Not everybody has the beautiful and slim finger and in most cases, we will have to compromise and enjoy what we have even pudgy fingers. However, this is not always true that we can enjoy pudgy fingers especially when we type letters using an iPhone. Imagine that you need to type an email with a few hundred words in it and your “pudgy” finger just makes typing even harder. Totally not enjoyable neither efficient at all! The keyboard on iPhone is too small to accommodate or recognize our fingers touch. In this case, how to resize keyboard on iPhone is good question, getting to which will be vital if we want to increase typing efficiency and accuracy.
In the opposite, for iPhone plus users, they can have bigger keyboards with the iOS11/12/13. However, sometimes they cannot always rely on a keyboard which requires two hands typing on it because they may need to spare one hand for other stuff. Then we definitely need to control the keyboard to one-handed size for better typing using one hand. So it is necessary to get to know how to set one-handed keyboard as well.

Part 1: How to enable one-handed keyboard on iPhone

For those who are using large iPhones, it’s technically not possible to type on one hand with the large device even it is not easy to do that on a regular iPhone model. Now you can stop struggling with typing with one hand on a large keyboard. Good news comes that you can now enable a one-handed keyboard on iPhone if you feel uncomfortable with too large keyboard size. Follow the guide below to enable one-handed keyboard on iPhone.

Step 1: When viewing the built-in iPhone keyboard, tap and hold the Smiley or Globe icon.

Step 2: The main keyboard lies in the middle. On either side of the main keyboard at the bottom will be a keyboard to the left or right of the screen. Tap on the left or right keyboard, depending on which hand you’re holding your iPhone with. The one-handed keyboard is perfectly suitable for operating using one hand, either left or right depending on your preference.

one handed keyboard

If you want to return to the full-screen keyboard, tap the white arrow in the open gray space next to the one-handed keyboard. Then you will get back to the full-screen keyboard, which of course will need both of hands to operate.

Part 2: How to make the keyboard bigger on iPhone

In the opposite, some users may want to zoom in and make the keyboard bigger so that it is easier and quicker to type, especially for 4.7-inch devices. iPhone 6 is the most prominent one among Apple devices, but the keyboard is too small to type efficiently so if there is any way to make the keyboard bigger on iPhone, it will be really great. I think this can be achieved quite easily because you can place your iPhone horizontally so that the keyboard will stretch to the length of the iPhone instead of the width. Here is a step-by-step guide to making the keyboard larger on iPhone.

Step 1: Flick your finger against the row of icons on the bottom of the screen to scroll until you see the “Portrait Orientation Lock” option icon, which is a circular arrow surrounding a lock. Tap the icon to disable it. The “Portrait Orientation Lock” option icon turns back into a circular arrow with no lock inside it, and the “Portrait Orientation Lock” status icon disappears from the status bar. This setting will allow you to rotate your screen from vertically to horizontally or vice versa.

Step 2: Tap the icon of an application that you can interact with by typing, such as the Safari Web browser app, Whatsapp, or the mail email app. Tap the “Compose” icon, which looks like a pen in mail, or tap the search bar in Safari. A keyboard will appear.

Step 3: Now comes the magic scene! Rotate the iPhone 90 degrees and the keyboard will enlarge and stretch out to accommodate the landscape mode as you hold the iPhone horizontally. Rotate it back, and the keyboard will change size as it displays in portrait mode.

rotate iphone

This is the most cost-effective way to resize keyboard on iPhone without spending extra money. Otherwise, you may need to purchase an external keyboard and link it to your iPhone for typing with both hands like a computer keyboard.

Extension: How to backup text messages from iPhone to PC

Since iPhone is extremely convenient in daily life, and we will store a lot of messages, photos, videos, and other stuff on iPhone. We would need to back up text messages, videos, photos from iPhone to PC for better preservation and application. With these data transferring from iPhone to PC, we will be able to directly exchange text messages, photos, or videos with our friends through computer, which will be very exciting and efficient for daily life. Speaking of this, we cannot neglect the importance of a professional iOS transfer tool. In this case, I strongly and seriously recommend Leawo iOS Data Recovery for you. This app is a professional and powerful all-in-one data recovery tool for iOS devices like iPhone/iPad/iPod. It has provided 3 recovery modes that allow you to recover data from iOS device itself, iTunes backup and iCloud backup. And it’s compatible with all iOS devices ever since iPhone 4. It can act as a recovery tool also a backup tool, which allows users to back up what they want from iOS devices to another iOS device or to computers. The best thing about this app is that it is able to recover deleted or broken files from your iOS with the most advanced data processing technology in the world. This is especially important for those who accidentally lost their data in iOS devices or their devices turn to empty due to various causes. Anyhow, Leawo iOS Data Recovery is always the best assistant to help you get back your lost data within clicks. In total, it supports recovering in a total of 14 types of data including Contacts, Messages, Call History, WhatsApp, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Safari Bookmarks, Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library, Message Attachments, Voice Memos and WhatsApp Attachments.

Here we are going to demonstrate a brief guide to back up data from iPhone to PC with Leawo iOS Data Recovery.

Step 1: Download and install the compact app on your computer
Click the button below to download and install the app on your computer. This will be quick to complete and you can launch the app after installation is done.

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Step 2: Choose the mode to back up
When you launch the app, there will pop up three modes to select. We will choose Recover from iOS device in this case.

choose the mode to back up

Step 3: Connect iPhone to PC and select the device type from the app
Connect the iPhone to PC and the app will automatically read the device and you need to select the device type from the bottom of the app.

connect iphone

Step 4: Scan the data inside the device
The app will read and scan the data inside the device when you click the green button Start to kick it off analyzing and scanning your device.

scan data

Step 5: Select the file to back up
Once the scanning completes, all your files including those deleted or broken ones will be displayed on the left pane. Click the specific type of data, for example, contacts, camera, text messages, etc and check the box on the right pane for each specific type of data. Then, click Recover to back up the data to your PC.

choose data to recover

Step 6: Set a directory to save the exported data from the iPhone
On the prompted window after you click Recover, set a directory to save the backup data and click Go to proceed. As soon as the process completes, your data will be easily found from the directory.

choose data to recover


A final verdict, if you want to make a one-handed keyboard on iPhone, especially for iOS11/12/13 large-size devices, you can set that on the keyboard area. There is main keyboard, left or right keyboard. If you need to use your left hand to type only you can enable one-handed keyboard by taping the left keyboard. If you want to handle the keyboard on your right hand, enable one-handed keyboard on the right. For smaller size iOS devices, for example iPhone 6 or previous versions, if you want to enlarge the keyboard and make it suitable for typing using two hands, you can rotate your iPhone landscape. Make it display in horizontal landscape and you will see a large size keyboard for typing.

By the way, if you want to back up your data from iPhone to PC, you can take the advantage of this professional app – Leawo iOS Data Recovery to back up iPhone data or recover any deleted file from iTunes/iCloud/iOS to PC. Hope this article helps!