Q: “I am fond of iTunes movies very much since I can watch my favorite iTunes movies at ease on all my iDevices when the network is available or unavailable. However, when I would like to sync iTunes movies to Google Drive, I failed to realize my goal. Is there any suggestion on how to upload video from iTunes to Google drive?”

Such issues are common, which has been encountered by lots of users. They are not happy with the problem to convert iTunes movies to Google Drive or other Android equipments. As for how to deal with this issue, this guidance will show you an effective method.

Part 1: Why Can’t Transfer iTunes M4V Movies to Google Drive

Google Drive is a kind of cloud storage service, which enables users to save files like pictures, songs, videos and other documents on the Internet. You are also able to take advantage of Google Docs, Google Sheets, and other applications to make and edit diverse kinds of files. It can be used in any type of operating system, which makes it quite convenient for users to employ. It allows users to store videos up to 5 TB, which is quite a wonderful service. However, if you want to sync iTunes movies to Google Drive, you may fail. Why?

As for the reason of this problem, you should know that iTunes video rentals or purchases are M4V video format with DRM protection, which deters you from adding iTunes movies to other media players and you are not able to sync iTunes movies to Google Drive directly. In order to achieve this aim, you are recommended to take advantage of a powerful iTunes media converter to convert iTunes movies to Google Drive. Here I strongly suggest you use Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate to assist you to make it.

Part 2: How to Remove DRM from iTunes M4V Movies and Convert to MP4 with Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate

Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate can help users to remove iTunes DRM and can convert iTunes protected M4V files to MP4, or iTunes M4B/M4P files to MP3. This software enable users to enjoy the iTunes files at ease. Moreover, this program can perform quickly and efficiently in 50X speed without altering any original audio tracks or subtitles, sound track, sampling rate, bit rate. Thus, you can have a good time freely to sync iTunes movies to Google Drive and other media devices. The main features of this program can be concluded as below.

  • Reserve 100% Original Quality in Processing Procedure
  • Remove DRM in 50X Speed
  • Quite Simple to Handle
  • Compatible with Any Version of Window Operating System
  • Show Info of Audiobook, Music and Video File in Detail
  • Fast Searching for Desired File
  • Able to Process Multiple Tasks at the Same Time

Now that you have known the multiple functions of Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate, let’s begin to have a look at how to upload video from iTunes to Google drive with the help of this program in detail.

Step 1: Add M4V File from iTunes

After you have entered the main window of this software, you need to tap the button of “Add Files” to add the iTunes M4V videos files.


Step 2: Select Audio Tracks and Subtitles

When you have imported M4V files into the software, you can select an M4V file and tap the button of “Edit” to select audio tracks and subtitles for the converted MP4 video file freely.


Step 3: Choose Output Location

Afterwards, you need to choose an output location to save the converted MP4 file in the tab of “Output”.


Step 4: Begin to Remove DRM and Convert iTunes Movie to MP4

Tap the blue button of “Convert” at the bottom of the interface to remove DRM from M4V and convert M4V to MP4 at the same time. After a few seconds, the iTunes movies DRM will be removed and the iTunes videos will be converted to MP4 files successfully.


Step 5: Find Converted MP4 File

When the conversion is over, you can locate the converted iTunes movies in MP4 video format under the menu of “Converted”. You can tap the option of “Open file” to open the converted MP4 file. You can also take advantage of the quick searching tab at the bottom of the window to locate the file quickly.


After you have removed DRM of iTunes movies and converted them to MP4 files, you need to sync iTunes movies to Google Drive. For the detailed steps, you can refer to the contents in the next part.

Part 3: Sync iTunes Videos to Google Drive after Conversion

In order to solve how to upload video from iTunes to Google drive completely, now you need to sync iTunes videos to Goggle Drive after the success of conversion. Follow me to take a look at the detailed steps.

Step 1: You need to log into the website of Google Drive in a web browser on your computer with your Google account.

Step 2: Afterwards, you can add the converted iTunes movies to Google Drive by simply dragging the file or the folder you need over the top of Google Drive interface. You will be prompted to drop the movie file to start the process of uploading.


As you can see, to convert iTunes movies to Google Drive will not be a hard task any more with the help of Leawo TunesCopy Ultimate. Not only iTunes videos, but also iTunes M4P music can be converted to Google Drive. Now you can have a try with this professional software to verify whether this method is effective for you to achieve your aim. You can also try to transfer a video from Google drive to iTunes in case you need.