Food, as both personal and universal memory and experience, is always one of the feasible ways to get to know the culture, history, and heritage. Chinese food, with its long history, versatile style, and exquisite way of cooking, has enjoyed a high reputation around the world. Traditional Chinese food is famous for its aroma, taste, and appearance. To have Chinese food is to explore Chinese culture, this is happening worldwide as you can see it has been booming with the Chinatown of the big cities out of domestic, thanks to the immigrant’s effort to preserve the culinary heritage.

Part 1: The 5 Most Popular Chinese Food to Make at Home

I bet this is how you know or get Chinese food - to eat in a Chinese restaurant or at a Chinese food takeaway. General Tso’s chicken, Fried rice, Kung Pao chicken, that’s what you mostly get in the western world. However, authentic Chinese food has surprising ranges and varieties as China is a big country that represents the richest and diverse culinary heritage globally. By and large, Chinese food can be boiled down to eight cuisines: Shandong Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine, Fujian Cuisine, Jiangsu Cuisine, Zhejiang Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine, and Anhui Cuisine. Each of them speaks for its own distinct food culinary heritage with unique flavor and appearance.

Maybe a tour in China can help get to know Chinese food more completely, and eating in the actual Chinese places can bring you an unparalleled food experience and cultural memory. However, a long journey is never easy to prepare for, or you might get caught up in expected business with life. If traveling to China is currently not convenient for you at the moment, why not try to make Chinese food at home before the trip comes into realization? Making Chinese food is not that difficult as you expected. By reading the recipes, preparing the ingredients, and finally putting them into practice, a magical cultural encounter is happening. So Take it as a warm-up and stop googling the “Chinese Food Delivery Near Me”, just make Chinese food at home! We’ve collected five famous and popular Chinese dishes here. Take a look at and see how far you can go with your cooking skill.

1. Sichuan Pork

Sichuan Pork is a famous Sichuan cuisine dish. The raw meat should be marinated with egg-white, corn starch, and soy sauce before boiling, so the meat can be fresh and tender in texture. The meaty broth is a typical Sichuan cuisine flavor that features a peppery and spicy taste. You’ll find the meat is coated with abundant juice as well as a fresh and fragrant spicy aroma. Sichuan Pork is not difficult to make, just some Chinese spices are required such as Sichuan pepper and bean paste, but you can find them in the Asian grocery.

2. Braised Pork Balls in Gravy

Braised pork balls in gravy is a traditional Shandon dish, is also well known as “Chinese meatballs”, a food often appears in the wedding banquet, which means it’s a traditional and classy Chinese food. “Sixi” means four festive things that could include luck, riches, longevity, and joy. If you like Italian meatballs and spaghetti, you’ll appreciate Chinese meatballs as well. The meatballs are so soft and delicious, with super-smooth and gravy sauce. The meat should be minced to the rice size with a ration -- fat meat: 7 lean meat 3, to achieve the best flavor.

3. Shrimp with vermicelli and garlic

A typical Cantonese cuisine, also a dish that is received by most foreigners and Chinese young generation. Instead of stir-frying, steaming can bring out the original aroma and flavor of shrimp. Don’t worry that it could be flavorless, because the heavy sauce is a blending of garlic and seafood sauce, so it can further bring out the freshness of juicy shrimp. The vermicelli at the bottom will absorb the tasty juice running down. It’s the signature way of cooking Cantonese food. Forget the deep-fried shrimp and try this!

4. Ma Po Tofu

Ma Po Tofu is one of the most famous dishes in Sichuan Cuisine. Containing only Tofu as the main ingredient, this is the perfect choice for vegetarians. Ma Po Tofu also features the classic Sichuan flavor - Ma and La, which comes from the Sichuan pepper and chili, the basic condiments that are often used in Sichuan cuisine. The food looks very appealing as the tofu is enriched with a brownish-red sauce and chopped green onion. It’s truly a tasty delicacy.

