“Hi, I use a One Plus 5T as my daily driver and I like watching movies and videos on the way to and from work. I’ve purchased a lot of movies and TV shows from iTunes on my computer and I was thinking about transferring those videos to my One Plus for watching on the go. But I was informed that there is some sort of DRM protection on the content that would prevent me from doing so. Any idea how I can get rid of them and transfer my iTunes media contents to my phone?”

It’s a very common question from people who use iTunes as their source for entertainment. A lot of people who uses iTunes to watch and download movies would like to know if they can transfer those movies to their mobile handsets for viewing on the go. Well, technically it’s not allowed to remove the DRM protections from the iTunes movies but regulations are kind of ambiguous about this kind of personal use of certain media content. As long as it’s for personal use, it should be fine. To significantly transfer iTunes movies to One Plus and make the transferred movie played smoothly, you should know the reason and solutions. In this post I would help you find the tool you need and show you how to use it to remove DRM from the iTunes videos. Afterwards, you would be able to transfer the movies from iTunes to One Plus One or other One Plus phones.

Part 1: Why can’t play the transferred iTunes movie

As we all know that iTunes, initially developed by Apple Inc, is a worldwide popular media player and media library application which is available on personal computers running the OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems as well as on Apple devices like iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. iTunes allows you to play, download, and organize digital audio and videos including music, movies, TV shows and so on. Usually, iTunes movies can be rented and purchased from iTunes Store. However, both iTunes rental movies and purchased movies are in M4V format and protected by Apples’ Fairplay DRM technology. And you can only play the DRM protected M4V movies on specialized Apple devices. When you are intended to transfer iTunes movies to One Plus 5T or other non-Apple devices, it will not work at all.

Introduction to Spotify

Thus, to play iTunes movies on One Plus phones, the first problem for certain users is finding an appropriate DRM removal tool to remove the DRM protection and get the DRM free M4V iTunes movies. Furthermore, as you may know, the One Plus can support playing MP4. It’s not the only format it supports as it runs Android. You can always download a powerful video player on an Android phone to play more videos. But for the sake of convenience, we’ll be converting the iTunes DRM movies to MP4 for your One Plus device. After the iTunes movies are converted to MP4, you’ll be able to play the movie on not only One Plus phone but also older products like the One Plus one.

Part 2: iTunes DRM Removal Tool – Leawo Prof. DRM

As far as I know, there’s one program that can remove iTunes DRM from movies and videos perfectly: Leawo Prof. DRM. It’s developed specifically for the purpose of removing DRM from some DRM media content like iTunes movies, music, audiobook and Audible audiobooks. What’s more, Prof. DRM ensures to convert the DRM protected M4V movies to DRM-free MP4 format at 50X faster speed with 100% original quality reserved. As we are trying to get the DRM protection on your iTunes movies removed and convert iTunes M4V to MP4, this program would be exactly what we need. Except for converting all the files in iTunes to DRM-free file, the DRM-protected file saved in Kindle, Kobo, Adobe and Spotify can also be converted to DRM-free files with few clicks.

Leawo Prof. DRM

Part 3: How to remove iTunes DRM and convert iTunes M4V to MP4 for Playback on One Plus Device

Prof. DRM is easy-to-use with user-friendly interface, even a newbie can simply follow the guide to remove DRM from iTunes movies and convert M4V to MP4 format that is compatible with One Plus. Follow the guidance here to master the program faster and check out the steps below to learn how to use the program get the DRM-free M4V iTunes movie converted to play on your One Plus phone.

Note: Before you run Prof. DRM, you are required to authorize the computer for playing the M4V movies by signing in with your Apple ID that you used to purchase or rent the movie. Remember that you are not allowed to open iTunes during the iTunes DRM removal process.

Step 1. Start Leawo Prof. DRM on your computer to add M4V movie from iTunes

Enter the main interface of Prof. DRM, and then click the “Add Files” button on the sub-menu bar or in the middle for browsing and selecting the M4V movies from iTunes. You can choose at least one M4V movie and then click “Add” for importing the movie into Prof. DRM. Or it is also workable to directly drag and drop the target iTunes M4V movies to the program.

add spotify music

Step 2. Simply Choose Audio Tracks and Subtitles for output

When M4V movie files are imported into the program, the movie file will be listed under the “Video” category. If there is a loaded movie that you want to discard, you can also select it and click “Remove” button to remove the file from the list. Moreover, if necessary, you can choose an M4V here and click “Edit” button to freely choose audio tracks and subtitles for keeping in the output MP4 video file.

