It is certain that no one wants a format that is not playable or acceptable by most player programs such as Windows Media Player and Apple Quicktime Player. So there are two mainstream video format types put into comparison, WMV and MP4. As you may have been wondering the same, MP4 or WMV which is better? This article will light up a few points.

Part 1: Difference between WMV and MP4

Before the table getting you to a sharp view of the comparison WMV vs MP4 from diverse aspects, let’s check some basic background of both formats.


Being a container format that is short for MPEG-4, MP4 files are used in the widest range with platforms of Apple devices. It is created leaning on the QuickTime file format, which is developed by the Apple Company.


Standing for Windows Media Video files, it is introduced for video compressions. Microsoft designed WMV to offer a way formatting media on Windows systems. WMV is mostly for storing high-quality multimedia without loss.

Category MP4 WMV
Developer Media Program Expert Group Microsoft
File type MPEG-4 video file Windows Media Player video file
Video image quality Lossy format Lossless format
How it works While streaming MP4 files, they will be wrapped into the container form that keeps both audio and video together. In the meantime, an index file will be generated to assist the player present the content. During the data streams, WMV files encapsulate each part of the media content by the Advanced Systems Format (ASF). It can cause greater compression if needed.
Popularity Since MP4 was created to be applicable and cross-platform, it has one of the highest compatibility among other media formats. Therefore, it received huge preference from the population. That makes a huge demand for DVD to MP4 format from users. The WMV file is also popular by its high-density saving characteristics. For that reason, it is represented via DVDs and Blu-rays. Users are telling this format is good for movies without quality loss.
Supporting media player

It is commonly playable by most player programs such as Apple QuickTime Player, VLC Media Player, Microsoft, Windows Media Player, Leawo Blu-ray Player.Devices like the iPhone and iPad are included.

Mainly usage is taken by Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, Leawo Blu-ray Player. You can also find this type of files from some physical DVD discs.

Part 2: Which is Better? WMV or MP4

Is MP4 or WMV better? Probably it is still not easy to draw a conclusion to find out MP4 or WMV which is better. Each of them has its own advantages and shortcomings. Let me point that out by another table.

Category MP4 WMV

1. The Most acceptable format that is available for plenty of players on computers of Linux, Windows, iOS, and even mobile devices like smartphones.

2. It is very good for streaming online

3. It can be compressed.

1. One of the best options for getting WMV to DVD or Blu-ray optical discs.

2. Containing the best image video pictures.

3. Media data can be well protected from DRM.

Cons The image quality is lossy. The file size could be large. And DRM encapsulation might not be pleasant.

Part 3: How to Download MP4 and WMV Videos Online

Since you may have some answers for is MP4 or WMV better, you do not want to miss the chance to download WMV and MP4 video content completely from the internet. At the same time, YouTube is packed with tons of WMV and MP4 video movies. For YouTube users like me, I would like to download and keep all my favorite channels on my computer. So that it is convenient to review anytime I prefer. Here is what I do to get MP4 and WMV movies in different resolutions online according to my personal demands.

Leawo Video Downloader is a practical MP4 and WMV video downloader when you like to save media data from YouTube or other streaming websites for MP4 and WMV.

Step 1. Download and install Leawo Video Downloader.

You can get a free trial and the installation package will cover some of the other modules.

Step 2. Launch the MP4 and WMV video downloader.

Once the window displays, you will see an inbuilt web browser which is set the default as YouTube. If you want, right above the YouTube tab, you could change the target website to download MP4 or WMV videos in the location bar. Just type in or paste the webpage then press the enter key.


Step 3. Download MP4 and WMV videos from YouTube.

Click into one link of the desired video, the video page will be turned to the browsing mode while this application detecting all the source video content of multiple resolutions and formats. So that users can have an overview of all types of source media listing on the download sidebar. You are able to make decisions on what’s better, MP4 or WMV to download. Then just tab the “Download” icon to begin downloading.


Step 4. Check MP4 and WMV downloading process.

Tab the “Downloading” label which is next to the website address to get into the downloading panel. Here you can manage numerous downloading tasks by the green button “Start All” or “Pause All” at the right upper corner. You can also right-click on the processing MP4 and WMV files to change individual settings.


Step 5. Check the downloaded files.

All the completed MP4 and WMV files will be moved to the “Downloaded” label, tab to enter the panel where you can find many videos ready to play. In case there could be some difficulties looking for the particular file, the sorting tool is provided by Name, Newest, Size, and Length.


Part 4: How to Play MP4 and WMV Movies with High Quality

Sometimes, when you have some MP4 files of 4K content on your computer, there seems to be not applicable with most player applications, and maybe you still have some questions about what’s better, MP4 or WMV for the high-quality playback. Then you should spend some time learning that only a capable player program can bring out the best watching experience for any video format. The Leawo Blu-ray Player software is the one sitting in the first place to command its duty.

Leawo Blu-ray Player has functioned with all the playbacks for MP4 or WMV files. There is a huge codec library built-in that allows all other kinds of video format content to be playable, including AVI, FLV, MKV, M4A, RMVB, FLC, WTV, and more. Furthermore, it’s also fully compatible with 4K MP4 files, 1080P HD MP4 videos, and all the Blu-ray disc contents. Apart from the multimedia formats availabilities, it features the most advanced image processing function that delivers MP4 or WMV movies without quality losses. Together with the stereo audio technologies, maybe you don’t have to face the VLC player plays no sound issue. Users are free to set up any playback parameter via the virtual remote controller. If you like, it is enabled to personalize the best version for every person while coming with a bunch of handy tools.

Step 1. Download and install.

You can download Leawo Blu-ray Player for free by clicking the images below. Then install the software on your PC.

Step 2. Open the software and add WMV and MP4 videos.

Whereas you launched the free player, you can see a green square box with “Open File” on it. Click this button to browse folders and select the WMV or MP4 files to load. It will start to play the video content after loading immediately.


Step 3. Do some settings on the subtitles.

It is very easy to access the subtitle setting panel by right-clicking on the interface and choosing the “Subtitles” one. Or you can move the mouse to the upper-left corner or around the title banner, there will be four images coming out. The first one is showing the shortcuts to the subtitle settings, just click in.


Step 4. Modify the video settings.

From the right-click menu, you can also see a “Videos” option, which is implying the video setting board. You can either reach by the menu or moving to the upper area then clicking the second icon popping up. In this panel, you are able to value multiple parameters like video scaling, brightness, contrast, and more.


Step 5. Audio parameters settings.

Meanwhile, audio settings are also by your hand. Right-click on the interface and tab the “Audios” option. Alternatively, press the “Audio” icon while the shortcut banner is showing up.


Part 5: Conclusion

In the end, I hope everyone who reads this post will be able to remove the confusion about which is better for WMV and MP4. Even though it is quite hard to really make a conclusion for MP4 or WMV which is better, it seems more essential that they all play important roles in our marvelous digital life. And they all help the world of the internet developed better. Leawo Video Downloader was born for serving any kinds of media format download online including, whereas Leawo Blu-ray Player is also perfectly designed for all the cozy movie moments.