The Walking Dead has the highest total viewership of any series in cable television history, including its third through sixth seasons, during which it averaged the most 18- to 49-year-old viewers of all cable or broadcast television shows. The eighth season still receives positive reviews from critics. For all of you the walking dead fans, you don’t want to miss any single second of this wonderful show. Especially most fans would like to download the walking dead and watch free anytime. So today we would like to share some The Walking Dead news, online watch and free download

Part 1: Some news on The Walking Dead season 9

Sunday, October 7 on AMC

First thing first, this is the release date of TWD season 9 in the US. In the UK, Fox usually airs the show the day after its US premiere, so unless that changes, we can expect it to arrive on Monday, October 8, with the possibility that the first episode will be simulcast with the US showing.

Rick dies?

It was officially announced earlier that Andrew Lincoln will be exiting the show in the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, which indicates the role he plays, Rick Grimes, is going to end his journey in the TWD world, possibly with a death.

This is defiantly a shocking and sad news. Rick Grimes is one of the very few characters that made it out through the entire 8 seasons, His leaving will be a huge incident in the TWD world and will defiantly have a great impact on how the show will go on in the future.

But there is still no way to find out how the character will leave the show. Will he die? Or will he just leave the community for some reason? Guess we just have to wait and see.

What to expect

Form the latest trailer, we are convinced that a group of people, villain community called “The Whisperers” in the comic book will show up in this season. These people are humans in walkers’ disguise, and could be another strong opponent to our heroes after Negan being taken down.

Part 2: The Walking Dead episodes download site

Except watching The Walking Dead episodes online or on TV, you may want to download The Walking Dead episodes from online sites for offline playback on iPhone, iPad, Android anywhere and anytime. As you can’t wait to watch this amazing season, here is the list of websites that you can easily download The Walking Dead MP4. No more worries about missing any important plots.

The Walking Dead Season 1 – 6:

The Walking Dead Season 7:

The Walking Dead Season 8:

Part 3: Recommended player to watch downloaded The Walking Dead

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