As one of the biggest video-sharing platforms in China, Bilibili has enjoyed popularity among young people for the rich content of animation and comics. These days, Bilibili has been well-received even outside of the domestic. However, the video-sharing site can only be accessed within China as it's blocked overseas. If you also want to unblock Bilibili and enjoy tons of amazing videos outside of China, check out the article to learn how to do it.

Part 1: What is Bilibili?

Based in Shanghai, China, Bilibili is also known as the B site(Station B), a platform where users can submit, view, and comment on videos. Bilibili is one of those video websites established in the early years centering on content related to animation, comics, and games(ACG). Most users of Bilibili are ACG fans who want to watch the ongoing or upcoming Japanese anime as the site will put on the latest updates as soon as possible. Since then, the scrolling commenting system, the "bullet curtain(Dan Mu)" has been becoming increasingly popular as users' way of interacting with each other.

Bilibili nowadays still features the content of ACG but expanded its theme to a broader level. There are various themes, running from anime and games to movies and music. The site is where a lot of subculture content creators gather together, a group of people who are best known for the extensive kuso-style parodies, a style learned from Japanese culture. Bilibili also offers live streaming services these days where the audiences can interact with streamers. The engagement rate on Bilibil is marvelous and this is the platform where most ACG fans look for the latest animation.

Part 2: Why should We Unblock Bilibili?

For users outside of China, it's a must to unblock Bilibili otherwise there's no way you can visit the platform, and you'll receive a notification telling you that you are not allowed to access it because of copyright and geo-restriction. This is not happening alone with Bilibili, most of the Chinese streaming websites such as Tencent Video, Youku, iQiyi, etc., are not allowed to be accessed outside of domestic. Area restriction is the most direct reason and you have to figure out a way to unblock Bilibili.

Part 3: How to Unblock Bilibili?

Since the geo-restriction is the main reason that prevents you from watching Bilibili, then you can fix it by bypassing the area restriction. Here are three effective tools that can help you to unblock Bilibili.

Chrome Extension

If you have been using Chrome, then you can install an extension - Unblock Bilibili, to help you get around the geo-restriction. It's very convenient to use Chrome extensions for all sorts of purposes, such as blocking ads, video downloaders, etc. Imagine Chrome extension as an app on your phone, you can install or get rid of them anytime you want. Unblock Bilibili, a free and unlimited app, developed by malus, it's the perfect tool to help you visit Bilibili with ease. Unblock Bilibili also supports other Chinese streaming websites such as Tencent Video, Youku, iQiyi, Acfun, and many more. So if you are based outside of China, but use Chinese video streaming sites regularly, Unblock Bilibili, the extension is your perfect choice. It's extremely easy to install. Just go to the Settings (3 dot menu) and look for More tools > Extension, search the app and install it on your Chrome.


Since area restriction is causing the blocking of Bilibili, then you can use VPN to bypass the geo limitation. VPN, Virtual Private Network can successfully help to hide the IP address on the device you are using behind the server of the VPN. The VPN often has servers dotted globally which are effective enough to bounce your internet signal. Using a VPN can help you anonymous and secure your tracks of online surfing. You can switch your VPN location to China to circumvent the restriction to your location. Most VPNs are not free. Free VPN sometimes works, but please mind watching video online requires a super network for flawless streaming.

For paid service, you can try HMA, HideMyAss, a powerful VPN that can help you to unblock Bilibili and many other video streaming platforms such as Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon prime. HMA has 1000+ servers in 290+ locations worldwide and offers 20Gbps connection speeds which is perfect for streaming and P2P connection. It works on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and routers, and you can enjoy up to 5 devices streaming per account. HMA offers different packages and a 36-month is a pretty good bargain as it's only $2.99 per month. There is 24-hour customer service online so there is always someone for you when you have trouble connecting.

Modify hosts file

There is another way to unblock Bilibili, but it's a bit complicated for most people, as you will need to modify the hosts file in the system to bypass the area restriction. Check out the steps below to see how to unblock Bilibili via modifying the hosts file.

For Windows:

  • - Press the Windows key, type "Notepad" in the search field.
  • - Locate Notepad in the search results and right-click on it, select "Run as administrator."
  • - Open the following file: c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts. Click on the "hosts" and open it as " note" then confirm.
  • - You'll see the hosts file is now opened as a note file, add to the end of the text, and save.

For macOS:

  • - Go to the menu on top, select Go > Go to Folder.
  • - Type /private/etc/hosts and click Go.
  • - Add to the end of the text and save.

Please note that you'll need an administrator password for authentication. What if you don't have a password? Try the method below.

  • - Open "Terminal" from Launchpad, if you can't find it, search for it.
  • - You'll see a note file, press Shift + G, and press o, paste, and press esc key, then type ":wq" and press enter.
  • - Fresh Bilibili to check if that works.

Part 4: Best Downloader for Bilibili

While the methods above can help you to unblock Bilibili, you can use Leawo Video Downloader to download your favorite video. It's the best way to keep the videos forever without worrying about the downloads that might be gone. There might be cases that your VPN would not work at some point or the glitch of the Chrome Extension, then you'll be blocked again. The simplest way is to download the videos when Bilibili is still accessible.

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Step 2. Locate Leawo Video Downloader

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Step 3. Locate Source of Video

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Step 4. Download Videos

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Step 5. Check Download Status

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Leawo Video Downloader is so much more powerful than the other average downloaders, so you don't have to worry about the quality of video downloaded from Bilibili, as they are 100% quality preserved. All you need to do is to unlock Bilibili first and install Leawo Video Downloader, then you are good to go. You can keep the videos forever and feel free to transfer them to any device such as your phone or tablet. In this case, you don't have to worry about the blocking anymore!