A wallpaper is a digital image that serves as a background of the home screen or lock screen on your computer or mobile device. All computers and mobile devices come with pre-installed wallpapers but users can also opt to use their own, according to their moods, personality, interests and tastes. People can put their significant other as their wallpapers to show their happiness and loyalty. They can put their pets which shows high creativity based on their imaginations. They can put some vacation pictures to show others the good times they had in the past. They can also use the default wallpaper, because its clean and sort of minimalistic. Changing an iPhone wallpaper is also effortless and easy, but still photos can be a bit boring. Device manufacturers and software developers have since come up with ways to add movement to wallpapers, which can bring more fun to it. Those types of wallpapers are called live wallpapers, and in this article, we will discuss more about live wallpapers for iPhone X, or pretty much any iPhone with 3D Touch or Haptic Touch capabilities. We will also show you how and where to get more live wallpapers.

Part 1: What is a live wallpaper

Still photos have been with us for a long time, and we can all agree that they are a little boring. You can add fun and movement to your wallpapers by using live wallpapers, which quite simply are wallpapers that show movement or a short video clip when you long-press or 3D Touch them on enabled devices. They will spice up your iPhone’s display and are often included with iOS. However, there are ways to get more live wallpapers which we will discuss that in the next section of this article. For now, we will show you top 8 unique free live wallpapers for iPhone X and other models.

1. The depiction of sunlight and the shark look stunning.

live wallpaper 1

2. A droplet of water drops into a body of still water, and the results are amazing.

live wallpaper 2

3. The drawing appears to be of the deep space, with something traveling at lightning-fast speeds.

live wallpaper 3

4. The mountains are very high, full of trees and smaller mountains in the middle of the lake make beautiful.

live wallpaper 4

5. The bluish hue of the crystal clear water makes the fish look a little blue.

live wallpaper 5

6. Very powerful and beautiful lightning showing cactuses in the darkness.

live wallpaper 6

7. A human hand touching a very cold glassy surface.

live wallpaper 7

8. Another picture of deep space, showing millions of stars.

live wallpaper 8

If you wish to download these live wallpapers, use your computer’s web browser to download them at HIPwallpaper.

Part 2: Where can I get the free live wallpaper

You should be familiar with live wallpapers by now, and the next question to be answered is how to get live wallpapers for iPhone X or another version if you are not content with Apple’s default live wallpapers. There are several places and methods to get them on your iPhone, and without further ado, we will show you.

  • Make them from a Live Photo
  • You may be familiar with Live Photos, which are special images that include both a still image and the moments just before and after the image was shot. Basically, they are like mini video clips up to 3 seconds long, and they can be taken by any iPhone starting with the 6s version. If you have forgotten how to take a Live Photo, open the standard iOS camera app and tap the Live button represented by a series of concentric rings that turn yellow when activated. To take them, just press the shutter button as you would when you take regular photos, and when you open your library, you will see them. To set a Live Photo as a live wallpaper, just do as you would with any photo from your library, but make sure to open the “Live Wallpaper” album when choosing it.

  • Make them from a video clip
  • You may have a video clip in your photo library that you wish could be set as a wallpaper. However, iOS will not allow you to directly use videos as wallpapers. Do not give up yet, as there are plenty of dedicated apps in the AppStore that can turn videos into Live Photos. TurnLive- Live Wallpaper App is a good app that can help you to create Live Photos not only from videos, but also from GIFs. You can also apply special effects to the videos before turning them to Live Photos which you can use as live wallpapers.

    Make them from a video clip
  • Make them from still images
  • Do you have a stunning photo in your library that you wish could have some movements on it? Well, that sounds magical, but it is still possible. Glitché is one kind of app you can use for this purpose, which will turn your still photos to GIFs, video clips or Live Photos. As we had said before, you can turn Live Photos into live wallpapers.

    Make them from still images
  • Download them from dedicated apps
  • If your photo library does not have what you are looking for to turn into a live wallpaper, you can always turn to the AppStore for more help. Live Wallpaper 4K is by far the best live wallpaper downloader you can get. Most of the live wallpapers you get are stunning, and often in 4K resolution. However, this app is not free although you could get a free trial for a short period.

    Download them from dedicated apps
  • Download them on your PC
  • It can be inconvenient for you to create a live wallpaper from video clips or still images. You may also not want to pay for live wallpaper, and therefore you can turn to your good-old PC’s internet browser for free downloads. There are many free sites on the internet like DesktopHut, WallpaperPlay, UnSplash and much more and we are sure you can get a few live wallpapers that can satisfy your needs. Wondering how to transfer them to your iPhone when you have downloaded them on your PC? Please refer to the next section of this article.

    Part 3: How to transfer live wallpapers from PC to your iPhone

    Live wallpapers will transform your plain and simple iPhone into something amazing, and it might even make your device look new. Live wallpapers are available all over the internet, and you can download them easily to your computer. However, you cannot transfer media files to your iPhone by simply connecting it to your computer because of the nature of iOS, and you will need dedicated software for the task. The most suitable software for this task is, beautiful and powerful software that provides much more easier and advanced solutions of managing data on iPhone without iTunes. That is done through transfers and backups on your Mac or PC computer. The uniqueness of Leawo iTransfer from competing software is its ability to edit the iTunes library, because it is completely independent and does not require iTunes sync. What makes each iPhone unique are the 3rd party apps contained on it, and this advanced software will help you to backup and transfer their precious data. Most versions of iPhones, iPads and iPods are supported by this software, and future versions will be supported too because this application is constantly updated with new features. If you have an iPhone with a lot of unused storage, you could also put anything you want and use it as a USB flash drive. For more information about how to download live wallpapers for iPhone X, refer to the previous sections of this guide. Download the software and follow the steps below.

    Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

    Step 1: Launch Leawo iTransfer on your PC

    Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and the software should detect it. On the left sidebar of the software, there are libraries which include notes, music, messages, photos, podcasts, camera, USB storage etc.

    leawo itransfer main interface

    Step 2: Import your live wallpapers into the software

    Click “Photos” on the libraries, and to import your live wallpapers into the software, right-click then select “Add File” or “Add Folder” from the menu. Alternatively you can click “File> Add> Add File/ Add Folder” then browse for them in your computer.

    add to

    Step 3: Transfer your live wallpapers to iPhone

    Choose the specific photos on your computer after clicking "Add File", and then just wait for the progress.

    wait for the progress