K-Multimedia Player, known as KMPlayer or KMP, is a player free of charge, which has multiple functions as well. The users of this player is numerous, and the number of users is continuing increasing at present. Since KMPlayer is quite popular, more and more users begin to search the methods to stream M4V to KMPlayer for their convenience. You are lucky hear to check out the contents in this guidance to know how to play M4V on KMPlayer with a powerful tool.

Part 1: Why Can’t Stream M4V to KMPlayer Directly?

KMP is short for KMPlayer, which develops from the former WaSaViPlayer. It is free and has multiple functions. It is equipped with its own internal audio and video codecs like MPEG, AAC, WMA, DivX, XviD and more. Thus, KMP enables you to play different types of contained formats, such as AVI, ASF, WMV, MKV, M4V, MOV, MP4, RMVB, FLV etc. It can even play 3D, 4K and VR videos. Therefore, many people will turn to KMPlayer for help when they find the codec installation mistakes and playback issue led by low CPU.

KMP was released in 2012 for the first time, which can only be used on PC. Its mobile version was released in 2014 for both iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. After several years’ development, more and more users begin to fall in love with this powerful media player.


Although KMP is powerful enough, it still can not play iTunes M4V video directly. As you know, M4V is a special video format, which is adopted by Apple Company to encode movies, TV episodes and music videos in iTunes Store to prevent piracy with the DRM (Digital Right Management) protection. The videos purchased from iTunes that are under the encryption in M4V format are DRM-restricted, which makes it inconvenient to play on other media players, just like KMP.
In order to solve how to play M4V on KMPlayer, you need to remove DRM restriction from M4V videos and convert M4V to MP4 to realize your goal. The following contents will show you the powerful method to stream M4V to KMPlayer easily.

Part 2: How to Play M4V on KMPlayer with the Help of Best iTunes M4V Video Converter

Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate is really a fantastic tool to solve how to play M4V on KMPlayer, which is seen as the best iTunes M4V converter. It allows users to remove DRM restriction from M4V videos and convert M4V to MP4 with a high efficiency. It can convert iTunes M4B/M4P files to MP3 free of DRM as well. The 50X faster speed will make you satisfied and save you much time. The original audio tracks or subtitles, sound track, sampling rate, and bit rate can also be reserved in the converting process. This software with multiple converting functions will surely assist you to stream M4V to KMPlayer without any difficulty. The introductions on how to make it are shown below in five steps.

TunesCopy Ultimate

Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate 

☉ Supports removing DRM protection from iTunes purchased and rental multimedia contents like TV shows, movies, music and audio books.
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Step 1: Add M4V Files to Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate

To stream M4V to KMPlayer, first you need to load the M4V files to Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate for preparation by clicking on the button of “Add Files“.

Play iTunes M4V Videos on KMPlayer

Step 2: Choose Audio Tracks and Subtitles

Before you set out to remove DRM restriction from M4V videos and convert M4V to MP4, you need to choose an M4V file and click on the Edit button to choose the audio tracks and subtitles for the output files at ease.

Play iTunes M4V Videos on KMPlayer

Step 3: Set Output Location on Computer

After that, you need to select the output location on your computer to save the output MP4 video files by making use of the tab of “Output“.

Play iTunes M4V Videos on KMPlayer

Step 4: Set Out to Remove DRM Restriction and Convert M4V to MP4

Click on the blue button of “Convert” at the bottom right of the window to begin to remove DRM restriction and convert M4V to MP4 at the same time. Wait until the process is over.

Play iTunes M4V Videos on KMPlayer

Note: Before conversion process takes place, you may be asked to authorize the computer for playing M4V video files if you have not authorized this computer yet. Use your Apple ID and password to authorize successfully.

Play iTunes M4V Videos on KMPlayer

Step 5: Check Out the Converted MP4 Files

After you get the converted MP4 files, you are able to check out the iTunes M4V videos in the format of MP4 under the tab of “Converted“. You can make use of the quick searching tab at the bottom left of the interface to locate the file you need to open quickly.

Play iTunes M4V Videos on KMPlayer

After you use the best iTunes M4V converter to remove DRM restriction from M4V videos and convert M4V to MP4, you can stream iTunes videos from PC to mobile devices with KMP easily. Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate has played an important role in solve how to stream M4V to KMPlayer. Other than KMplayer, you can also play iTunes DRM movies on VLC with the help of this program

Part 3: Simple Steps to Stream iTunes Videos from PC to Mobile Device with KMP

After you obtain the DRM-free iTunes videos on your computer, you can now stream them from PC to your mobile device simply. As for the detailed steps on how to make it, you can continue to check out the following contents for reference.

1. Install “KMP Connect” Application.

First you need to navigate to the official website of KMPlayer to download the “KMP Connect” application and then install it on your computer. Afterwards, you can follow the screen instructions to set up the password, server name and the converted iTunes video files in the format of MP4 that you want to stream. When you finish these setups, your computer will become a KMP Media Server.

Play iTunes M4V Videos on KMPlayer

2. Connect the KMP Mobile Application.

On your mobile device, run KMP mobile app and tap the cloud icon shown in the picture below. Fill in the pin and password to connect it to the KMP Media Server (your computer) that you have just set up.

Play iTunes M4V Videos on KMPlayer

3. Set About Streaming iTunes Videos.

When the connection is ready, you can locate the converted iTunes videos on your computer from the KMP mobile program and you can select the file you would like to play. It will steam the iTunes videos from your computer to the mobile.

Play iTunes M4V Videos on KMPlayer

It is really lucky for you to read this guidance to know why can’t play iTunes M4V video on KMPlayer directly and know some information about the KMPlayer. With the assistance of best iTunes M4V converter and KMP applications, you can stream M4V to KMPlayer without any difficulty. Thus, you can enjoy watching the iTunes videos on KMPlayer at ease. Now you can download Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate and install it on your computer to realize your goal simply.