Nowadays, mind mapping has become more and more popular, which is a great way for brainstorming. Instead of using a simple list, users can make use of free mind map maker software to link thoughts in diverse ways. It makes users come up with ideas more creatively. You can check out this guidance to know some best mind mapping software for Mac 2018 and free mind mapping software for Windows 10 as well. You can also have the chance to know how to transfer mind mapping files from Mac to iPhone through reading this tutorial.

Part 1: Best Mind Mapping Software for Mac 2018

If you and your team are fond of mind mapping on Mac, you can read this part carefully, for I will recommend some best mind mapping software 2018 Mac for you to use. Brainstorming is quite precious to a company or a team in this new era with fierce competitions. Now let’s check them out.

No.1: MindMeister


This best mind mapping software for Mac 2018 is quite popular among users, for it is an online tool, which has more than 4 million registered users now. It has won a big award and can offer users great service to brainstorm, take notes and create plans in detail.

No.2: Mindjet


This program is recognized as one best mind mapping software 2018 Mac as well, which can offer you great assistance in brainstorming, collaborating on work and arranging tasks effectively. Users can do work with team members with high efficiency. Every user can pay $15/mo for an individual plan. It can also integrate with the web services and tools you are using, such as Microsoft Office, Box and etc.

No.3: XMind


XMind is also a good choice for you to do mind mapping, which can be called on best mind mapping app 2018. It offers flexible functions and you can create simple mind maps and complex ones. You can also manage tasks by using the Gantt view feature of XMind, which offers you great convenience.

Part 2: Best Mind Mapping Software for Windows 10

If your computer is Windows 10 system, you can check out the free mind mapping software for Windows 10 shown below to help you to do brainstorming and make work plans.

No.1: Text2Mindmap


Text2Mindmap, as one top mind mapping software 2018 on Windows, has high speed and great simplicity, which enables users to create mind maps easily. When the map is completed, it will be converted into a single node in the minimap for you to check out conveniently.

No.2: Freemind


Freemind is a free mind mapping software for Windows 10, which has great flexibility and its features are quite consistent. This powerful mind mapping program can provide users with complicated diagrams and lots of branches as well as graphics and so on. Its features attract many users to have a try on it. You can also export your mind map to other formats with this software.

No.3: BluMind


BluMind is developed by one best mind map maker, which is loved by most users. Its powerful features have many advantages, such as working on a pack of documents at once and creating charts, and so on. You can also open or edit other mind maps created by other similar tools as well.

These best mind mapping app 2018 are really wonderful, which makes mind mapping more easily and efficiently. You can choose one from the ones listed above to help you to create detailed plans for a project or a trip.

Part 3: How to Transfer Mind Mapping Files from Mac to iPhone via iTransfer

After getting to know top mind mapping software 2018 on both Mac and Windows 10, you can continue to read this guidance to understand the method to transfer mind mapping files from Mac to iPhone with iTransfer. This operation is quite useful for you to take the mind maps to anywhere you like with your iPhone, which is quite portable for you to do like this. Leawo iTransfer is really a powerful tool to help you to achieve this aim. First, you can export mind mapping files to images. Then you can transfer PNG or JPG from Mac to iPhone directly.


Leawo iTransfer for Mac 

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☉ Play back, view, and delete data and files on iOS devices.

3.1 Export Mind Mapping Files to Images

In order to realize the goal to transfer mind mapping files from Mac to iPhone, you need to export them to image files at first. This is not hard to handle at all. Almost every top mind mapping software 2018 has this feature. Here I would like to take MindMeister for instance to show you the steps to export to images.

1. Open one mind map and then click on the export icon with a cloud icon and a downward arrow.

click on the export icon

2. After that, you will see the next interface, and you need to choose “Image File”. Click on “Export” button to save it one Mac folder with the format of GIF, PNG or JPG. Here I like to use JPG to store it.

choose Image File

3.2 Transfer Image Files to iPhone from Mac with iTransfer

After you get mind mapping image files from the mind mapping software, you can continue to use iTransfer to add it to iPhone from Mac folder. The detailed steps are shown below. If you have some photo to save on iMac, you could try iTransfer to backup photos from iOS devices to Mac.

Step 1: Run iTransfer for Mac and Connect iPhone with Mac

Run iTransfer for Mac and then insert iPhone into Mac with proper USB cable. Your iPhone information will be recognized by the software automatically.

Run iTransfer for Mac

Step 2: Select Mind Map Images to Transfer from iPhone to Mac

Click on iPhone icon and then move to “Photo” tab to view all images on iPhone. Click on “Add> Add File” or “Add> Add Folder” according to your need. Navigate to the mind map images or folder on Mac, and the software will immediately transfer them from Mac to iPhone. In a few seconds, you can take your mind maps on iPhone to company or anywhere you prefer.

Select Mind Map Images

This method to add mind maps to iPhone from Mac is quite great to apply. When you encounter the same issue, you can try this solution to help you to make it.