iPad users are always looking forward to an almighty video player which enables them to play all the video files, however, they are not always that lucky to find the best one for them. The video player apps are crowded in the App Store, and each one of them claims that it is the best video player app for iPad. Which one to choose then? The question is not easy to answer as everyone has his/her preferences.

In fact, we can still find several video players for iPad which may meet your requirements. As is known, the supported video formats of the built-in video player are limited, so the third-party video player apps for iPad should support as many video formats as possible. The following post will show you 5 best video player apps for iPad, and you are able to download them from App Store or transfer apps to iPad with the iPad transfer software.

Part 1: Top 5 Best Video Player Apps for iPad

1. Playable Pro

This app supports nearly all the video formats so that the users are able to watch videos with this app. The app enables users to sync videos from computer with iTunes, or download videos from Dropbox, and then it can play the videos with ease.

Playable Pro


  • Support various kinds of video formats, including HD MKV, AVI, XVID and so on.
  • Support HD (720P and 1080P) playback.
  • Cons:

  • Users have to manually search and import the subtitles.
  • 2. VLC for Mobile

    VLC for iOS is a port of the free VLC medial player to iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. This free and open source player can play almost all media files without format restrict. It's among the media players with some of the best video playbacks. It's extremely easy to use. This app is free for download on iTunes.

    VLC for iOS


  • It offers seamless support for multiple file types.
  • It's very customizable.
  • It doesn't require any codec packs in order for it to run properly.
  • Cons:

  • This media player's interface isn't one of the most eye-catching, which means that it could do with some improvements.
  • 3. Video Explorer

    This iPad video player app is also a good choice if the users want to watch videos with different formats on their iPad. This app allows users to surf the Internet and watch the online videos. The app also enables users to download the videos from the Internet directly.

    Video Explorer


  • Enables users to surf the Internet and watch videos online.
  • Download the online videos to iPad over Wi-Fi connection.
  • Cons:

  • Not all the videos on the website can be viewed as the websites may have custom codecs.
  • These video player apps for iPad are all helpful for users to watch videos on iPad, and they can be downloaded from App Store with ease. Or you can use the third party iPad transfer software to transfer apps to iPad.

    4. PlayerXtreme Media Player

    PlayerXtreme Media Player is a video player app for iPad featuring versatile functions. Almost all kinds of formats for the video content are supported by this app. That means there is no need to worry about what kind of format for the video which is being played. Moreover, the interface of this app offers convenience to you in viewing the video content which is saved on your device.

    Key features:

    1. A variety of network devices are supported for the videos playing, which included NAS devices, the hard drive of Wi-Fi, Mac or PC or DLNA/UPnP application. And the videos do not need to have any conversion on them.
    2. AirPlay and Google casting are supported by this app.
    3. Volume can be increased and decreased via gesture controls, also it is available for seeking.
    4. The advanced version of this app provides a feature of encryption with a password to this app.
    5. Subtitles of the videos can be downloaded in time.

    PlayerXtreme Media Player is one of the best apps for iPad video playing. Exciting features are offered by the free version. To obtain high-end features, it is suggested to purchase the advanced version.


    5. OPlayer Lite

    To enrich the iPad video watching experience, OPlayer Lite is another app for your selection. This video player app for iPad would be your favorite on due to its multiple kinds of formats supported. Though the interface seems to be cluttered, all feature integrated into one single screen will help you access the settings without stopping the video or pressing the button.

    Key features:

    1. Streams like http, ftp, samba, rtp, stsp, mms or more are supported by this app.
    2. It is different from other video players on iPad, the videos are allowed to be played in the backstage.
    3. Single hand mode enables you to control the video playback by using one hand.
    4. AirPlay and Mirroring as well as HDMI wire are supported.
    5. Lots of gamers use Oplayer Lite to stream games via the internal browser. A set of good functions is offered by its free version. To make full use of this app, you can purchase its advanced version.


    Part 2: Comparison chart for top 5 best video players on iPad


    Playable Pro

    VLC for Mobile

    Video Explorer

    PlayerXtreme Media Player

    OPlayer Lite


    Various kinds of format and HD playback are supported

    Support multiple kinds of files; It is customized and no decryption is needed to run

    User can watch videos online and  online videos can be downloaded

    All kinds of video formats are supported; Subtitles can be downloaded in actual time.  Videos can be downloaded from network devices.

    Multiple kinds of formats are supported; Videos can be played in the backstage; Single hand mode control


    Subtitles must be searched and imported manually

    Some improvements should be made for the interface

    Not all online video can be watched due to the customs codecs on website.


    The interface seems to be cluttered.

    Bonus: How to Watch Videos on Computer with Video Player for iPad

    If you want to watch videos from computer via video player for iPad, iTunes can help to transfer videos to iPad for watching, the following tutorial will show you how to do step by step.

    1. Run iTunes on your computer.
    2. Import videos to iTunes by dragging and dropping the video files from computer. Then the videos that you have imported will be displayed in the left sidebar of iTunes window.


    3. Associate your iPad with the computer via supported USB cable. Then iPad connection will be detected automatically by iTunes. Choose your iPad from device list in the section of DEVICES. After that, a lot of tabs on the top menu can be seen, which includes Music tab, Movies tab, TV Shows tab and other different tabs.
    4. Choose Movies tab by clicking on it, then enable the square box before the option Sync Moves. Selecting individual movies in iTunes library also can be chosen as well.
    5. Check the square box next to the movie name that you would like to sync with your iPad.


    If you enable the option Automatically add below the box Sync Movies, then all movies can be added to your iPad from iTunes library whenever you get it synced. After that, click on the button "Sync" on the right corner bottom of iTunes window to get movies updated and synced to iPad via iTunes.

    If you want to watch videos from computer on your iPad, the files also can be transferred the videos to iPad without iTunes. A professional and powerful third-party tool will help you complete the transfer task, that is Leawo iTransfer. This software supports up to12 kinds of files, such as videos, apps, music and more. Based on the advanced technology development of scanning and transferring, the data transfer can be completed in a rapid and safe way. Moreover, 100% safety and reliability will be assured by iTransfer during the transfer process. Below we will show you how to transfer videos from computer to iPad for watching them with Video Player for iPad.

    1. Run Leawo iTransfer on your computer and then connect your iPad to the computer via supported USB cable. Your iPad will be recognized and detected automatically by iTransfer. Then your iPad library will be shown in the left sidebar of iTransfer window.


    2. Choose movies below library in the left column, and then choose the option Add > Add file to import movies from computer to iTransfer.


    3. Select the movies that you would like to transfer to iPad. Then the transferring process will begin. A dialog will pop up to show you the transfer percentage, the details in transferred files' numbers and names will also be displayed to you as well. Once the transfer is completed, the videos can be found in the destination folder.


    To watch videos from computer on iPad, the video files can be synced in iTunes and transferred with Leawo iTransfer. No matter how large the file is or how long it will take to complete the music task, Leawo iTransfer will offer you the most effective and convenient way to help you finish the transfer task with no data loss.