In this technological era, it is no exaggeration to say that the Internet has been an essential part in our daily life. And different services based on the internet has popped up including music and radio streaming services, which allows users to listen to their favorite songs, compositions and radios in their homes, offices or any other location as long as the network is available and stable.

For a beginner in using online radio and music service, you possibly have no idea which online player is the best. Today, this passage has sorted out several useful and free online radio and music players for your inference. You can actually read the article and get one as wanted.

Top-notch Online Radio & Music Players

1. iHeartRadio

free online radio music player

iHeartRadio is actually a comprehensive player. With it, you can easily access the latest songs worldwide or get the exact music songs under the specific tab. Moreover, it also allows you to receive the nearby radio stations, so you can freely enjoy radio broadcasts without any restriction as long as you are in an environment where network is quite stable. Be it music or radio streaming, this iHeartRadio service has different categories in terms of radio and music such as Comedy, Jazz, News & Talk, Rock, Sports and more, so you can actually reach your wanted file within simple clicks. Best of all, this iHearRadio service can not only offer online service, but also provide application versions for mobile devices including iOS devices, Android phones/tablets and Windows devices.


free online radio music player

Spotify is another handy radio and music player, containing more than 20 million songs, audiobooks, comedy, radio drams, poetry and speeches. As you can see, it has a rich collection. With it, you can listen to single, albums and playlists at ease. Also, you can create an Artist Radio station that plays music from your favorite artist. For computer users, this Spotify had two different versions, i.e. the Web player or the desktop app (available for Linux, Mac, and Windows). Similar to iHeartRadio as introduced in the above, it also has specific versions for Android, iOS and Windows phones.

3. Pandora

free online radio music player

Pandora Internet Radio is another music streaming and an automated music recommendation service that is well received in the market. Rather than providing tracks on-demand, Pandora users pick an song and let it create a radio station of similar and related music. To put it simple, the service plays musical selections of a certain genre based on the user’s artist selection. Similar to the above two players, this Pandora can also serves as a radio player, letting you enjoy radios at ease. But it is now available only in Australia,New Zealand, and the United States.


4.Slacker Radio

free online radio music player

This is another online music and radio player, offering users with online music and radio services. Actually, this Slacker Radio has expanded to more fields including news and weather updates, live ESPN radio, entertaining lifestyles channels. Also, it enables users to make their own customized stations, i.e. customizing a station with music similar to an artist or song. However, this service is only available in the US and Canada.

5.Google Play Music

free online radio music player

Google Play Music is another handy music streaming service, a sizeable music locker, and YouTube integration offered by Google. With it, users can upload and enjoy 50,000+ music songs for free. With it, you can freely play your music in shuffle mode, manually select particular songs, create customized playlist or browse stations to your own preference. And of course, this Google Play Music is not only restricted to the available streaming catalog, it can also be applied on desktop computer, iOS or Android devices.

The above are five free online music and radio players worth your attention. And all of them has simple user interface and all you need to do is go the right web page and follow the prompts to enjoy the service. But there still exists difference among these five. For example, compared with other three, Pandora and Slacker Radio are quite limited in terms of supported countries. Though almost all services have different versions for computer and mobile device, but as you can see that iHeartRadio and Spotify can support Windows phone while Google Play Music cannot.

Extra Bonus: What if I Want to Play Other Media Files on Computer?

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free online radio music player

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