5. Dumplings

Everyone knows Chinese dumplings. As a signature Chinese food, you can find them quite popular in the west. It is one of the traditional festive cuisines for the Chinese New Year in northern China. Chinese dumplings have more than 1,800-year history till now. Dumplings are typically made with minced meat and chopped vegetables in a thin dough skin. Boiling, steaming, or frying, it’s up to you. Popular fillings are mince pork, diced shrimp, ground chicken, beef, and vegetables. You can make it yourself at home. If you are worried about the dough, there are ready-made dumpling dough in the Asian grocery.

Part 2: How to Make Chinese Food at Home?

The online world is not only a place to act but absorb. There are tons of information on cooking if you just google it. So if you want to make Chinese food at home, just stop googling Chinese food delivery for now, but try to search the recipes instead, and there’ll be loads of cooking websites, tutorials, and video pop up. Video tutorial is always the best way to learn cooking as you can see it in practice not guessing around with the texts. Here we have handpicked five YouTube channels that are widely and well-received for their Chinese cooking with English tutorial. Find one that suits you!


Based in the US, HAPPY WOK is a channel that mainly introduces Cantonese cuisine with 164K subscribers. HAPPY WOK’s owner is a Chinese person currently living in the US. This channel has been running for 7 years with great volumes of 640 videos. You can navigate yourself by using the playlist. For example, if you are keen to make Chinese food with beef, you may check the “beef” playlist and give it a deep dive. The most popular video is “General Tso’s chicken” with more than 2M views, which means that it’s validated proof if you want to make this Chinese dish.

2. Chinese Healthy Cook

Chinese Healthy Cook is run by Ling, a lady from Sichuan but based in the US now. With 264K subscribers, her channel is keen on making healthy Chinese food just as her statement that she believes cooking should be simple and for the benefits of health. Her videos show you that Chinese cooking is not the stereotype of oily food and strong flavor but can be an alternative healthy way of cooking. If you enjoy a healthy diet with well-balanced ingredients, check out her videos to see how to make healthy Chinese food at home.

3. Khoan Vong

Based in the UK, Khoan Vong now has 65.2K subscribers with 400 videos on the channel. The signature profile picture has suggested that this is a Chinese chef with professional cooking knowledge. After working in Chinatown for a long time, Chef Vong decided to share his cooking knowledge and experience with the world. His videos are mostly set and shot in the restaurant kitchen so you can get to know the Chef’s way of cooking Chinese food. Vong is expertise in Cantonese food and you can learn how to make Chinese food at home in proper restaurant-style with Chef-grade.

4. Souped Up Recipes

Souped Up Recipes is run by Mandy, a Chinese girl who is originally from Canton and moved to the US. With 209 videos contributed in total, this channel is growing to 793k subscribers now at a surprising speed in just 3 years. Mandy loves sharing traditional Chinese cooking as well as deserts and Asian food. Her tutorials are very specific in steps and details, and mostly for Cantonese home cooking. Join her YouTube journey to explore more about making Chinese food at home.

5. Chinese Cooking Demystified

Chinese Cooking Demystified is owned by a couple who lives in Canton, China. The couple Steph and Chris met in China. Steph is Cantonese and Chris is an American expat who has been living in China for years. The couple met with a shared interest and passion for Chinese cooking hence they made the channel to share their knowledge and experience. With 493k subscribers, it’s surely a good testament to the quality of more than 200 videos. The channel contains wide-ranging Chinese food with their tutorials in home-cooking style. It’s definitely the perfect place for you to pick up Chinese cooking.

Part 3: Download YouTube Video to Learn Making Chinese Food at Home

Surely you must have been overwhelmed by the tutorial YouTube videos now for the massive volumes of information. If you haven’t decided what to pick up first for making Chinese food at home, you may just download the tutorials for future playback. This is very helpful when you are not well connected to the network, especially with a mess of kitchen work that no extra hands to fix the network. Trust me, you don’t want the tutorials to be stuck in loading when you prepare the food, you want it to be handy with you. So it's better to download the cooking tutorials on your devices. This is also realistic if you have a mobile plan with a limited data allowance. Download the video with Wi-Fi and watch YouTube videos on the move. No more worries about exceeding your mobile data quota!

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