iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft unveiled its Surface Pro 4 on October 6, and brings the latest tablet to the competition of the large-screen tablet. Not long ago, Apple released its iPad Pro, a 12.9-inch tablet running with iOS 9. Thanks to the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 4, people have more options in accordance with the storage, RAM, processor, etc. People want to know the detailed specs of iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 before they make the decision to buy one, they may want to get a direct impression on which one is better, iPad Pro or Surface Pro 4. The following post will make a comparison between iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 in detail.

1. Display

iPad Pro has a 12.9-inch screen and Surface Pro 4 has 12.3-inch. The resolution of the former is 2732*2048 (265 ppi), and the latter is 2763*1824 (267 ppi), so there is little difference between the two tablets on the resolution. What’s worth mentioning, iPad Pro and Surface Pro use different aspect ratio, the former is 4:3 and the latter is 3:2, so it may be a little weird when if you switch from Surface Pro to iPad Pro, or the other way round. Despite of the larger screen of iPad Pro, Surface Pro 4 wins this display comparison on the 4 extra ppi, technically.
Winner: Surface Pro 4

2. Portability

Though both iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 aren’t suitable for carrying out, but occasionally, people will need to take their tablet out. So the comparison of portability is also necessary. iPad Pro is 305.7*220.6*6.9 mm (12.04*8.69*0.27 inch), and Surface Pro 4 is 292.1*201.4*8.4mm (11.5*7.93*0.33i inch). iPad Pro weighs 1.54 pound and Surface Pro 4 weighs 1.68 pound. So there should be a tie on the comparison of portability, as we can barely tell the differences on the size and weight between iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4.
Winner: Tie

3. Color Options

iPad Pro offers four color plans, including gray, silver, and gold. While Surface Pro 4 offers only the grey color, so iPad Pro wins on this comparison. But note that you have several color choices on the Type cover for Surface Pro 4.
Winner: iPad Pro

4. Performance

iPad Pro runs with A9x processor, and M9 co-processor, and as Apple claims, it is 70% faster than most of the laptops. Surface Pro 4 is running with 6th gen Intel Core M3, and you have optional plans for i5 or i7 processor. We should also take RAM into consideration if you are going to work with large files or multiple tasks. iPad Pro has 4GB RAM, and Surface Pro starts at 4GB RAM, it also provides 8GB and 16GB RAM. Considering these two tablets are office-level, Surface Pro 4 will have better performance than iPad Pro. But if you only transfer videos to iPad Pro to have an enjoyment, the RAM of iPad Pro won’t affect your using experience. Surface Pro 4 is the winner of the comparison of performance.
Winner: Surface Pro 4

5. Storage

iPad Pro has two storage options, including 32GB and 128GB. While Surface Pro 4 starts with 128GB, and also provides 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. If you need large space to deal with your work, only Surface Pro 4 will satisfy you. So Surface Pro 4 wins on the comparison of storage.
Winner: Surface Pro 4

6. Battery Life

Apple claims that iPad Pro is capable of 10-hour long general use, and Microsoft says that Surface Pro 4 can run 9 hours for video playback. Therefore, iPad Pro wins on the comparison of battery.
Winner: iPad Pro

7. Connectivity

iPad Pro offers Wi-Fi and LTE plans, and also equips with Bluetooth 4.2. While Surface Pro 4 only provides Wi-Fi plans, and uses Bluetooth 4.0. Although the differences between Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth 4.2 are insignificant, the LTE version iPad Pro will be great for certain users, so iPad Pro wins this round.
Winner: iPad Pro

8. Accessories

Apple released Apple Pencil and smart keyboard along with iPad Pro, and Surface Pro 4 also offers Surface Pen and the type cover. The only difference is that Surface Pen is free if you buy Surface Pro 4, while Apple Pencil will cost you extra $100. Also note that the Surface Pen is equipped with an eraser at its top, which is a surprise to all Surface Pro 4 users. So Surface Pro 4 wins on the comparison of accessories.
Winner: Surface Pro 4

9. Price

The 32GB iPad Pro is $799, 128GB iPad Pro with Wi-Fi only is $949, and the 128GB iPad Pro with Wi-Fi and LTE is $1079. Moreover, the Apple Pencil is $100 and the smart keyboard is $170. Surface Pro 4 starts at $899 with 128GB storage, Intel Core m3 and 4GB RAM, $1299 with 256GB storage, Intel Core i5 and 8GB RAM, $1499 with 256GB storage, Intel Core i5 and 16GB RAM, $1599 with 256GB storage, Intel Core i7 and 8GB RAM. Moreover, you can customize your device, and the price changes in accordance with your plans. The type cover of Surface Pro 4 is $130, and the Surface Pen is free as mentioned. So it seems that Surface Pro 4 can meet up with more requirements of customers, and Surface Pro 4 wins in the comparison of price.
Winner: Surface Pro 4


iPad Pro (and its accessories) is such an amazing tablet when it was released on September 9, and it finally brings Apple to the competition of large-screen tablet. But Surface Pro 4 (and Surface Pen) updates so much from its predecessor and finally catch our eyes. If you are considering switching to a large-screen tablet for work, Surface Pro 4 is a superior choice than iPad Pro.