The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has been hitting the world hard recently. Ever since the World Health Organization confirmed the coronavirus to be a global pandemic, more and more people start to panic and worry about the health of themselves and their families. To face the biggest "Black swan" incident in 2020, each one of us should take it seriously, learn some necessary healthcare knowledge and do our best to protect ourselves, as well as our loved ones from the coronavirus. So today let’s talk about how to stay safe in the coronavirus pandemic.

Part 1: How to put on, use, take off and dispose of a mask

As the first country in the world hit by the coronavirus, China has done a great job fighting the virus and set a good example of how to keep everyone safe in public areas. It has been about 3 months since the first outbark in Wuhan, and China has successfully controlled the number of new infections, decreasing it from couple of thousands a day to almost 0. One of the most effective method to slow down the coronavirus’ spreading has been proven to be wearing a mask. As long as you properly wear a face mask in public areas, the chance for you to get infected by the coronavirus will dramatically decrease.

But if you decide to wear a mask, you need to make sure that you wear it correctly. Otherwise, instead of protecting you, the mask would become a source of infection because of the germs that may stay on it, putting your own wellbeing in danger. So how to properly wear a face mask?

Step 1: Clean Your Hands
Before putting on a mask, you have to make sure that your hands and the mask are clean. So remember to clean your hands before putting on the mask. If condition allows, it’s better if you clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water. Use the 6-step scientific hands washing method to guarantee the hands are clean and are ready to put on the mask.

Step 2: Put on The Mask
Take out the mask with your clean hands, and locate the metal strip at the top of the mask, which is the part of the mask that contacts to your nose bridge. Form the metal strip by pitching it to make it fit your nose bridge, and then place the metal strip near your nose bridge.
After that, secure the elastics around your ears or tie the strings behind your head according to the specific type of mask you are wearing. Make sure you cover your mouth and nose with the mask, and there are no gaps between your face and the mask.

Step 3: While in Use
Always remember that while in use, you should not touch the mask. If you do, make sure to clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water right after touching it.

Step 4: Remove the Mask
When you are done using the face mask and need to remove it, make sure that you remove it from behind. You should always remember not to touch the front of the mask with your hands. After removing the mask, clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water before touching anything else.

Step 5: Dispose of A Mask
After removing the face mask, you need to discard the face mask immediately in a closed bin before washing your hands. Be aware that you have to replace the mask with a new one as soon as it is damp, and do not re-use single-use masks.

Part 2: Does N95 protect against Coronavirus?

It’s proven that waring face masks are an effective way to protect ourselves from the coronavirus. But in this coronavirus outbreak, we have started to hear some new terms that we have never heard before, like the N95 face mask. Rumor says that the N95 face mask is the best mask for preventing the coronavirus. What is an N95 mask, and does N95 mask really have the ability to protect us against the coronavirus?

In fact, N95 face mask is a special type of mask, differing from the regular surgical mask. The "N" in “N95” stands for "not resistant to oil" and the 95 means that during "worst case" testing, the filter was able to capture 95% of the most penetrating particles in the air. With that being said, the N95 face masks are indeed very effective in protecting people from the coronavirus. If you wear the N95 face masks correctly, it does work better than the regular surgical masks.

However, being better in quality and functionality does not mean that you have to wear the N95 mask to protect yourself from the coronavirus. The N95 masks are normally high in price and is more suitable for doctors and nurses who work in the high risk area. For citizens who do not go to high-risk areas, properly wearing a regular surgical mask is enough for protection.

Part 3: 5 tips to protect you from Coronavirus

To protect ourselves and our loved ones from the coronavirus, simply wearing a face mask is far from enough. there are some other things that we should do other than wearing a mask to make sure that we stay safe.

Social distancing: Try make as little contact with others as possible. Do not shake hands, do not kiss cheeks, and do not talk closely. There are hundreds of other ways to greed and to show your hospitality. Don’t make your friendly gesture the source of infection.

Washing hands: Wash your hands frequently, especially when you come back home from outside. You could make contact with the virus anywhere you go, and washing your hands is the best way to make sure that you don’t get infected even after you touching something polluted. Do not touch anything or any part of your own body after coming back home from the outside without washing your hands.

Avoiding large gatherings: The coronavirus could spread very fast in large gatherings. Even if you are wearing a face mask, the risk of getting infected by the coronavirus in large gatherings is still very high. So stay at home, and do not go outside, especially do not go to public areas where there are large gatherings.

Doing physical exercise: Although it’s not recommended going out during the pandemic, you should still do some simple physical exercises at home to keep yourself healthy. Exercises like push-ups and planks are great choices to make sure you don’t get weaker while staying at home for a long time.

Being Optimistic: Panic never solve any problem. You have to always believe that as long as we all behave ourselves, the coronavirus will be defeat by us eventually. Until that day comes, stay optimistic, stay positive, have some in-door entertaining activities and prepare for the day that we finally win the fight.

Part 4: Enjoy Movies with cinema-like experience at home

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Part 5: Conclusion

The coronavirus outbreak is a big challenge for all human beings. But as long as we all do our parts, I’m sure that the virus will be defeat eventually. In this battle against coronavirus, correctly wear a face mask is very important for every individual.

To effectively protect you are your loved ones from the coronavirus, make sure you always wear a face mask in the correct way as introduced in this article. Besides, Social distancing, washing hands frequently, avoiding large gatherings, doing physical exercise and being optimistic are also important for everyone.

If you ever feel boring staying at home, try downloading the free media player Leawo Blu-ray Player and catch a movie on your computer with families. Remember, always have fun, and always stay safe.