“Where there is no sound, there is no entertainment”. Indeed, this is the case because watching something without audio is a bad experience. In fact, most people would rather not watch at all. Speaking about sound, some users have reported no sound on DVD player issues, and this can happen when users attempt to watch on TV or on PC. Therefore, we will present the possible reasons why this happens, and how it can be fixed.

No sound on DVD player through TV

If your TV is showing images just fine without audio, even if you have tried to adjust the connections, the experience is frustrating to say the least. While there are several reasons why DVD has no audio, there are almost always ways to fix this problem. Therefore, have a look at the reasons why it happens, and the corresponding fixes.

Reason 1: Cable issues

The most common reason why DVD has no sound when you try to play it in your TV could be the connected. If the cables are loosely connected to the DVD or the TV, and if the cables are not connected to the right port, then you will certainly fail to receive sound and sometimes even video. In this case, make sure the cables are firmly connected. If you are sure the cables are firmly connected, it is most probable that the port has issues. In that case, take your DVD for diagnosis or invest in a new one, since DVD players are very cheap.

Reason 2: Muted audio on your DVD settings

It could be possible that the audio on your DVD player is entirely muted. To ensure that the audio is not muted, go to your DVD settings to check. Alternatively, you can also press the mute button on the remote to unmute the audio.

Reason 3: DVD player or disc problems

If you are using an older DVD player, it could also be possible that it is the reason causing the audio issues. You should also check the DVD disc itself. If it is too scratched or damaged, that could also be another problem. Additionally, if the DVD disc is home-made and not commercial (homemade DVD discs make use of different codecs), that could also be the problem, since the right audio codecs are needed to produce audio. In this case, try to use a newer DVD player that has newer software, with support for additional codecs.

If you are still experiencing audio issues after attempting the above fixes, you could try to play your DVD on a PC. If you are having issues with audio on your PC, then refer to the next segment of this guide for the fixes.

No sound from DVD player on PC

Without sound, it basically makes no sense to continue watching your DVDs, because it completely spoils the experience. If you also have missing sound from your DVD player on your computer, that are several causes. Therefore, what drives the DVD has no sound on PC problems? Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to resolve this issue, and we will show you how to do it.

Reason 1: The main audio could be muted

Before you play your DVDs on your PC, it is necessary to ensure that everything required by your DVD player is turned on, including the audio. It is normal to mute the computer audio sometimes, especially when you are working, and it is also normal to forget about it. You could also mute the audio unknowingly. To unmute the audio, go to the task bar then unmute it from the sound icon.

Reason 2: The sound device could be disabled

For whatever reason, the sound device could be completely disabled on your computer. When a device is disabled, it means the device remains connected to the computer but its driver is unloaded from memory, and its resources are freed. As a result, the corresponding device cannot be used. Thankfully, you can enable the device again. To do that, open Device Manager on your computer, then expand ‘Audio inputs and outputs’. Find and right click the sound device, then enable it. If the device cannot be enabled, it is likely because of hardware failure. In that case, you should take the computer for repairs.

Reason 3: Missing our outdated audio drivers

Audio drivers are a set of files that are responsible for telling your computer’s speakers how to function by communicating with your computer’s operating system. In fact, all pieces of computer hardware require drivers and they cannot function without them. Therefore, if your computer’s audio drivers are missing, sound cannot be produced at all. To update or install audio drivers, simply go to your computer’s settings then under ‘Updates & Security’, click ‘Check for updates.’. Install the corresponding device driver, then restart your computer.

Reason 4: An incompatible media player

Your DVD could also fail to produce sound if the chosen player is not fully compatible with DVDs. That could also be caused by the fact that the player has missing audio codecs required for playing DVDs. To ensure that this is the case, try playing another DVD to check if the problem is persistent for all DVDs. If it is, then you check with the developer who developed your media player for updates, or you can try an alternative DVD player like Leawo Free Blu-ray Player.

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If you persistently have no sound on DVD player when you play it through a TV, you could try playing your DVDs from your computer. In the event that you are also not receiving sound from your DVDs through your computer, one of the reasons could be the DVD player you are using. In that case, you can try a different media playback software like Leawo Free Blu-ray Player.

Here is a video guide on how to use Leawo Free Blu-ray Player: