As a built-in app on your iPhone, Calendar has played an important role to be used as a reminder. If you have ever tried this app, you would be quite attracted by its comprehensive features in adding various events and the reminding functions. You can be reminded by these calender events what you have ever done in the past, as well what you are planning to do in the future. But recently, some users have reflected that his iPhone calendar old events disappear suddenly. This is a disappointing issue for users. Why do calendar events disappear on iPhone? Can you restore the calendar entries disappear on iPhone? Now, we would spend some time in discussing this issue and some useful solutions would be provided.

Fix 1: Restart your iPhone

The first step you could do is to restart your iPhone. For many users, they have not restarted the iPhone for a long time. But if you have encounter some unfriendly issues, like the iPhone calendar events disappear suddenly, then you can restart your iPhone. Most technical issues could be resolved by trying this way. So, it is easy to handle with. Also, some users would worry about whether the content data may be erased while restarting the iPhone. Actually, just relax. The content would not be erased by restarting your iPhone in this way. Here are the simple instructions to restart your iPhone.

If you are using iPhone 6/6s/6s plus or older, you can press Home button and Power button together until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Then, you should release the buttons to wait for the startup process about 10-20 seconds. If you are using iPhone 7/7 Plus, you should press and hold Power button and Volume Down button together until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Then the startup process would begin. If you are using iPhone XR/XS Max/8/8 Plus, you should press Volume Up button and then quickly release it. Secondly, press the Volume Down button and quickly release it. Finally, press and hold Power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen, then you can wait for some time to restart your iPhone. When your iPhone has been powered off, then press the Power button for about three seconds, then your iPhone could be powered on then.

Fix 2: Reinstall your Calendar app

If you can’t find any calendar events on your iPhone, there is another reason to cause this. Something related to your Calendar app have went wrong. Then, you can try to reinstall your Calendar app for another time. But unfortunately, if your iPhone is below iOS 10 version, then you would not be allowed to delete or reinstall this built-in Calendar app. But, if your iPhone is iOS 10/iOS 11/iOS 12 or later, well, you can be allowed to delete and reinstall your Calendar app. If you are not sure whether you can solve the problem by reinstalling your Calendar app, then you can try this method without any concerns. Follow the steps below to reinstall your Calendar app.

Step 1. Press the Calendar app still for about 2 seconds, then you can see several options related to your Calendar app, including deleting this app. Then, click the Delete option.

Step 2. Go to APP Store, and search for “calendar” on the search bar. Locate this app and click it to redownload this app to your iPhone.

Fix 3: Turn on the sync option for Calendar in the iCloud settings

Another factor that could cause the loss of your calendar events would be that you have not backed up the events via iCloud before. Therefore, if you have ever tried to turn on the sync option for Calendar in the iCloud settings, then it would not cause any worries and concerns when you have not found your previous calendar events because all of them could be recovered from your iCloud backup. Here are the specific steps on how to turn on the sync option for Calendar in the iCloud settings.

Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2. Click iCloud and then locate Calendars. Then slide the calendar to be the green status.

Step 3. Turn on the sync option one more time. If the Calendar is on under the iCloud settings, you can try to turn it off and wait for several seconds, then turn it on for another try.

Fix 4: Sync all events on Calendar

Once you have turned on the sync option for Calendar in the iCloud settings, then another step you should carry out is to sync all events on Calendar app so that all the events could be recovered when you found they have been lost.

Step 1. Go to Settings and Calendars modules.

Step 2. Find the Sync tab under the Calendars option and tap on it. You can select All Events to sync all the calendar events you made before.

Step 3. By default, all the previous calendar events would be synced back to one mother. But here you can set it based on your own preferences, including events 2 weeks, 1 months, 3 months and 6 months back. Once you have set it, then the calendar events within the period would be showed when you open the Calendar app.

Fix 5: Reset your iPhone network settings

Finally, additional thing you can do is to check whether your iPhone network connection is working fine or not. Sometimes, if your network is not working properly, then your calendar events would not be synced smoothly so that you can’t find any events. Hence, you can check whether your iPhone network is working fine or not. This is quite easy to check. You only need to simply go to Settings and find whether you have connected your iPhone to WiFi or cellular data in the proper way. If not, try to connect to another new available internet. If it doesn’t work still, then you can reset your iPhone network settings by following the steps below.

Step 1. Open iPhone and go to “Settings”.

Step 2. Scroll down to the very bottom and you can find “Reset” option. “Erase All Content and Settings” would delete all the user data on your iPad and the related settings, but it would not make any changes to your iPhone’s operating system. But here, we don’t need to choose this option, and you can simply choose “Reset Network Settings” which would only erase all the settings related to the network, while other settings would not be changed at all.

Step 3. Restart your iPhone and your iPhone would turn off and you would enter the welcome page. If you are unsure about the steps next, you can follow the exact instructions on the screen. Anyway, you can try above all other solutions as well.

Fix 6: Recover your disappeared calendar events using iOS Data Recovery

Referring to the above methods, the issue related to iPhone calendar old events disappear could be easily resolved. But the more important and concerned part is some calendar events have been lost permanently because no backups have been made. Or sometimes, the events have been deleted by accident, are there any good ways to recover the disappeared calendar events? Of course, some powerful iPhone data recovery can be chose accordingly. Here Leawo iOS Data Recovery could be adopted by users to recover the lost data. Leawo iOS Data Recovery stands out for its great design and powerful functions. It allows you to preview and select the files that you want to recover, which can work easily to scan and search for files and data with very accurate results. It is compatible with all iOS devices and all versions of iOS. With Leawo iOS Data Recovery, all kinds of iPhone app data could be recovered.

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    - Recover multiple deleted data directly from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
    - Extract and export 12 types of files from previous iTunes&iCloud backup
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Step 1. Choose recovery mode in main interface. Run Leawo iOS Data Recovery on computer and then use a proper USB cable to connect iPhone with your computer. This software will detect your iOS device automatically. After that, you need to pick up "Recover from iOS Device" to click on.

Step 2. Select data to recover. When you view all categories of iPhone in the left sidebar of the software screen, you need to check all the apps you would like to back up. Afterwards, you need to click on the "Recover" button at the rightmost corner of the interface. Here you can click the Calendar option and choose the date under the subtitle.

Step 3. Choose target folder on your computer. In the pop-up dialogue, you need to click on "Open" button and then browse your computer to choose a proper location to save the exported files. After you set the target directory well, you can tap on the button of "Go" to start the process to recover files. In a few seconds, the data will be available in the folder.

Once all the data have been recovered to your local hard drive, then you can sync all the Calendar events from your local to your iPhone again. All the calendar entries disappear on iPhone could be easily recovered by this way.