media. Leawo’s marketing strategy is to integrate some of its best products in the same program and Prof.Media is that program.

Step 1. Fire up Prof.Media to look for the shortcut of Leawo Blu-ray Copy among two rows of buttons. When you find it, simply click on it to load the program.

Launch Blu-ray Copy

Step 2. There should be an Add Blu-ray/DVD button on the interface that you can use to import the movie and other content in the Blu-ray disc to the program. Or you can follow the instruction of the sign in the center and drag the Blu-ray folder and drop it to the program to import disc content.

Load Disc content

Step 3. Set the Blu-ray format for the copy of your Blu-ray disc. I would suggest that you choose the same format as the original disc for the copy. The Blu-ray disc format option is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the interface. Click on the Format button which is showing the default disc format and select a Blu-ray format from the drop-down menu. You can do BD50 to BD25 compression but it’s not recommended here if you want the quality of the copy to remain the same as the original disc.

Choose disc format

Step 4. You will also need to decide what content in the Blu-ray disc to transfer to hard drive. All the content is clearly listed on the left column. You can manually choose the needed content from the left column by choosing Custom Mode. And by choosing Full Movie, you will have all the content transferred to your hard drive when you get the transfer process started. And Main Movie will only transfer the longest video in the disc, which is usually the movie itself, to your hard drive. If you choose Main Movie, you can choose an audio track and subtitles you like from the respective lists.

Choose Copy mode

Step 5. On top of the right-hand corner of the video playback window is a Copy button, click on it to call out a rectangular box. On it you can see 3 options under the Copy to label. If you choose Folder, the Blu-ray content will be transferred to your hard drive as a Blu-ray folder. If you check ISO File, then the disc will be saved to your hard drive as an ISO image file. Select a location on your hard drive for the copy of your Blu-ray disc in the output path box under Save to and then click the Copy button at the bottom of the box to start transferring Blu-ray to your hard drive.

Start copy process

The video below is the video guide for Leawo Blu-ray Copy for your reference.

No.2 Transfer Blu-ray to Hard Drive by Ripping the Blu-ray Disc using Leawo Blu-ray Ripper

Another way to transfer a movie from your Blu-ray disc to your hard drive is to rip the movie directly from your Blu-ray disc to your hard drive. The program involved in this process is Leawo Blu-ray Ripper. As you can see, it’s from the same company of Leawo Blu-ray Copy. Both programs are of high quality. Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is able to rip Blu-ray discs with protection and encryptions. As the movie in the disc will have to be compressed, there would be loss in quality but it can’t be easily noticed by untrained eyes. The output video will still be of high quality. Leawo Blu-ray Ripper will also be inside Prof.Media. Below is a detailed guide for users to learn how the program works.


Step 1. Launch Prof.Media and, as usual, click on the Blu-ray Ripper button to load the module.

Load Blu-ray Ripper

Step 2. The interface of Leawo Blu-ray Ripper is similar to Blu-ray Copy. You will find the same Add Blu-ray/DVD button and the same Drag File Into Me sign in the center. As usual, choose one way to import the content in the disc to the program.

Add Blu-ray disc

Step 3. The 3 choices for ripping a Blu-ray disc are also the same as copying a disc with Blu-ray Copy. But the location of the buttons is different. But the function of the buttons are basically the same. Choose Full Movie to have the whole Blu-ray disc ripped and Main Movie to rip the main movie. And use Custom Mode when you need to manually choose the content in the disc. Click OK and the chosen content will be added to the video list.

Select content

Step 4. As we are converting the movie on Blu-ray to a regular video, it’ll need a container. Choose a container format by clicking the button on the left side of the Convert button and then clicking the Change button in the middle. The following Profile page will provide you will a lot of different formats and presets to choose from. You can choose MP4 to convert Blu-ray to MP4 so that it can be played on your mobile devices. If you want the best quality, choose lossless MKV in Format>Lossless Video. After deciding which format to go with, just click on it and you will make the format the default one and it will take you back to the video list at the same time.

Select Format

Step 5. Click on the Convert button on top of the upper-right corner of the video list to call out a rectangular box from the right. All it’s left to be done is set a location for the output video and click the Convert button. The program will start to rip the movie to your hard drive after you click the Convert button.

Start ripping

Learn how to use Leawo Blu-ray Ripper to convert Blu-rays to videos quickly with the video guide below:

Above are two convenient way to transfer Blu-ray to hard drive. Choose one that you think is most suitable for you and get start with it to enjoy Blu-ray on your PC.

How to play the Blu-ray movie on your computer after transferring to hard drive

After transferring the Blu-ray movie to your computer hard drive, not only will you have a backup of the movie, you also have a new way of watching the movie. You can play the Blu-ray movie backup on your computer no matter what form the backup is. If you’ve chosen to convert the Blu-ray movie into a video file, then it would be easy for you to play a movie. All you need is a video player program that supports the format that the Blu-ray movie was converted into. You can also play the Blu-ray ISO or the Blu-ray folder you create with Leawo Blu-ray Copy as long as you have the right program for them or know the right method for playing them.

Most people, especially computer novices, don’t know how to play a Blu-ray ISO image or a Blu-ray folder on their computer. Here I would present to you how to play an ISO file and a Blu-ray folder on your computer.

How to play a Blu-ray movie in a Blu-ray folder with VLC Media Player

If you’ve chosen to copy the Blu-ray to your hard drive as a Blu-ray folder, check out how you can play the Blu-ray movie in it.

Here I would recommend to you two video players that can directly play a Blu-ray movie with a Blu-ray folder. The first one is VLC. It’s a cross-platform open-source media player that plays not only common video and audio files but also physical media like CD, DVD and Blu-ray. With VLC you can easily play the Blu-ray folder as well as other video formats if you chose to convert the Blu-ray movie to an ordinary video file with Leawo Blu-ray Ripper.

#1. Load Blu-ray folder

The first method for playing the Blu-ray folder is to directly load the Blu-ray folder to VLC. Launch VLC and then click Media>Open Folder to browse for the Blu-ray folder. After loading the Blu-ray content, the program will first show you the disc menu if it has one.

Load Blu-ray Folder

You might not be able to control the playback with your mouse. If that really happen, click Playback>Jump Forward until you get to the main movie.

Jump Forward

#2. Directly play the video file in the Blu-ray folder

The movie files are contained in the Blu-ray folder and they are typically in the M2TS format which is readable and playable for most Blu-ray players. So you can directly look for the movie files in the folder and open them with VLC. Here’s how to find them.

  • 1. Open the Blu-ray folder in a Windows File Explorer window.
  • Open Blu-ray Folder

  • 2. Double-click the STREAM folder to open it. This folder usually contains all the videos in the original disc.
  • Open video folder

  • 3. Click on one of them to check out the duration and size of the video to quickly find the main movie. And then you can drag the file to VLC to play it with VLC.
  • Check video info

How to Play Blu-ray ISO file with leawo Blu-ray Player

Leawo Software not only gives you Leawo Blu-ray Ripper and Leawo Blu-ray Copy you used to transfer Blu-ray to your hard drive, it also has a free Blu-ray player program that allows you to play protected Blu-ray/DVDs and most of the video and audio files you can find. VLC can play Blu-ray ISO as well but you will need specific codecs for it to play protected ones but Leawo Blu-ray Player has had all the needed codecs packed inside in advance so you won’t need to go extra miles in order to play a protected Blu-ray file.

Leawo Blu-ray Player

Just open Leawo Blu-ray Player, drag the source Blu-ray ISO to it and it will start to play the Blu-ray movie automatically.