Add spotify song

Step 3. Set Output format

The output video will be found in the output path shown in the bottom. If you want to change it to a new one, click “…” button to set an output directory for containing output MP4 file.

Set Output format

Step 4. Start to Remove DRM and Convert M4V to MP4

Right next to the output directory at the bottom, there is a blue “Convert” button. Just click it for removing DRM from M4V and converting M4V to MP4. After a while, the output DRM-free movie will be saved in MP4 format so there’s no need for an extra process of video conversion.

Start to Remove DRM

Note: If you have not yet authorized the computer to play iTunes video, you will be asked to authorize the computer immediately here before the conversion starts.

Choose  output directory

Step 5: Locate Converted DRM-free M4V movie

After the program finishes the conversion, the converted iTunes video file now in MP4 video format will be listed under “Converted” section. You can check and play the movie by clicking the “Open file” option at the end of a target file to open the output MP4 file. Besides, you can optionally fast locate the converted files via the quick searching bar at the bottom.

Converted DRM-free M4V movie

After you finish the whole process, you can start to transfer your videos from iTunes to One Plus smartphones. Despite how powerful One Plus’s hardware and Android is, it’s basically impossible to play the iTunes movies and videos if the DRM protection is still on the video. So the step of DRM removal is necessary, but once you get rid of the DRM protection, you will be able to transfer iTunes movies to One Plus. If you have music downloaded from the iTunes Store, you can also use it to remove DRM from your iTunes music and transfer them to your One Plus phone for listening.

Part 4: Online DRM removal program to remove iTunes DRM

Actually, except for the professional Leawo Prof. DRM, there are other DRM removal solutions available online as well, among which Requiem is the most well-known free program that is widely used. And you can have a try to remove iTunes DRM with the support of Requiem which is a DRM removal program that is frequently used to remove Apple’s DRM from songs, videos, and books purchased on iTunes so as to allow the content purchased on iTunes to be played on non-Apple-approved devices. With Requiem, you can remove DRM from the DRM-protected M4V iTunes movies without any quality a lossless since it merely tries to decrypt the file, instead of decoding and re-encoding it.

Step1. Double-click on the Requiem application to start it.

Step2. DRM M4V files in your iTunes library will be automatically listed and now you can remove the DRM from them. If it doesn’t find the file, you can also drag and drop the iTunes M4V movie files onto the Requiem window.

Choose  output directory

Part 5: Compare the DRM removal solutions

Since there are different DRM removal solutions, which one would be the best? Actually, each solution has its own distinctive features. When you are intended to remove DRM from iTunes M4V movies, you should choose the most proper way to safely and quickly make it. It is necessary to make a comparison between the two programs and help you choose the better way.

Program Features

Leawo Prof. DRM


Compatible OS

Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10, Mac version is also available

Windows, Mac 10.8 or lower

Java requirement


Yes for Windows

Remove DRM from iTunes music



Remove DRM from iTunes movie/video/TV shows



Remove DRM from iTunes audiobook



Supported iTunes version

iTunes 12.9 and lower

iTunes 10.7 or lower

Format Conversion



Audio/Video editing



Working speed

5X Faster


Quality loss




Free Trial/Low cost for upgrading



Prof. DRM V2.2.0.0/2018 and still in continuous update

Requiem 4.1/2012 and stop updating

Obviously, Leawo Prof. DRM would be a better choice since there are much more features comparing to Requiem. In Addition, since the Requiem has stopped updating and only works for iTunes 10.7 and lower version, it will not work when you are using the newest iTunes. Furthermore, it can remove the DRM but you should refer to other video converters if you are going to transfer the M4V movies to other devices that support the format. While Prof. DRM can simply remove the DRM and simultaneously convert M4V to MP4 and other over 180 formats or devices. All in all, to transfer iTunes movies to One Plus, you can use Prof. DRM to easily remove the DRM and convert M4V to MP4.