Facing a variety of digital formats, you must have encountered the situations to convert some of the original digital media to other formats which would be compatible with specific devices. Well, as a common digital medium, DVD has played an important role in your life which could be used in various places. But sometimes DVD disc is not compatible with some digital devices, or I should say some devices lack of the DVD player so as to play the content successfully. For example, now you have a piece of DVD disc at hand, and you want to play it on your Mac which doesn’t contain an internal DVD drive. What would you do under the circumstance? Right, things will go smoothly if you can rip the DVD to MKV format which is compatible with Mac then. How to rip the DVD to MKV? You can take use of DVD ripping programs. In terms of DVD converting programs, you must hear about Handbrake. Next, you will be introduced to more details about DVD to MKV Handbrake conversion and some necessary Handbrake settings for DVD to MKV conversion.

Part 1: What is Handbrake?

As a free powerful converting program for Windows and Mac, Handbrake has won its praise in the past years. The basic function of Handbrake is to help users to convert and rip DVD. Generally, its supported converting list contains “Any DVD or Blu-ray, such as VIDEO_TS folder, DVD image, real DVD or Blu-ray”, so the DVD to MKV Handbrake conversion shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. Since the release of Handbrake on Jan 3, 2011, it added some support for Blu-ray ripping on conditions that the Blu-ray disc must be removed from copy protection. Specifically, Handbrake could neither work with encrypted physical Blu-ray disc nor decrypted commercial Blu-ray movies in BDMV file structure. Therefore, if you want to utilize Handbrake to help you convert DVD discs to other video formats like MKV, then you need to decrypt the Blu-ray disc first. For the detailed tutorial about DVD to MKV Handbrake conversion and Handbrake settings for DVD to MKV, please read on.

Part 2: How to rip DVD to MKV with Handbrake?

Step 1. Download Handbrake and install it.

Step 2. Run Handbrake and make sure the DVD disc has circumvented the copy protection.

Step 3. Open the Handbrake and insert the content in the DVD to the main panel by clicking “Open File”.

Step 4. Set the output video parameters. Select MKV files as output format. And you can also set other parameters.

Step 5. Start the converting process. After setting the above parameters, then you only need to click “Start” button at the top and after several minutes you will obtain an MKV video.

Part 3: How to rip DVD to MKV with Leawo Blu-ray to MKV Converter

Handbrake is actually not the only one that can rip DVDs. Compared to Handbrake, Leawo Blu-ray to MKV Converter will provide you more professional solutions on converting Blu-ray or DVD to MKV in 1:1 lossless quality with all original subtitles and audio tracks retained. The detailed steps are as follows.

Step 1. Download Leawo Blu-ray to MKV Converter and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Import the DVD on your computer to the program. Click the “Add Blu-ray/DVD” button at the top left of program interface or just drag the file directly to the main interface.

Step 3. Select the imported mode of DVD, including “Full Movie”, “Main Movie” and “Custom Mode”. Then click “OK” button to start importing the DVD file.

Step 4. Choose the subtitles and audio tracks. When the DVD has been imported, you can choose which subtitle and audio track you want to retain in the output MKV file.

Step 5. Start converting DVD to MKV format. When all the output video parameters have been set, you can click the green icon “Convert” at the top right corner of the main menu to start the conversion process. Before it starts, it will require you to choose the final “Save to” route. Finally, click the “Convert” button below and wait for several minutes to obtain a MKV file.

Part 4: A simple comparison between the two

By referring to the information above, you can easily know that both programs can help you to rip DVD to MKV format. Just as mentioned, although Handbrake can rip the DVD to MKV, and it is also pwoerful enough to convert video formats, it is limited in the output video formats. What’s more important is that although DVD to MKV Handbrake conversion is easy to achieve, it is not available to rip the DVD discs or Blu-ray discs freely because it is not able to decrypt the discs with copy protection. So, if you choose Handbrake to convert DVD to MKV, you have to make sure the disc has been decrypted from the copy protection in advance.

In comparison, Leawo Blu-ray to MKV Converter is much more comprehensive in converting DVD discs and Blu-ray discs. With advanced disc reading and decrypting technology, Leawo Blu-ray to MKV Converter could fast read, decrypt and load DVD content for converting. With the simpler interface and faster converting speed, Leawo Blu-ray to MKV Converter will be more professional for you.

Anyway, it is your own choice to select the best converting program based on your own preferences and requirements.