Being in a highly efficient age, people are less keen on watching the videos, TV shows, or other media with normal speed because it is too much time consuming, especially some producers are honestly dragging the length to meet investors’ requirements. Look at those videos on Vimeo, more and more people will choose to speed up video playback no matter for saving time or for watching more videos in a limited time. The point is how to speed up Vimeo videos? Is there any efficient way to watch Vimeo videos faster?

Part 1: How to Speed up Vimeo Video

Some of you are quite familiar with Vimeo but still, some of you know little about it. Basically, Vimeo is an ad-free video platform headquartered in New York City, providing free video viewing services as a competitor to YouTube. In 2007, Vimeo became the first video sharing site to support high-definition video. It accommodates all types of media files and allows users enjoy the free playback on the go. For some reason, users have the needs to speed up Vimeo video but few of them know exactly what they can do to speed up Vimeo video. Here is the trick to achieving that.
It is said the easiest way to speed up video online is to use a free browser plugin called Video Speed Controller. This works fine with Vimeo, YouTube, Netflix and so on and you will get the chance to speed up video playback like 2x or so. For example, for a 2-hour TV show, you may save a whole hour when you speed up video at 2x speed while you will not lose any comprehension.

Installing a browser plugin is a way but it relies on your network connectivity and stability. To speed up Vimeo videos, you may also download the Vimeo videos to your hard drive and use your media player to speed up the playback, which will be smoother.


Part 2: Another Way to Watch and Speed up Vimeo Video Offline

Just like what we have said above, downloading the Vimeo videos and streaming them offline will be a good way to bypass the network problems. You do not want to get interrupted by terrible network connectivity, do you? All too often, streaming videos online is challenging because there are too many “excuses” to make you mad at the terrible playback experience. Here I strongly recommend you download videos from Vimeo first and then stream the video offline at any speed you like.

To do so, you need a professional video downloader and media player, which I have to say, will be essential to let you download videos faster and watch videos more enjoyable. Leawo Video Downloader is powerful software helping users to download videos from over 1000 media-sharing websites at 6x higher speed than rivals in the same category thanks to the advanced video loading technology, which allows it to load and download video and videos from other sites in 6X faster speed. It can download 720p, 1080p, and HD videos at ease, which is absolutely a gift for high-definition enthusiasts. As the saying goes, any media on the network will be downloaded successfully with Leawo Video Downloader.

Also it is famous for smart downloading settings, including to set the maximum download tasks, change the home page to whatever website as you like, delete browsing history easily and set a directory for the downloaded videos. Hence it is popular all over the world, let alone Vimeo and YouTube.

After you manage to download Vimeo videos smoothly, it is time to move on to stream your downloaded videos at a higher speed. A powerful and professional media player is a must. Leawo Blu-ray Player will do you all these stuff and deliver a supreme user experience to you. This media player is 100% free and it supports playback of DVDs, Blu-rays, ISO, and other videos with the best quality in output. Even for region-locked videos, this media player can handle and remove region codes without losing any quality. Besides, it will act as an MKV converter if users upgrade to the premium version, which enables users to convert any disc, Blu-ray, ISO to MKV for playback on any device or system smoothly. The last but not least, this media player offers abundant playback options to fit into users’ preference, let alone speed up or rewind.

By combining Leawo Video Downloader and Leawo Blu-ray Player, you will finally manage to speed up Vimeo videos. Read on the explore the procedure to download and play Vimeo videos at a higher speed.

Part 3: How to Download Vimeo Video

Talking about how to download Vimeo videos with Leawo Video Downloader, I will show you a tutorial guide to download videos from Vimeo within clicks.

Step 1: Download the software to the computer.

Click the button here to download the software based on the operating system you are running.

This software is included in the Leawo Prof.Media Ultra suite so once installation completes, click the video downloader icon to launch it immediately.


Step 2: Locate the video from Vimeo.

Enter the key words in the quick search bar when you navigate to the downloader page or you may copy the URL onto the address box to browse for the video from Vimeo.


Step 3: Click to download the video.

Click the download button to download the target video and note that you will need to set a directory to save the downloaded video beforehand. When the video is being downloaded, it will be shown under the Downloading tab and once it is finished, it will be shown under the Downloaded tab. For the downloaded videos, you can freely transfer them to other devices for playback or you may directly playback on the built-in media player.


Part 4: How to Watch and Speed up Vimeo Video without Internet Limit

We all hate the network to interrupt the playback but it happens all the time. In order to avoid network problems and improve user experience, we will go for offline playback. Since you have already downloaded the video from Vimeo in Part 3, here you can move on to stream the downloaded video on Leawo Blu-ray Player for watching.

Step 1: Download and install the player.

Click the button below to download and install the player. Launch the player when installation completes.

Step 2: Load the downloaded video to the player.

Click Open File to load the downloaded Vimeo video to the player.


Step 3: Edit the video playback options.

Click the editing button on the main page, looking like a wheel, to enter the settings page. Here you are able to set the subtitles, video and audio parameters at ease. These settings will be adjustable during playback as well. You may simply right click to enter the settings page and adjust what you want freely.


Step 4: Enjoy the playback at any speed.

Now hit on the play button to kick off the playback immediately. You will be able to enjoy a cinema-like movie experience even you are at home.


Part 5: Conclusion

To conclude, we have a lot of choices to speed up Vimeo video, either by installing a web plugin to enable you to speed up Vimeo playback or download the Vimeo videos and then stream the downloaded videos at a higher speed. Installing web plugin will enable users to stream the Vimeo videos exactly online, while it remains being challenged by network stability and connectivity. If the network is not stable or slow, you may get exhausted to watch a video even if you can speed up the playback. This user experience is not favored indeed, therefore, we recommend you download Vimeo videos and then stream them anytime and anywhere you want, let alone speeding up the playback.

We know that offline playback will be much more flexible and desirable. To achieve this, we definitely need third party downloader to help us download our target videos from media-sharing websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Netflix. Leawo Video Downloader is such a great program that can fully support video downloading from over 1000 websites, and moreover, it supports to download high definition videos at ease, which is very user-friendly.

Besides, we need a media player that will allow us to speed up our Vimeo video playback offline. Leawo Blu-ray Player will be the best choice ever because it offers so many powerful yet easy-to-use features for users to apply to their playback. This is basically a personalized media player that supports playback of Blu-rays, DVD, ISO, and other videos. With this player, users are able to speed up, slow down, or rewind the playback at ease. At this moment, I think you are already desperate for giving them a shot and cannot wait to enjoy your Vimeo videos at a higher speed.