As Pandora has attracted a large number of customers to adapt its unique music features on various platforms, many users may notice that Pandora releases an updated version with the support of the Apple Watch. That is indeed a piece of exciting news since streaming music on the Apple Watch provides better flexibility for active users. With the increasing demands of playing collections on electronic watch devices, the main question is how to play Pandora on Apple Watch. This article will introduce two practical solutions to solve this question. Also, there are some tips for tuning up the experience.

Part 1: What is Apple Watch?

Before getting to know the method of how to play Pandora on Apple Watch devices, it would be better to warm up a bit with some introduction about Apple Watch. In short, Apple Watch is an Apple product that is regarded as a leading smart watch in the market after releasing in early 2015.

Being more than a wearable device, Apple Watch is seamlessly integrated with other Apple services and products based on the iOS system. While running a wide range of functions, Apple Watch features health-oriented activities and wireless notifications. This product works excellently at tracking the fitness index as it brings up an advanced idea of the three rings of movements. In general, Apple Watch requires the conjunction with iPhone to configure and sync the user's data. To offer fast and in-time communications, Apple Watch is developed with an additional model for the network, which is enabled by the LTE cellular connectivity. Speaking of the operating system, Apple Watch operates on watchOS which shares many common themes with iOS. Some inbuilt apps are preinstalled to interact with the iPhone including Calendar, Mail, Photos, Phone, Reminders, Wallet, Music, etc. The touchscreen is capable of navigating to a bunch of apps. You may want to be familiar with Apple Watch tips and tricks for further usage. Besides, Apple Watch has become a trending fashion due to its designs. Each generation comes with special casing materials and colors. Users are allowed to customize the band as well. There are many co-branded bands with popular companies including Nike and Hermès.

Known the functions and features of the Apple Watch, many may ask can you listen to Pandora on Apple Watch? The answer is positive as third-party applications are allowed to be compatible with the watchOS since the first series. If you are using watchOS 6 or later, Apple Watch enables independent apps to run without a paired iPhone app. That is to say, you can totally stream Pandora on Apple Watch! Wondering how to play Pandora on Apple Watch? Keep scrolling down for detailed solutions.

Part 2: How to Play Pandora Music on Apple Watch with Pandora APP?

While understanding the power of the Apple Watch and iOS apps, it is reasonable to take advantage of its versatility for music fans. Meanwhile, Apple products provide plenty of third-party music streaming choices, such as Pandora and Spotify. If you are not an Apple Music user, you may find it difficult to stream music on Apple Watch directly.

Luckily, Pandora launched its standalone watchOS app, which is an independent operable music service on Apple Watch. Unlike Spotify, the Pandora app for Apple Watch can be activated without support from your phone. As some people are seeking a way to listen to Spotify on Apple Watch, we are keen to bring the following instruction for Pandora users. This guide aims at solving how to play Pandora on Apple Watch.

If you are one of Pandora users who is looking for a simple way to playback Pandora on Apple Watch without phones, join us with the below steps.

Step 1. Check the Apple Watch version or update to the latest watchOS

Listening to music with the Pandora app on the Apple Watch requires the system support of watchOS 6 or higher. In other words, you would need an Apple Watch Series 3 or even newer. If the version does not reach the requirements, it is possible to update your Apple Watch watchOS. Simply activate your Apple Watch and zoom out to view the whole interface. Tap the gear icon to approach the setting panel where you can see the "General". Under the General menu, go to the "Software Update" title to confirm the system info. You can also access this panel by entering the Watch app from the iPhone. All the menu items will be listed the same as Apple Watch. If the latest version is available, just hit the "Download and install" option to update.

Step 2. Download and install the Pandora music app

Once your Apple Watch is up to date with the full support of the independent Pandora app, you can download Pandora either on the paired iPhone or Apple Watch directly. For users who opt to operate on iPhones, you can access the Apple Watch app and navigate through the menu of the main page. Look for a section named "Available Apps" and keep moving down to locate the Pandora app. Tap the "INSTALL" button to let Apple Watch process and acquire it.

For users operating on the Apple Watch, press down the Digital Crown and locate the App Store from the interface. You can search for Pandora using dictation and press the "GET" option to obtain the app.


Step 3. Start to stream Pandora on Apple Watch without phones

When you have the Pandora app installed on the Apple Watch, you can select the device to play music by setting up the "Playing from..." label to "Watch" or "Phone".

Note that only Pandora paid users are allowed to access the music library offline. When you subscribe to Pandora Premium or other upgrade versions, the download feature will be activated. If you don't possess a paid account for Pandora whereas you need to play the downloaded music, the next part will be helpful.

Part 3: How to Play Pandora Music on Apple Watch by Downloading Pandora Music?

Apart from playing Pandora library using the app on the Apple Watch, there is another way to stream Pandora on Apple Watch without phones. In other words, we can download Pandora music in advance and transfer them to your Apple Watch. This solution brings more benefits as you are allowed to listen to Pandora offline without a subscription. At the same time, you can simply avoid some issues when the Pandora app not working. To process this strategy, it is essential to pick up a professional Pandora music downloader since Pandora encrypts streaming audio files with DRM. Therefore, Leawo Prof. DRM is highly recommended for achieving this goal.

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Leawo Prof. DRM provides universal and practical solutions to download Pandora collections. It is a robust Pandora music downloader that helps eliminate the DRM restriction. Moreover, the multi-tasking tool is able to convert all the media formats to popular files that are widely playable on various devices. In precise, users can enjoy the convenience to make DRM-free files from diverse streaming services including Spotify, iTunes, even audiobook and eBook platforms. In this way, you can convert video, audio files, eBooks while removing DRM protection. On top of that, this application retains lossless quality for any output whereas it can reach a 50X faster speed. You may also like the feature of customizable parameters, subtitles, etc.

To solve how to play Pandora on Apple Watch through download, follow this tutorial.

Step 1. Launch Leawo Prof. DRM and add the Pandora playlist link

Download and install Leawo Prof. DRM that matches the system. Run the application and Pandora on your computer. Enter the main interface and click on the last icon under the "Converted" to open an "Add Files" panel where you can paste the Pandora playlist address. Click "OK" to load the original files.

Step 2. Modify the output standards as you need

Tap the editing icon designed as a pencil button to call out the "Edit" window. You can decide many parameters and select either "Apply to current" or "Apply to All".

Step 3. Select a folder to store the output Pandora files

Check the bottom "Output" option of the interface and change the location by clicking the "...".

Step 4. Initiate the download process

Once you are ready, hit the blue "Convert" button at the down-right corner. You can observe the process in a second.

When the Pandora download is completed, we can sync the downloaded files to iPhone using iTunes. After iTunes is updated with new files, you can find new music in the Music app directly. Simply open the Apple Watch Music app to stream Pandora on Apple Watch without phones.

Part 4: Popular Pandora Stations for Hanging Around the House

Since we have learned two handy methods to address how to play Pandora on Apple Watch, it is easy for us to control and stream any songs we like. Maybe some of you are looking for trending music but have no clue where to find new beats. Here are some prevalent stations for a variety of aspects.

1.If you are prone to be lazy and chill, you can try the Pandora's Chill stations that come with a monthly subscription of 17 million.

2.Many moody moments need music to be responsive. If you find yourself sad, it is suggested to turn to the Rainy Day playlists and Sad Songs playlist.

3.For active persons, it is common to keep your beats or boost the speed. Under this situation, joining the Gameday stations would be a good choice.

Hope you discover different interests in Pandora and understand how to play Pandora on Apple Watch smoothly with two methods.