You may notice that your iPhone can be stuck in headphone mode even you are sure that your headphone is not plugged in your iPhone. When pressing on the volume button, “Headphones” can be seen on the top of volume slider, but there is no sound made by your iPhone. In this case, you will try putting your iPhone in and out repeatedly, but it still not works. This article will let you know symptoms when iPhone is stuck in headphone mode and offers you some great solution to how to turn off headphones on iPhone.

Part 1: The symptoms when iPhone stuck in headphone mode

Have you experienced your iPhone stuck in headphone mode? This will make you feel uncomfortable and bring you a lot of inconveniences. That always means that the headphones are mistakenly thought to be plugged in by your iPhone. But actually, it does not. What symptoms will be obviously seen when iPhone is stuck in headphone mode?
* The keyboard of your iPhone doesn’t make any clicking sound while you are typing.
* Then incoming text messages produce no sound.
* When receiving a phone call, you cannot hear via the earpiece as regular way.
* “Headphones” will be shown on your iPhone in parentheses once the volume level is changed by you.
* When the games or applications or the player of music is launched, no sound will be made as normal.
As a matter of fact, if there are some problems on the headphone jack, this will easily make your iPhone stuck in headphone. The damaged headphone jack is related to the software problem or the hardware problem.

Part 2: In which situations we need to turn off headphones on iPhone

When the headphone jack comes to hardware problem, you need to turn off headphones on your iPhone. You can see the different situations of hardware problem as below:
1. When your headphone jack is filled in with debris.
Either debris or dust exists in your headphone jack, which easily enables your device to think that headphone is being used by you. Therefore, your iPhone will receive this wrong message and thus causes it to be locked in headphone mode. In this case, what you should do is to clean out your headphone jack in order to make your iPhone prevent from being stuck in headphone mode.
2. Your headphone jack is damaged by the come-in water
Headphone damaged by water is a common problem that it absolutely cannot be ignored, because iPhone is easily put into headphone mode even the jack hole is sprinkled in by a little water.
3. Your headphone jack is damaged physically.
Physical damage is another factor which should be taken into consideration when your iPhone is stuck in headphone mode, because the physical damage to your iPhone will get the headphone jack deviated from logic board easily.

Part 3: How to turn off headphones on iPhone for different situations

Is there a control option to turn off headphones mode on iPhone directly?
There is a direct way which is able to fix the issue iPhone stuck in headphone mode, that is to restart your iPhone. Firstly, you need to switch off your phone by pressing and holding the power button, this power button is also called sleep or wake button. Then, slide the button beside “slide to power off” to the right side. After a few seconds, turn on your phone again. This way will get your iPhone stuck in headphone mode problem solved without any effort.


Here below we will introduce you five methods to turn off headphones on iPhone for different situations.
1. Remove your iPhone case. Most of the time, iPhone case easily leads to your phone stuck in headphone mode. Because the iPhone case can block the pathway of audio jack and makes your iPhone put into headphone mode. You have to get rid of the phone case to check whether the symbol of headphones is still displayed.
2. It is commonly seen that the problem of iPhone stuck on headphone mode appear usually once the headphone jack is broke. Debris o dust will cause this broken problem. Therefore, cleaning the headphone jack should be done properly. Use the cotton cloth to clean it and then blow it in several times. Also, compressed air can also be used to clean out the headphone jack. But, cleaning with cotton buds is still one of the best methods to fix the issue.


3. You iPhone would also meet a technical problem on it. To fix this problem, you just need to get your headphone plugged in and then wait for a moment to enable that it can be detected by your phone. Once the detection is done, the headphones can be unplugged gradually. This operation should be done in repeated times to make sure this trick can work effectively. After it has been done in two to three times, your iPhone will not be stuck in the headphone mode.


4. Headphone jack is the area which easily exposed to outside and it can be damaged in an unknown way. Sometimes you may like to go running or do exercise while you are listening to your favorite music. Therefore, the sweat will have the chance of going into the headphone jack, then it will be damaged by water. Even though it is placed in your pocket, it still gets humidity which can make your phone broken easily. A great solution to this issue is that trying to get your phone drained while you are checking its water damage. Additionally, silica gel dehumidifiers can be placed on your phone or your device can be kept in a jar with unwashed rice in it.


5. If the above-mentioned method can not greatly work, you can try resetting all of the settings on your phone. This method will undoubtedly erase all the settings which have been set on your iPhone. But it can fix the issue iPhone 6 blocked in the headphone mode. You just need to go through the steps like this: Settings > Reset > Reset All Settings, and then enter your password. Finally, the setting of your iPhone will be reset, afterwards, it would be rebooted in a normal mode.


However, there is a drawback in this method, when you are going to reset all settings, that means all the data on your iPhone will be erased as well. Therefore, you need to back up the data before erasing to prevent important data loss. As to the issue on how to back up your iPhone before erasing, we will teach you an effective method to back up data on your iOS device. Here a useful and professional third-party tool Leawo iTransfer is highly recommended to help you back up the data from your device.

Leawo iTransfer is a powerful transfer program which provides a great solution to transfer up to 12 types of different files between iOS devices and computer. The files include apps, music, videos and photos and more are supported by Leawo iTransfer. For example, you can transfer music from iPhone to computer with ease. Additionally, it also acts as a backup tool to back up the data from iOS devices to computer. Due to the multiple functions of this software, Leawo iTransfer is able to manage the media files and Playlists and contacts and more in an effective way. This software is running based on the advanced technology of scanning and transferring, the data can be transferred in a rapid and safe way. 100% safety and reliability are guaranteed to prevent any data loss during the transferring process. Below are the specific instructions for you to back up data from your iPhone before erasing with iTransfer.

1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and then run Leawo iTransfer on your computer. Your iPhone will be recognized and detected by this software and then the library of iPhone will be displayed on the left sidebar of iTransfer window.


2. You can see multiple kinds of files from your iPhone will be listed below Library on the left column. You can enable the square check box beside the Name to choose all files for transferring or you can choose the certain files that you want to transfer by holding the key Ctrl/Shift, and then have a right click on the file that you have chosen and select the option Transfer to > My Computer.


3. After you have chosen the files for transferring, a dialog will pop up and ask you to choose the target folder to save the transferred files on your computer. You can check the square box next to Save to folder and then click on the button Change to select the destination folder on computer to save the transferred files. Afterwards, click on the button Transfer Now to begin backing up the data from your iPhone to your computer.


4. Another window will show up to let you know the transfer process after the transfer begins. After the transfer is completed, you can open the target folder on your computer to find the backed up data from your iPhone to prevent the data loss.