If you have a video saved in the MTS format or M2TS format, then you should probably know that this video is saved in an "Advanced Video Coding High Definition" (AVCHD) format. It is the standard video format used by many Sony and Panasonic HD camcorders. Besides camcorders, MTS files are also used for storing high definition video on Blu-ray discs. If an MTS video file is edited on a computer or imported from a Blu-ray disc, then it could be saved in an M2TS extension. Despite the difference, both MTS and M2TS are camcorder or Blu-ray video files, which means they may have a great video quality, but is not compatible to a lot of popular platforms or devices. If you want to play the MTS or M2TS video on devices like an iPad, then you need to convert the video from its original format to a more compatible format like MP4. Or, you can also install an MTS compatible player application on your iPad. Today we are going to talk about both options so that you can easily watch your M2TS or MTS videos on your iPad.