DVD (Digital Video Disc) is a widely-used disc medium for movies, data storage, software and video games. More often than not, DVD is used to store movies or videos. Watching DVD is a traditional entertainment for people to relax themselves. But as we all know, DVD discs are easy to be scratched thus making data stored within possibly get lost. With the development of modern technology, DVD movies can be transferred to mobile devices for convenient enjoyment. Nowadays, many people prefer watching DVD movies on their mobile devices to sitting face to face with a DVD player. Moreover, have you noticed that more and more people carry a tablet with them no matter where they go? Compared to the past, DVD player now is losing its market to portable media device like tablet. It is common for us to see people watching video on their tablet nowadays, and the number of tablet users is expected to increase continuously.

For those who would like to watch DVD on tablet, they shall rip DVD to Android tablet or iPad.The article below will show you how to rip DVD to tablet using DVD to tablet converter.

Part 1: What is tablet?

Tablet, also known as tablet computer, is a mobile computer with a touchscreen display, circuitry, and battery in a single device. Tablets come equipped with sensors, including cameras, a microphone, and an accelerometer, and the touchscreen display uses the recognition of finger or stylus gestures replacing the usage of the mouse and keyboard. They usually feature on-screen, pop-up virtual keyboards for typing. Tablets may have physical buttons for basic features such as speaker volume and power, and ports for network communications and battery charging. Tablets are typically larger than smartphones or personal digital assistants with screens 7 inches (18 cm) or larger, measured diagonally.

Currently, there are two major types of tablet on the market: iPad and Android tablet. With a market share of 65.66%, iPad leads the tablet market while Android tablet only accounts for 32.08% in market share.

Apple iPad mini 2
Android Tablet

iPad vs Android Tablets(Differences between iPad and Android Tablet):

Nowadays, Android tablets are gaining their popularity and they can act as iPad alternatives, which, however, doesn’t mean Andriod tablets have the exactly same features as iPad. There are some differences between iPad and Android tablets. Let’s take a deeper look.

The biggest and most obvious difference lies in the operating system:iPad runs on iOS while Android tablets are operated on Android OS. Android tablets are a common name for a variety of tablet computers produced by different manufacturers, such as Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Samsung Galaxy Tab S, etc. Unlike Android tablets, iPad is manufactured by Apple Inc.

One of the reasons why Android tablets are selling well is that Android tablets have Flash that is used to show online videos. The Flash feature makes Android tablets stand out against iPad. Other differences lie in multi-tasking and the number of available apps. To make it short, iPad does not have true multi-tasking while Android tablets do, and iPad has more apps than Android tablets.

Part 2: Why do we need to Rip DVD to tablet?