"I have some VOB movies on my computer but I want to play VOB files on TV, is it available to stream VOB files to TV?" This question seems usual when people try to use TVs to playback video content. It sounds reasonable to play VOB files on TV. However, the problem generates due to the VOB file. If you have been exposed to multimedia files, then you could be familiar with the VOB format. That is based on the DVD and can be found from the disc folder. So today I will introduce solutions to help relieve the situation.

Part 1: Can I Stream and Play VOB Movies on TV

Before putting your hands on how to stream VOB files to TV, you should care more about the availability of doing this. Since this issue is commonly being asked, there are two basic points that you need to understand. Let's start with the VOB files.

Wondering what is the VOB file? To be frank, this is a video container format. It can store multiple digital data formed through DVD discs. The VOB format has been also applied to different platforms nowadays. The main amount of VOB files still exist in the DVD folder when you open the disc files. While it holds up to countless compressions, it requires corresponding codecs to make it readable by some player programs or represent the content. Either way, you will need special support from the software since it is definitely not a popular video format.

Now you can look back to the TV device in your room. Even though you may have heard that some TVs can play DVDs, and DVDs are composed of VOB files. However, the TV program cannot access single VOB files independently. Because of the complicate VOB format, it is very hard to predict if your TV has the ability to decode VOB videos. Also in general, traditional TVs do not support VOB movies. But there are many developed TV models in the market showing the capacity streaming VOB files.

Overall, the answer to the question can you stream VOB files to TV is decided by your TV model. A few TVs are manufactured with the VOB feature while a vast number of TVs are not fully improved. If you are not sure about the TV, look it up online by the model serial number to review the supported formats. When it is highly demanded to play VOB files on TV if the TV won't play VOB, then there are two methods. Well, this first one is to get the TV that offers the VOB solution, which can be costly to replace a new TV just for VOB movies. Personally, I would never advise taking the first strategy. Meanwhile, another universal means can simply change any TV into a VOB player with effective solutions.

Part 2: How Can I Stream and Play VOB Movies on Samsung TV

If you possess a Samsung TV, you are lucky that you made a smart choice. Sometimes, you can also search for some Samsung TVs to use as a computer monitor. When I scroll down the long list of supported video and audio formats and codecs, the fact is truly delightful that the VOB container codecs are thoroughly covered by Samsung TV. Along with the following steps, you can master how to stream VOB files to TV at home in just a few minutes. The only thing you need is a USB device whilst it is really ordinary in the digital age.

Step 1. Transfer the VOB media files directly into the USB storage bar on your computer.

Open your computer and find the folder where you save the VOB movies. Plug the USB stick into the computer then copy and paste the VOB files to the USB drive. You should pay attention to the space of your USB device and make sure there is enough capacity to store VOB data. Otherwise, the task will be failed or lead to errors. When it is done, plug out the USB.

Step 2. Find the USB port from the back of the Samsung TV and insert the VOB storage.

This step is to connect the USB bar to the TV. Generally, the USB port is placed at the back of the Samsung TV. You can check the port shape that matches your USB device as below.

Step 3. Choose the "USB Device" from the source menu.

Once you plug in the USB memory, there will be a prompt window popping up with a multimedia content list. Press the source button from the remote so as to navigate yourself to the "USB Device USB" option.

Step 4. Select the VOB file from the USB content.

There is a page called "My content" displaying all the playable media data on the screen. Use the remote to pick up the VOB movies.

Step 5. Hit the "Enter" button on the remote to stream VOB files to TV.

Now it is time to play VOB files on TV by the final click. The playback control bar will be put at the bottom of the window.

Part 3: What If My TV Won't Play VOB Movies

Nevertheless, I have many friends without Samsung TVs at home hunting for a practical way to stream VOB files to TV. For normal TV players, their supported formats can be extremely limited. There is a simple method that I strongly put forward to everyone who is with difficulties playing VOB on TV. Transforming VOB files to your TV recognizable media formats by Leawo Video Converter is the flawless solution for users to enjoy the VOB with no quality loss on TV.

Leawo Video Converter is defined as the most advanced conversion software regarding VOB video files on the computers and from DVDs. The strong codec background allows it to support all the video input including MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, MTS, FLV, etc. At the same time, the output formats open a big window for users to choose from TV formats by brands, PlayStation files, mobile devices of any system, and even high definition content like 4K MP4, 4K MKV. For example, it gives a hand to convert VOB to iPad or other devices. Not only is it capable of performing VOB conversions at 6 times faster speed but also good at keeping the source VOB image and soundtrack quality. You are enabled to determine what parameter and setting you prefer to reach an ideal result. Moreover, it produces photo slideshows for establishing unforgettable moments.

The instruction to stream VOB files to TV is constructed with simplicity thanks to the friendly interface.

Step 1. Download and install the Leawo Video Converter on the computer.


Step 2. Run the VOB converter to load source VOB files.

It is quite handy to utilize the drag-and-drop feature. Just pull your VOB movies into the file loading frame. Or click on the "Add Video" to import files.

Step 3. Select the TV format from the profile panel.

The VOB files will be lined up on the main interface and the "MP4 Video" option will be activated in the meantime. A single click on the "MP4 Video" to approach a drop-down box and tab the green "Change" icon in the middle for the "Profile" entry.

Within the profile settings, explore the output format menu by getting into the "Device" tab and choose your TV format. Or you can try the common video profile from the first page.

Step 4. Decide a destination and get started.

Return to the entrance page where you will notice a green "Convert" button next to the "MP4 Video”. When you press the icon, a directory menu together with a converting sidebar will be drawn out. Change your local folder to save the converted VOB files or keep it default as you desire. In the end, hit the white "Convert" icon at the bottom.

Step 5. Move the transformed VOB movies into the USB device.

This requires the repeat of steps from part 2 in order to play VOB files on TV.

Part 4: Free VOB Player Alternative - Leawo Blu-ray Player

Playing VOB movies can also be nailed with remarkable watching experience on computers. All the gear it involves is a free but the best VOB player program alternative. The Leawo Blu-ray Player is no doubt an eye-catching software to illustrate all the superb potentials.

Serving for all-purpose usage, the Leawo Blu-ray Player application has been developed and enhanced intensively to adapt all the media formats in the digital market. More than what you will expect from a VOB player program, this fantastic tool has unprecedented technology to process audio and video data without damaging any tiny piece of the source files. In other words, everyone is ensured to have the original image delivery when playing movies on computers. Furthermore, the player accepts all the Blu-ray and DVD discs regardless of regions and other protection methods. Playback for 4K videos in high resolutions is brought to be smooth and inimitable. Packing with other particular features including free control, remote support, power manager, snapper, and changeable themes, you will embrace what you gain from such an amazing app without payment.

Part 5: Conclusion

This post is concentrated on the solution to stream VOB files to TV effectively. As the information mentioned in the first part, some TVs were born to play VOB files directly through access to media files. Like some Samsung smart TVs, it is very convenient to shift VOB movies to USB and make it work by port linkage. In this way, you can sit back and watch the VOB by remoting the TV from couches.

But don't be disappointed if you only have an ordinary TV that is not Samsung. Try out the pathway by Leawo Video Converter, which is super feasible to achieve the goal. You can get exactly the same movie expressions as the raw one. It will booster all the procedures while retaining steady. If you are tired of attempting to play VOB files on TVs, you know there is a better tactic to assist you to appreciate VOB movies on your computer - the free Leawo Blu-ray Player.