The design of Siri Shortcuts from Apple aims at speeding up the operating you would take in apps or allowing you to add those operating to Siri. You are allowed to get multiple operating from multiple apps created and managed by using the Shortcuts app. You may ask “What is Siri Shortcuts and how does it work if you are new to Siri Shortcuts?”. Here in this article, we are going to show you something about Siri Shortcuts. Go on reading and see what you will gain from this article.

Part 1: What is the Siri Shortcuts?

Siri Shortcuts allow you to make things done from your apps by tapping or asking Siri. It is actually a quick action that you can do on your apps. Action can be performed automatically in an app from the backstage by using Siri Shortcuts. In addition, you are allowed to enter an app to do something by a simple phrase. Apart from running shortcuts, custom shortcuts also can be created by using Shortcuts app and get everyday actions simplified to combine the steps from multiple apps. Therefore, something can be done by using Sir Shortcuts, such as tell Siri “It is time to sleep” and then your phone will be switched to “no disturb” by digital assistant. Custom Siri Shortcuts also has been launched by some app developers. For example, Siri Shortcuts are available on Citymapper so that a shortcut can be created and you can ask “When will my next train come”, then the related updates and the information of platform and more information can be gained.

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Shortcuts are usually shown in three main places from iOS devices, it is a suggestion on lock screen or the Spotlight, shortcuts will be proactively displayed from apps according to your usage. You can perform an action via the custom voice commands in Siri. Siri Shortcuts also will be displayed on Apple Watch by using Siri watch face of the devices on WatchOS 5 running system.

Part 2: How to get a Siri shortcut?

On the version iOS 12 or later version, Siri Shortcuts helps you finish your everyday tasks in a quick way, you just need to have a slight tap or ask Siri, then the action can be performed in the apps that you use usually. How to create Siri shortcuts? Any shortcut can be run by asking Siri, you can search the button Add to Siri from your favorite apps, then tap on the button to get your personal phrase added to Siri. Or you can enter Settings to search the shortcuts which are workable on your device. The following instructions will guide you on how to get a Siri shortcut from a third-party app or from Settings.

  • Get a Siri shortcut from a third-party app:
  • 1. Run a third-party app on your iOS device and then tap on the button Add to Siri from the app.
    2. Tap on the red circle button and then get your personal phrase recorded, the phrase should be the one that you tell Siri to get shortcut work. Make sure that the phrase should be simple enough for recording so that you can remember easily.
    3. Tap on Done button to finish.

    add to siri

  • Get a Siri shortcut from Settings:
  • 1. Enter Settings on your iOS device and choose the option Siri & Search.
    2. Three suggested shortcuts can be seen, then tap on All Shortcuts and you will see more actions across multiple apps.
    3. Tap on plus button.
    4. Tap on the red circle button to get your personal phrase recorded. It would be better get a simple phrase recorded so that you can remember easily.
    5. Tap on Done to finish.

    add to siri

    Part 3: How to delete Siri shortcuts

    1. Enter Settings and choose the option Siri & Search, then tap on My Shortcuts.
    2. Swipe the shortcut to the left side and then tap on Delete. You also can tap on the shortcut and then hit on the button Delete Shortcut.

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