When I was a kid, I wanted to be a superhero with some certain superpower. Well, then I realized that it’s way too far from reality unless the alien shows up. So, Kung Fu films from the 1970s came to my life and became one of the passions that unable to give up. I enjoy every action they take and it always helps me achieve a little bit more to my “dream”. In this article, I would like to show you the list of 1970s Kung Fu films and trust me, you will fall in love with Kung Fu films 1970s.

Part 1: About Kung Fu films

When you look for Kung Fu films, you should’ve known that the word – Kung Fu is Chinese. Which means martial art to our language. The Kung Fu films are born in Hong Kong. But Kung Fu films are different from martial art films. First, martial art films are mostly with some certain stage of the world. And there is a huge potential that they take place before the modern era, while some are limited to the ancient era as a historical background. But the Kung Fu film doesn’t have a unique worldview as martial art film does. The only focus of Kung Fu film is the fighting style of Kung Fu. The historical background doesn’t matter that much as they range from modern to the ancient times. However, some people would refer them clearly begin from the end of the Qing Dynasty or the early Republic of China.

Since you may take a look at the timeline of both martial art films and Kung Fu films, there seems to be connected back and forth. It doesn’t represent they are perfectly matched to each other. Take a step back, the actual meaning of their names and what they are pointing to have a large disparity. Even they are overlapping each other.

Besides the disparities between martial art films and Kung Fu films, I ensure that you don’t want to miss some famous Kung Fu stars from Kung Fu films 1970s. Who comes up first in your mind? Bruce Lee? Yeah, the most renowned star. He started his first feature-length film in 1971 and made the financial success, meanwhile it brought the new wave of Kung Fu films 1970s to international audiences. Later on, Jackie Chan took another significant step of bringing the Kung Fu films 1970s with comedy so that the environments can be variously in urban. Kung Fu films 1970s play such an important role and there are so many must-watch films here. Get ready and don’t miss my list of 1970s kung Fu films.

Part 2: Best Kung Fu films from the 1970s

1. The Big Boss (1971)

You must feel it before scrolling down right. Starting as a Kung Fu fan, here is a must. Even Bruce Lee’s first feature was making a successful change but in fact, the film itself was not that great, or even worse. It was not rich in plots. Lee performed himself as a stoic and menacing guy while other dubbing all felt dump with corny lines. The storyline is simple enough that Lee’s character finds out the owners of the ice company he works for in Thailand are drug smugglers, while he is keeping a promise with his mother that he wouldn’t fight. Eventually, the quickest one-two kick breaks the promise. He gets furious and kicks numerous waves of enemies. Slicing them to pieces and sometimes kicking a guy through a wall. Bruce Lee isn’t showing off at his debut, but it establishes his own style and marks his effort to Kung Fu films from the 1970s.

2. Fist of Fury (1972)

Lee’s character finds his Shifu – master has passed when he is on his way back home. A Japanese Kung Fu school is taking advantage of his dojo. He decides to give a hit to the students and their master. Then he figures out the bigger scheme that people aligned with the school have plotted to poison his master. He can’t hold the fire and goes on the rampage. At that point, he shows some flying kicks even kicks a sword into the air. The event finally got the attention of local authorities. The cut-rate dubbing sucks a bit of the gravitas out of the emotional moments, but when Lee is flying around the screen, pumped full of machismo and yowling like a feral cat between each strike.

3. Enter the Dragon (1973)

For me, this is Bruce Lee’s best film. Sadly, it’s also his final. You can see many of his films that he just stands and stares or flying through a bunch of bad guys. But in this one, he cooperated with an American studio that allowed him full reign over the fight scenes. During this film, Lee acts as a martial art master. The Kung Fu tournament is hosted by Han, a wicked person works on all evil stuff. The host recruited Lee’s character to the island where the tournament takes place. Lee also knows what Han does – human trafficking, heroin production, careless murder, and Lee wants the justice to be executed. All of his fight scenes, particularly against Han’s bodyguard in the tournament and then Han himself in a hallucinatory hall of mirrors are immensely satisfying due to the simply astonishing speed and precision with which Lee moves.

4. The Five Deadly Venoms (1978)

After Bruce Lee’s era, there are still lots of good Kung Fu films. The Five Deadly Venoms is on the plot that a dying master of the Poison Clan immersed in steam. Then his five former students have mastered the specific style of Kung Fu separately: the Centipede, the Snake, the Scorpion, the Lizard, and the Toad. The master is afraid of that one of them may turn evil and look for the fortune amassed by Clan as to use for nefarious purposes. The true appeal of the film comes from the amazing acrobatics showing in each of the unique styles of kung fu – epitomized during an opening sequence where the viewer is treated to a psychedelic preview of each of the five fighters showing off their nifty tricks before they start using them on each other. The film represents a vibrant style with high kicks, wall climbs and furious trading of blows with a fitting sense of magical realism.

5. The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978)

Our main character, Sun Te, is a 9-yo young student. The government ruins his village and kills his family, friends and teacher. So he takes a trip to the Shaolin Temple. There, he shows his talent and being able to adept at advancing through the 35 chambers of training. Each chamber is overseen by a relentless monk specializing in one certain style of Kung Fu. Sun Te works very hard and makes a huge effort so he becomes the best student. He intents his own weapon which proves unbeatable and equips with himself. When he is done with the training, he hopes the 36th chamber will be established for teaching Kung Fu to lay-people in order to fight against the oppressive government.

Part 3: How to play Kung Fu films on PC for free

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