Lots of people have a great number of photos which are taken and saved in iPhone. As time goes on, the number of photos will become a large digit when you use your iPhone to take more photos. In some cases, you must browse your iPhone photos sorted by date. In this article, we will let you know how to sort iPhone photos by date taken. This process is quite simple if you have known the way of iPhone photos sorting. You can sort thousands of iPhone photos easily so that you can explore them via a few taps.

Part 1: How to Sort iPhone Photos by Date Taken in Windows Explorer

Below are the specific steps that you can follow:
1. Import photos from your iPhone to computer via USB cable and then choose the imported photos on your computer.
2. Have right click on the photos and enter Properties.
3. Click on the option Details, then choose the option “Date created” or the option “Date taken” to view the specific date when the photos are taken. If you need, GPS coordinates of the photos’ location even can be found.


Part 2: How to Sort iPhone Photos by Date in iPhoto on Mac

1. In your album, choose the method you would like to sort in iPhoto via View menu and then choose the option Sort Photos.
2. You can select the method you want to sort in the menu Sort Photos, the sorting method includes Date, Keyword, Title, Rating and Manually.
3. Choose the option Ascending or Descending from the menu Sort Photos so that you can control the sort’s direction.


Part 3: 5 Best iPhone Photo Sorting Apps

1. Collections Pro
This app is a beautiful and easy-to-use photo sorter which helps to get your photos sorted, browsed or shared in a fast way on your iPhone. Collections Pro offers lots of good features, where users are allowed to present the photos by different types of photos. This sorter is versatile and has rich experience in sorting photos, then you can get the media files sorted in a great way, therefore, you have to try this app on your iPhone. You are allowed to select the photo template with different style, to protect your personal photos, to get the title customized and use many other advance options. This is highly recommended app which can be used for iPhone.


2. Photo Album
If you are searching for a powerful photo sorter app with free charge for your iPhone, Photo Album is one of the most ideal choices for your consideration. Photo Album is an iPhone photo sorting app with no payment, which can make your photos sorted by dragging and dropping. It is very great and versatile app which also can help you to edit your images by using the different editing option and set up good-looking animated slideshows.
This outstanding app also allows you to add various kinds of photo effects and filters via your photographs, which makes the photo more stylish. Multi-functional iPhone photos sorting app has many options which include the feature of photos sharing, passcode locking and backup creating.


3. MyPics
This app is free and has powerful feature in sorting photos, which helps you to sort photos and videos in a simple way on your iPhone. Mypics is a professional application which can be used in viewing, sorting, editing, sharing and backing up photos and video on your device. This app has rich feature in organizing photos and integrates a great number of functions that only can be found in the paid apps.


4. PicTag
This app offers a simple way of organizing and managing your photos via getting the searching text tags added to your photos. This great app can be used in organizing your photos, uploading photos to Facebook, sharing albums with your friends by emails and browsing photos in a fast way.


5. Private Photo Vault
This is one of the best photo albums which is mostly used on the AppStore, it allows you to make your photos and videos safe, no one can get access without your permission. Its private photo library will help you to hide your personal photos and videos, it also manages all of your photos in an organized way from a single place. If you would like to get your private moments hidden and do not want others to get access, this app will be the most ideal selection for your iPhone. Private photo library offers lots of other features like completely functional photo manager and passcode locker, the option of sharing photos, iTunes synchronization, video player, private browser, photo viewer and other great functions. This app is totally free of charge in the current time, you can unlock the inner app purchase to gain all functions.


Bonus: How to Export Photos Taken on Selected Date from iPhone

If you would like to export photos taken on selected from iPhone, here a professional third-party tool Leawo iTransfer is highly recommended to you. Leawo iTransfer is a powerful transfer program for iPhone, iPad and iPod, this program offers a perfect solution to transfer multiple kinds of files between iOS devices, iTunes and computer. More than 12 kinds of supported files can be transferred via Leawo iTransfer, which includes app, music, videos, photos, contacts and SMS and more. For example, you can transfer music from iPhone to computer with ease. Moreover, Leawo iTransfer also acts a backup tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod as well. Apart from this, Leawo iTransfer allows users to get the playlist of iOS devices and iTunes managed due to its excellent music management. Leawo iTransfer is also applicable to the latest version of iOS devices and iTunes.

Because it is a super manager, users are allowed to manage media files, notes, contacts and other files in high efficiency without any limit. Based on the advanced technology of scanning and transferring, music, photos, videos and more can be transferred by Leawo iTunes rapids and safely. Once the users have chosen the photos taken on the selected date, all the chosen photos can be transferred to the target folder in a few seconds by clicking the transfer button. 100% safety and reliability are guaranteed on the data transfer without any data loss and overwritten in the transfer process.

Leawo iTransfer is easy-to-use, the interface of this program is in clear an intuitive design, users can be navigated to each page with the clear directions and have no trouble in each step to proceed with. Users even can be allowed to preview the photos before transfer begins. Therefore, users’ needs can be satisfied by Leawo iTransfer and can have enjoy the digital life with this program. Here below we will instruct you how to export the photos taken on the selected date from iPhone to computer via Leawo iTransfer in the specific steps.

1. Launch Leawo iTransfer after the installation is completed on your computer. Then connect your iPhone to the computer with the available USB cable. Your iPhone will be organized and detected automatically by this software and its library will be shown in the left sidebar of the software window.


2. Click on Photos below library in the left column of the window and all photos taken on the selected date from your iPhone will be listed on the right part. Then click on the transfer button at the right corner bottom, all the photos will be transferred to computer from iPhone effectively. Or you also can choose certain photos by pressing the option Ctrl and clicking on it. Then have a right click on the chosen photos and select the option Transfer > My Computer.


3. After you have chosen the photos taken on selected date from iPhone for transferring, a dialog will pop up and you will be asked to choose a target folder to save the transferred photos on your computer. By checking the option Save to Folder and clicking the button Change, all the transferred photos can be exported to the target folder on the computer. Afterwards, click on the button Transfer Now to begin exporting photos taken on the selected date from your iPhone to computer. Finally, you can view these photos on the target folder which have been exported to previously.


You can select the photos taken on the specific date from your iPhone and export them to the computer for saving and viewing with the excellent tool - Leawo iTransfer. This transfer function will help you back up your memorable photos to prevent data loss on your device. Never ignore this important function, as your iPhone meet some troubles one day, get broken or lost, the photos you have taken on the specific date still can be found back if you have exported to your computer for backing up. Leawo iTransfer is a multi-functional transfer program which can solve the transfer issue in an effective way, you will never lose your important photos for good memory or for later use once you have use Leawo iTransfer to export them on the computer.